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Discussion on DigitBoost - Digital Marketing & SEO Agency WordPress theme

Discussion on DigitBoost - Digital Marketing & SEO Agency WordPress theme

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I have a couple quick questions about the theme. Can you upload your own icons to use for the teaser icon box and can you upload your own font so I can have a particular font on my site?

Thanks again for your help and the theme as been great so far.

Hello, Dear Customer. Thank for you good words about our theme. We use rt-icons font and font awesome for teaser icon box in our theme, may be in future we will add some other popular fonts. But if you want to use your custom image for teaser, please use in Page Builder “Teasers in a Row” element, it has an option to upload your own image for icon: http://nimb.ws/XRLIPp and http://nimb.ws/S4AUqI Best Regards!

Hello, I installed my theme successfully and customized it. I haven’t went into the back end in about a month. When I did recently, I noticed none of my content for the visual page builder was there.

When I go to a page, I received the message that the layout in the browser is different than the layout in the page. Then it asks me if I would like to restore. Where is my content that set up initially? Why am I not able to create a new page and save it?

Hello, Dear Customer. This issue is very easy to fix. In few words: it’s just necessary to re-install Unyson plugin and update its extensions. Please perform the following steps:

1. Click WP Dashboard => Plugins => All Plugins. Select Unysom plugin. deactivate it and uninstall. 2. Then WP Dashboard => Plugins => Add New and insert in search field “Unyson” and press enter. 3. In search results you will view Unyson plugin, install it and activate. 4. Then you will view the offer to update Unyson Extensions (in WP Dashboard => Updates) – apply it and update them. After all these steps all sections with content in Page Builder will be available.

We hope our instructions are helpful for you. Best Regards!

Thank you so much for responding so quick and making the instructions simple.

We are glad to assist you! Best Regards!


I am in the process of finishing the design of my new site with this theme and so far it has been really good, but I am running into a an issue with images. I am using screen show images of a software program we use and we want to add images of the software on the site to show our potential customers. Every time I add images to the site, the image loses quality and gets blurry and distorted. Is there a way that I can add my screenshot images on the site and have them with the highest quality possible? I don’t know what the cause of the quality degradation is in the images, but is there a way I can fix it using coding?


Hello, Dear Customer! We are ready to help you. In order us to resolve and fix this issue, please send us at support@modernwebtemplates.com link/login/password for WP Dashboard and cPanel (or similar control panel, this will shorten investigation time and we’ll provide you with result faster). We are waiting for your response. With Best Regards!


Thanks for always helping out. We appreciate the support. The site is near completed and a few individuals came to me and asked if I can change the heading and body font on the website. I went into the customize section and tried to find the font they wanted but it is not in the drop down list of fonts. Would I be able to add my own font into that list or on the website?


Hello, Dear Customer! Each message for any team member will arrive exactly to the mailbox of this team member. Just specify for every team member its custom email here and save changes: http://nimb.ws/JaIh8R Best Regards!

Thanks that helped a lot. Much appreciated.

We are glad to help you! :)

Hello, sorry to bother you but i am having some issues.

I have installed the theme, everything seemed fine. But when i checked the Extra pages like “FAQ” and “Contact” it all leads to a 404 not found page, i thought when installing it would come with all the pages. Is there anything you can do to help me solve this?

Forget it, i was able to fix the error. Sorry for the confusion, btw this theme is perfect tyvm.

Hello, Dear Customer! Thank you informing us about this positive result. (It was necessary to re-save permalinks) Just in case you may download video manuals for th theme here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5NKlmlSvX2yRXhocmYtMVQxdW8 UNzip it and open Documentation_theme folder, click index.html All videos are located in upload folder – you may view them directly. Best Regards!

Hello again,

Thanks for your help earlier. I was testing the form fields under the members and i kept getting this error:

Mail cannot be sent. You need PHP server to send mail.

What does this mean and How can I fix it?


Also, would I page able to change the number of team member it shows on the team page without changing the number blog posts on want to show per page? Thanks

Hello. We jsut launched our website and everyone loves it and we have had great responses so far from the new design look.

One person did ask me about the social icons at the top near the main nav and asked if it is possible that when someone clicks on the social media icons it opens in a new tab rather than them be taken off the page.


Hello, Dear Customer! Please download this file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5NKlmlSvX2ySFZGdllPbTByd2M Then put it inside: wp-content/themes/digitboost/framework-customizations/extensions/shortcodes/shortcodes/icons-social\views/ After that all social profiles will open in a new tab. Best Regards!

Hello, when i try visiting my website it has the “Sorry website is under maintenance ” page up. How do i remove this so people can visit my website?

Hello, Dear Customer! It is very easy to deactivate – click WP Dashboard => Plugins => Installed Plugins => deactivate MWT Maintenance Mode: http://nimb.ws/FlH6np Best Regards!

Thank you

Hi, when I scroll through the template, some of the designs start to go pixelated. I have some screenshots if that will help.

Hello, Dear Customer! Yes, we need to view these screenshots, please send them at support@modernwebtemplates.com Best Regards!

Hi i was wondering if this is possible. On the blog post pages, I want to change the wording in the page title text to match my the title i named the blog. So instead of the blog post tile showing for each individual post, it will show the title of blog blog all the time.


Hello, Dear Customer! Your questions is very interesting. We have sent you request to our developers team and the will prepare a solution for you. Please submit a private ticket at https://mwtemplates.ticksy.com/ regarding your request in order to provide you with updates. Best Regards!

hello mate,

can you install everything for me ? I know some wordpress basics but I dont know how to install that.

Many thanks Berkay Ozdemir

Hello, Dear Customer. We are ready to help you. In order us to install theme for you, please send us at support@modernwebtemplates.com link/login/password for WP Dashboard and cPanel (or similar control panel, this will shorten investigation time and we’ll provide you with result faster). We are waiting for your response. Best Regards!

Hello there,

I am facing some problem with my website, that when i update a plugin the website goes down and this time i just lost the design of the website. Can you please tell me why i am facing this issue and can you please reinstall the demo template of the theme?

Thanks, Param

Hello, Dear Customer. We are ready to help you. In order us to resolve and fix this issue, please send us at support@modernwebtemplates.com link/login/password for WP Dashboard and cPanel (or similar control panel, this will shorten investigation time and we’ll provide you with result faster). We are waiting for your response. Best Regards!

Hello Support,

I have successfully installed your theme. I have sucessfully imported all dummy content too. But in page I can not fount the team page but when I am tryting to give utl like http://www.theanonymousclick.com/team/ this shows a page on front side but not is admin section.

Now I need to add team members to About page but when from about page I am adding team members from page builder that time it gives a new team member to be added and that have different design too. I need to add team members which are already in left menu called “team” , i am not able to find that and get the way that how i can display that already existing team members on any page. Below are details :- url http://www.theanonymousclick.com/

Hello, Dear Customer. Please submit a private ticket at https://mwtemplates.ticksy.com with the following info:
1. Link/login/password for your cPanel or similar hosting control panel.
2. Link/login/password for your WP Dashboard.
We strongly need exact information about this both points, only in this case we will be able to help you.
Best Regards!

Hi, Is your theme fully compatible with RTL?

Hello, Dear Customer! Currently our theme supports only LTR, maybe in future we will add RTL feature. Best Regards!

Hello! I was trying to install the theme and I keep getting the error that the stylesheet is missing. Can you please tell me what I’m doing wrong? I have installed several wordpress themes and I never came across this problem.

Hello, Dear Customer! Please watch this helpful video tutorial about how to install theme with demo content: https://youtu.be/T2WgGY6ZyHg Also read important notes under the video and do not forget to activate child theme. Best Regards!

Hey. can i see “Features fonts from Google Fonts Library and FontAwesome icons!” befor I buy.

Hello, Dear Customer! The google fonts are available for body and headings in theme’s customizer: http://nimb.ws/h9vPCd Also font awesome icons available via Icon Shortcode in Unyson PAge Builder: http://nimb.ws/tKdouR Best Regards!

how do I edit the demo site. like: “start GROWING YOUR BUSINESS”

Hello, Dear Customer!
In order to change this text in slider or add some new, please click WP Dashboard => Appearance => Sliders => Homepage slider.
We send for you screenshot, in order to be more clear:
Do not forget click the Save.
We hope these instructions will help you.
Best Regards!

why is my site under maintenance. And how can i fix it?

Please clear cache in your mobile browser and check results once more. Best Regards!

doesn’t work, can you see? vulustudio.no

In this case please submit a private ticket at https://mwtemplates.ticksy.com with the link/login/password for your WP Dashboard and we will assist you. Best Regards!

I have turned of MWT Maintenance Mode, but it still shows Maintenance.


Can you help me?

mvh Amin R.N.

Hello, Dear Amin! We have checked your website and it appears fine now: http://prntscr.com/lejjvk The maintenance mode was deactivated. Sometimes this issue occurs due to a some kind of hosting cache. Just in case please clear cache in your browser. Best Regards!


Can you please help us to add email address on submit button in contact us page.

Hello, Dear Friend. Sure, we can assist you with great pleasure. If you need to configure your contact form – please read this article: https://mwtemplates.ticksy.com/article/16004/ If these steps will not help you – submit a private ticket at https://mwtemplates.ticksy.com/article/ and we will assist you. Best Regards!

Thanks for the response. It is working now.

You are welcome, Dear Customer! :)