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Wish I saw this about 2 hours ago lol Very nice!

:) thanks for liking

Does this work when they turn into 3 digits?

have included months so days wont need to be 3 digits

very cool item!

thanks 4 support anique!

thanks :)

contact form doesnt send email

The form just sends the message using the mail() function. i should simply work. More chances are you are having server side problem. you can verify mail() is working on your server by following PHP Mail Form example given in this link.

if you still need assistance mail me details via

what is needed to support the subscribe functionality?

PHP with sendmail enabled

its a simple usual php form


very nice script. I have schearched but i can t find it, were i can change de code, so that when the “days” reach the 0, the number 0 don t desapear. Becouse when the time is out, the month and days desapear, but hours,minutes and seconds still 0 . I don t want that days desapear. Do you know were im can do that ?

hi donatelloii

in index.html on line 28 u will have this code

), format: 'odHMS'});

Make od in this code uppercase so it will look like this

), format: 'ODHMS'});

Upper case latters prevent zeros from disappeaing

let me know if I can be of further assistance



thank you very much for your help, now works perfectly like i want. Very very nice. TOP script ;)

Best regards

Welcome :)

I’m completely new to web design, but this worked pretty well. The only troubles I had were my own fault with figuring out the FTP and my twitter account. This is a great product and well worth the money in my opinion. Thanks Anique.

Thanks for comments

Great design. Very easy to use and customize. Two minor suggestions:

1. Include the original graphic files so it is easier to match colors to logo files, etc.

2. Add optional layout that shows last 3 tweets.

As is, it is worth every penny!

thanks, will implement these in next release.

Where’s the demo? :)

Hello, Very nice theme. One question tho, can the size be change, if so, where i do that? Thanks!

hi for the size of countdown or text, you can simply change it in css. For background, you will need to edit the psd

I purchased the theme but it failed to install.. it seems to be missing the style.css.. how do i fix this?

How to get the empty box to disappear? After MONTHS is gone and only Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds left?

Thanks, S@

Twitter no longer works, how do you fix this?

updated the file, kindly download again thanks

Twitter no longer works, you said it was fixed but not really. Please fix this

have updated to fix this issue. using twitter timeline now since twitter disables use of custom scripts.

Hi, does this theme support years too? I need a timer for an event that is many years away. If it doesn’t currently do years, how difficult would it be to change the month time into years. I know how to change the graphics and look but not sure about the counter code. Thanks.

you can easily change it by simply modifying one line of code. in index.html line 28

change ODHMS to YODHM

Y stands for Year, O for months and so on

Great, thanks for the tip! :)

Demo not work!