Discussion on Digital World - Sectioned Responsive Shopify Theme for Electronics & Hi-Tech Store

Discussion on Digital World - Sectioned Responsive Shopify Theme for Electronics & Hi-Tech Store

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zczandy Purchased

I don’t recommend buying this theme unless you know HTML! For the uninitiated, this theme offers very few maneuverability options. You can’t change or remove some of the features you want on your own in the backend of shopify, and even changing the payment icon in the footer requires contacting the developer, who is slower to respond than my grandma is to walk.Using this theme is very disruptive to your store operations.

I have checked the Support ticket and see you requested to add more payment icons that are not supported by Shopify. As support test: the default Shopify theme Dawn doesn’t show it. So, it’s not our theme error, it’s your config or Shopify setting error. Thank you

Hi, Shopify just release the summer edition and now it is possible to add bundles. Is the theme ready or will be for that?

Our Dev team is checking it. But the bundle is 3rd party Shopify app so we don’t think can work right with our theme. Thank you.


zczandy Purchased

The purchase price was $59 a month ago, and now in less than a month, it’s actually dropped by $30. Are you kidding me? May I ask why?

Terrible customer service.I initiated the ticket 5 days ago and still haven’t gotten a response.

Could you please give us the ticket ID that you open, i will check it. Thank you

I just asked the Support staff and he said “the Customer used 2 different emails for the same question.So the system think he/she are spamming it and mark his/her email as spam”. Please help me using 1 email only. Thank you


zczandy Purchased


In the product page settings, why is my product description above the shopping cart option?

Because the theme have 2 areas to show description. You can check our live demo. If you want remove this area, please submit a ticket at https://tadathemes.freshdesk.com/ Thank you

I just purchased the theme and it still has the docs from 2017, do you have up to date documentation ?

Due to Shopify only change the UI layout, so that we don’t update the Documentation. But the using of the theme is too easy to use without read the Documentation.

If you found any setting hard to use, you can contact with the support staff to get right solution https://tadathemes.freshdesk.com/ this is the best way.

Thank you

Please don’t spam our Item. Thank you

For issues and inquiries relating to our theme, including pre-sale questions, please submit a ticket through the Support system https://tadathemes.freshdesk.com/ Thank you

hi, how can you improve the edge of the products so that it is always aligned?

Please submit your request to the support email support@tadathemes.com , they will check and help you more. Thank you.


I just purchased the theme and I am using Digital World 2. I have question.

+ How I can add icon on ‘All Collection menu item beside the slideshow? + Why the layout is broken when I change the sliding products under slideshow ‘Best seller, New arrival, Tablet’ instead of having a sliding products I get one product per row.

1. you need create the icon and set the name is “collection_handle.png” and upload into the Assets folder. You can submit ticket to support@tadathemes.com to get detail guide.

2. Did you take this error in the front-end view? After take any change in Customize, you need refresh this page. Because the Customize don’t update the js (action code) after change. This is the limit of Shopify.

Thank you.

I am going to send you an email about adding the icons. Thank you!

Thank you.

Hello i have added a video in the product multimedia gallery however the video does not show up on the website, it shows only images. How to fix this please?

Please submit your request to support@tadathemes.com the Technical support staff will give you the solution. Thank you.

Hi can you please tell me how I can add product descreption seperate then short descreption.

It’s possible. Please try with the guide http://manual.tadathemes.com/digitalworld/#note

If you still can not do it, please submit the request into email support@tadathemes.com , the Support staff will make an example in your site. Thank you.

on your product pages such as https://digital-world-store.myshopify.com/collections/collection-left-sidebar

the price filter option does not change currency with the products. It then makes it difficult for a shopper to filter properly.

Because the filter value are tags of products, so that it must static value (anyone you tag). It can not change when you change the currency. So, it’s not an error. Thank you.

Can it be made to change with the currency?

Because the filter value are tags of products, so that it must static value (anyone you tag). It can not change when you change the currency. So, it’s not an error. Thank you.

Hello, i submitted a ticket for demo setup please check and get back asap. thanks

We have just checked the support system and don’t got any ticket request Full store setup. Please tell us the Ticket ID that you use to submit. Thank you.

Hello, is it possible to create a sticky header with this theme?

Currently the theme don’t support sticky menu. But you can request this change to the Technical support Staff. Thank you.

Hello and thanks for the theme. We are having an issue with this showing up in our cart when a discount is auto applied -> i18n error missing interpolation value savings for you’re saving savings . Most solutions say find cartDiscount in the theme.liquid file, to make changes. Could you tell me where this is located as it is not in the theme or cart.liquid file? Any other ideas? Thanks in advance

Could you please give us the screenshot of this error. Because the discount code will be applied in the Checkout page that we can not edit.

Also, we checked your account don’t purchase our theme. Thank you.

I will send a picture of the error and also the purchase proof via email. to support. My boss bought and we use it but thanks for questioning it.

Thank you. Please sent your information into support@tadathemes.com , Customer support staff will help you debug it.

Hi, on the demo on the product detail pages the different images of products do not seem to change, mainly noticed this on mobile but its also happening on desktop for me. Is there a way to fix this?.

Which demo take this error? We checked our 12 demos in Desktop and Mobile, when click to the thumb image, it will change to the main image. Thank you.

It was happening on all of the demos, just checked all browsers on my mobile and desktop and it is now fixed :-)

Maybe due to the web browser cache. Thank you.

the slideshow on the first page doesnt let me add images.whatdo i do

We think your web browser or internet have error, because there is no customer report this error. The slideshow always have option to upload image!

For more discussing and other questions, please help us sent your questions to email: support@tadathemes.com , the Technical support staff can help you more than the publish comment here. Thank you.

Hi! how do you change the name digiworld to your own companys name

Does your meant want chage the logo or the area have “Digital world” text? You can give us the sceeenshot of area that you are mentioning and we will give you an exactly answer. Thank you.

Hi, If I buy this theme can you add a continue shopping button to the cart for me?. The theme looks awesome for a project of mine.

Sorry, already had this answered. Yes it is possible :-)

Thank you

Is there a way to add a new custom tab on the product page? It should be similar with the Description tab that is unique for each product.

Because the limit of Shopify, don’t allow create the new custom filed for each product, only 1 file is Description. So, we think your idea can not do. It caused by Shopify, not us :)

No worries, I understand.

I was able to find a workaround though using Metafields and then editing the liquid template for the product page.

Thanks for your fast response though! :)

Thank you


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