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Awesome and very clean. Good luck :)

Hi, thanks a lot!
Only one thing to mention that demo is not updated yet, not sure why.

Try in 30 minutes…

The navigation in the files are different from the navi in the demo… how can i get the correct one?!

Hi, thanks for your purchase!
Sorry but seems to be an error with upload files.

You will get an email about updated files so please download it again when you get it (usually within 48 hours)!


Great work! Good luck :)



Will you add galleries for the room photos?


Hi thanks for your idea!
Maybe it will be in next update, don’t forget to check it out!

But there is room gallery at the end of page if you mean something like this!

I need to adjust the delay time between the slides on the home page. In the $(’#slider’).layerSlider({ section I tried delay:5000 or slidedelay:5000 but none seems to be working. What am I missing ?

Hi, I did send you email. Thanks!

Got it, your mail was in my spam folder

Great template – clean and easy to use and adapt. Just one thing, how do I set up and configure the blog?

Could you please contact at

Mail sent yesterday

Hi, just reading your email, will respond! Thanks!

what about the weather?? I can not see it

I get problems often with the weather, too.

I still haven’t had a reply to my email.

Hi, you can modify your location by adding woeid: ” ”, and removing zipcode: ” ”. So your code will look like this:

// Weather $.simpleWeather({
    woeid: ‘484513’,
    unit: ‘c’,

Your woeid you can find here

If you notice any other issues fell free to contact me on email. Thanks!

Great! That works now. Thanks!

Do you have any information/documentation about the blog set-up?

Hi, there is no detailed docs about blog, simple way is to copy block with post details and replace with yours.

If you need more help, feel free to contact me at my email.

Can the date be changed to European format instead of USA format in the reservation form? As in dd/mm/yy instead of mm/dd/yy …

Also “Accommodation” is spelled incorrectly in your demo nav. :)

Date is very easy to change, here is the help file

And Accommodation is spelled correctly ;)

The date picker link doesn’t show dd/mm/yy . Can you help further? Can I change code in the template? “Accommodation” is spelled “Accomodation” which is not correct! :)

Hi, sorry for waiting so long for my answer. I was outside my home for a while, during holidays I spent time with my family.

1. Open lib/js/jquery.custom.js and at line 114 in $( ”#from” ).datepicker({
add this line
dateFormat: ‘yy/mm/dd’,

2. Made this also for $( ”#to” ).datepicker({ at line 123

YY – Years MM – Month DD – Date

bookings and contact tabs come with PHP? sorry for my english its bad!

Hi, bookings and contact are fully functional and they are PHP files.

Hello, Excuse not English, I’m French … When sending a message with the “Contact Form” contact page I get the following error: Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at /htdocs/public/www/responsive/04/php/contact.php:1) in /htdocs/public/www/responsive/04/php/contact.php on line 1

What to do?

Thank you for your reply

Hi, I just tested and look the code. Everything is fine.

Contact form will not work on your local pc, that’s normal.

But if you uploaded on server, there could be only problem with some server settings. You will need to contact your hosting company for some assistance.

Thank you! Hope you will fix it! Cheers!

Thank you for your reply I do not think it comes from the server … I solved the problem by removing “session_start ()” of file and removing “                     

Painter Image

                                              <label for=”verify”> Image verification </ label>                          <input type=”text” name=”verify” id=”verify” value=””/>                      “the contact.html file

By cons, by testing on the booking form “réservation.html” I have always the message denies sending the form “x Your name is required. x Your name is required. x Your phone number is required. ” ????

Thank you to you

The best solution is to re-download theme and update your contact.php and contact.html. I made short video for you how it all works. Could you please email me directly on


this template looks very nice and I want to use it for an “apartment for rent” and there must be “boxed”...

can I use this template boxed?


Thank you for buying. Sorry but this theme has not option for wide / boxed layout.

Maybe will be update so this will be on the list.


Hi, Do you have the joomla version?

Thanks. Gio

Hi, unfortunately I do not have and there will no be, only Wordpress is available here

I love the template! Really easy to modify. Really first class!

I have a problem with the slider on auto. The second slider in the demo doesn’t stay on screen, but changes to the first slider too quickly. I have tried increasing delays etc. but nothing changes.

Thank you

Hi, sorry for delay answer, but that can be easily fix with increasing delays. Don’t know why is not working in your case?

Please, use email support, cause you will get answer in few hours!

It’s o.k. I’ve managed to do what I wanted to do. Thanks!

Hi, The booking doesnt work. gio

The booking does work really nice! Thanks!

The weather works fine on my Localhost testing server but is not working on the live site.

Please advise.

Thank you

I now have the weather working fine, but there is a problem with the datepicker JS code that causes the problem with the weather . Is there an update for the datepicker code?

Hi, could you describe more, but suggest you to send me via email of support forum. You will get answer in very quick time.


I put up a live site and the weather wasn’t working and the date-picker was fine. The guy who wrote the weather script checked the site and said that there was a problem with the datepicker that was stopping the weather from working. I put the datepicker lines after the weather and the weather worked fine, but the datepicker didn’t work. I used a different booking form.


cool template! is it possible, to include a mp4 file or a youtube video?

Hi, you can always ask via email, you will get you answer faster.

You can easily include Youtube, Vimeo video into site by wrapping it into
<div class=”embeded-container”> VIDEO </div>

Can I use this in adobe muse?

Hi, I think you can’t. I don’t use Muse.