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hi, I’ve purchased dignitas theme and I’d like to know if is it possible to disable comments on posts pages. Many thanks.


If you want to disable the comments, you can do it as in all default themes, http://grab.by/GzbO just uncheck the discussion checkboxes, if you don’t see the check boxes, then you can enable them in the screen settings.

how can I change the images of the gallery for the accommodation rooms? Thanks

The accommodation gallery will show all the uploaded images for that item, if you want to remove some images from the gallery, you will need to delete the images form wp.

I need to change the copyright information in the footer


You will need to edit footer.php file in the theme folder.

hi, change link/slug “accommodation-item”


This one won’t be so easy, you will need to start with the functions\register.php, then
You will need to edit it in 23 places across 11 files.

Hi, I bought and installed the theme without any problems. Now I wanted to enter the demo data provided by you but how do I upload the xml file?

Thank you


Please check your email.


Great theme.

How do I make the top menu stay with the page as you scroll down (similar to the demo site)



You can change that in the theme management panel http://grab.by/HSvi

Great, thanks

Hi, the special offers dates functionality is not working. Please advise why that may be. If oyu need access please let me kow. thanks


Could you please be more detailed? What exactly isn’t working?

Hello there! i have a problem! in WordPress 4.4 i can’t save the homepage builder blocks….


Please check your email, right now it seems like some server issue.

Pulchellus theme breaks sute each time I try upgrade to WP 4.4. Urgent attaention please. thx


You use a outdated theme version that isn’t compatible with wordpress 4.2 or newer. Please update the theme and it will solve the problem. If I’m not wrong in this case you can update just the functions/filters.php file

Hi. Will this theme allow us to integrate Indian Payment Gateway integration? We will be integrating HDFC Bank gateway. Kindly suggest. Many thanks !


Sorry we don’t have any experience with this, the best way is to ask this to people who will integrate the payment . Basically with php knowledge it should be possible.

Hello DT! Is the theme compatible with 4.7? :)


Yes it is compatible.

Hello, I’ve been using the template on http://www.bbreliefpossagno.it and all looks ok but I cannot receive any email from the booking form. Any guess?


Sorry but your support license has expired, you can renew it in the item page, otherwise we are not allowed to support you.

Yeah… very nice theme but… cannot add a widget in the header!!!

Yes at the moment this isn’t possible, but we will take it in to account for upcoming updates.

Hi. Is Dignitas compatible with WordPress 4.9?


Yes! It works fine, we have tested it and haven’t noticed any issues.

Hi guys! I bought the html version (why did you discontinue it?) I’m thinking of moving to WP but I need to know for sure that the whole css redesign will take it well. the form in WP is a plugin, right? Thank you!

Hi there, can you please be more specific about your question? You want your css files use in this wordpress theme?