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Fresh and fantastic job :)

Beautiful theme.

Possibility of sticky menu?


This option will be added in the management panel today! You will be able to choose the menu style fixed or normal :)

Brilliant! I got your replies. Fantastic support system.

The update is in, hope that themeforest will approve it soon :)

what about SEO? is it set up for it?


I think yes! The all most used SEO standards are noted. And if there is something that you don’t like, you can always use some SEO plugin.

In hospitality it is extremely important to offer the user or visitor a translated version. What would be the easiest way to ‘multi-language’ this theme? Can this be included in the template? I am tempted to buy, looks clean and efficient. Good job.


I suggest to use WPML plugin! You can easy set up the plugin and make multiple languages. Here you can find more information: http://wpml.org/


Is it possible to add the total price + any extras on the reservation page?


By making a new reservation you don’t offer some current room, but a room type, so there is no price to show. If you make a list with all prices for each room time, then it could be added.

Can you provide admin access for this theme? It’s not clear how rooms can be set up.

For safety reasons it is not possible. But we can send you an email with screenshots of the management panel and how to set up a room.

You might want to take a look at the name of this theme – doesn’t have the meaning you’re going for in Europe. Google ‘Dignitas’.

Dignitas means Prestige from latin.

But thanks for comment!

Very beautiful. Did you test it with WooCommerce? I’d buy it if I would know that there are no major errors with WooCommerce.

While most themes I bought here on Themeforest don’t specifically mention that the theme has WooCommerce support, over 90% still work out of the box with it.


It should work fine! Many users are using our themes with WooCommerce and it works fine. You will need to create a single product page, as it is said in WooCommerce documentation, but so there shouldn’t be any problems.

And if you have some problems you can contact our support we will try to hepl.

You’ve picked a rather unfortunate name for this theme. Dignitas is the name of a clinic in Switzerland where people go to commit assisted suicide. Thought you should know.


Dignitas means Prestige from latin. We can’t check every word if there is clinic or other places names. I also could name many themes, that names in some languages doens’t mean anything good.

But thank you for your comment. Will try to check more for next theme.

A custom CSS feature would be nice. My client has two rates for rooms, week day and weekend. I can edit the CSS to shrink the font size in the rates, but then updates become trickier. Thanks!

thank you! I created a child theme which is doung the trick. Thanks again!

The plugin works perfect. I’ll use it.

Child theme also is a way to go! :)

Would really appreciate if you could rate the theme!


For some reason when I try to change the font for the logo text, nothing changes. I can change the body and H tags font, so must be missing a step. Any ideas?

If I understood you correctly you edit theme files so I will need to see it live to help you. You could use the item support tab to contact me.

Hi does the template support the multilanguage? WPML or Qtranslate? If yes where would the language switch appear? Let me know asap, thanks.


All our themes support WPML atleast by 95%. But the theme is not specially styled for this plugin, so the switcher will appear there where you put it, you can insert it in sidebar, or in footer also in header.

And if you have some problems with translating, we always help to fix that!

wonderful theme, simply to change, and very fast support.

many many thanks!

Thanks! :)

Would really appreciate if you would rate the theme :)

ratet with 5 stars!

i am not getting how to setup the slider..

Hi! Thanks for purchase!

1. you need to create a slider with the layer slider plugin

2. go to your homepage, and by editing it (must be assigned to homepage template) you will be able to add there the created slider. Or to use slieder in other pages you can use the layer slider shortcode and copy it in the post content area.

Hello, is there a defaultcontent-export.xml file ? so i can have a default menu and configuration.


Yes after purchase you can email me and I will send it to you.

Hello, we have a problem with the “accomodation”. We have created a accommodation page and also we have created and published several accommodations items for our “accommodation page” but when we try to see the “preview page” of each accommodation items, we find this error:

“404. Oops, it appears you’ve find an error. Page you were looking for doesn’t exist.”

Any idea? Thanks.

Ok!, We are sending you a email to: support@different-themes.com. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks

Thanks a lot!! The problem is solved. Great helpdesk! Cheers!!

You’re welcome! :)

Hello, can i have the defaultcontent-export.xml file ? i have purchased the theme.


Please email me so I can send you the xml.

Hi, I can’t seem to get the images pixel right, whenever I upload it on Slider. The size is 1903×500px. Even when I create the image at that size, after uploading, the image magnifies on my screen. http://www.natashajimbaranbalivilla.com/

Plse help! Thnx!

How do you do it? I can’t find that option in ‘LayerSlider WP’ Plugin?

Just Figured Out! It’s Working.. Thnx! :D

Great to hear that! :)

I am really enjoying this theme so far. I do have a few question though. What is the code you are using for the weather? For some reason it does not work if you put the city & country in the admin setup (gives an error) but when I removed the country it finally showed up. Not sure if it is pulling the correct city (for here in the US). Would be nice if it would take a WOEID or a state name.

Also, where do I find the code to change the background color of the main background behind the content and the top header and bottom footer (above and below the boxes you can change within your admin)?

Again, great theme and looking forward to some additions in upcoming updates :)


I want to try and see if I am able to do it first (as a learning experience).

To add do I just need to add the new .png file to the lib/img/room-features folder then add the new image to the style.css folder (ex. } ul.room-features li.room-currency-exchange { background-image: url(../img/room-features/room-currency-exchange.png); })?

I see the tooltip needs to be added/changed also, which file are those in?

You will need to add new images and edit style.css, dignitas-menu.php, accommodation-single.php and template-accommodation-1.php