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I’m trying to enter the Purchase code in the Layer Slider to activate the auto update. but it is saying “Your purchase code doesn’t appear to be valid. Please make sure that you entered your purchase code correctly.”

What should i do ? is it necessary ? thx


Thanks for puchase! You don’t have the layerslider purchase code but our themes! So it won’t work! If there will be a new update for the slider we will include it in our theme update.

I am wondering if it is possible to get rid of the featured image in each accomodation. See link http://shopbeaumonde.com/accommodation-item/white-suit/. I want to get rid of the top image as it looks distorted. It automatically goes there when I set a featured image. Any way to get rid of this but still keep the featured image?


Please check your email.

Hello, This is just a pre-purchase question.

1. I run a business listing many clients properties for B&B or Camping etc, would this theme be able to do that?

2. I have noticed that on the single item page, there is not an available calender, will this theme work with the plugin – Booking System Pro http://codecanyon.net/item/booking-system-pro-wordpress-plugin/2675936 – I would prefer to use this for booking rooms or campsites and the reservation for something else.

Many thanks H

Yes, that is correct, just like in the demo… Not different post styles on one page, only different style for each page. Just like you have Accommodation style 1 (which i could call Hotel) and Accommodation style 2 (which i could call Camping) if the theme can be the same as the demo, then it is exactly what i want… And i hope i can add a rating plugin for each page too?

I shall email you with my requires for the search box and purchase the theme, many thanks H

Oh then you can have it as in demo without customization, I thought you want different posts in each Accommodation page style.

Will wait for your email!

Fantastic, thank you, i just wanted to make 100% sure :) Shall buy shortly Cheers

1 more question, how can i add photos to the gallery for the accommodation rooms ? i can only see the featured image.

like this

thank you

never mind i figure it out


If you have more questions please use the item support tab.

I would like to send a BIG Thank you to the support team of different-themes. Very fast respond and very helpful! I bought Dignitas Theme and I am very satisfied. I asked for a custom modification and they did it in 0 time.

Thank you!


Please don’t forget to rate the them in the download section. :)

I have two room types and added both room types to the menu. When I open the links, the breadcrumbs says “Archives” and it shows the author and date above each room. Is there a way to change Archives to the Room Type and not show author and date?

Same things happens when I click the “View More” from the Room Types widget on the Home Page. Thanks again!

Looks good, Thank you for the great service!


iwant use this theme as a booking site where people can book their vacation in a apartment, and they should pay after choosing date. Can i permit they to pay in the same action of booking?



It will require many changes in the theme files! I think there should be a plugin for that you are searching. That would be the best way and also the cheapest.

Great theme and love it! I am having a problem with the reservation not sending to my email. It was working on a development site I built just not on the live site??

Any known issues? I can send you my login if needed

yes and yes. It was working on a dev url. I moved the site and now it does not work

Could you send wp-admin access to our email, we will take a look at it.

different themes. Sorry never followed up on this. Yes sending wp access for you to take a look. Thank you! still not working.

Are all to be congratulated for the support of different-themes. I would like to thank the team todoa, quick to respond to and very helpful! I am very satisfied with the purchase and they made a change in custom ersonalizada in record time, in hours, once again congratulations to all. Surely we do other shopping …

Thanks! :)

Please don’t forget to rate the theme in download section.

Hi, just a prepurchase question – where are the Social Media links located? I can’t see any on your Live Preview site, and obviously things like Facebook, TripAdvisor and YouTube are very important to an accommodation business.


Social icons are in sidebar! If you want to add them also in header, we can make it as a custom work for you.


Great theme with great support. No hesitation to buy for author. Very pleased with coding- easy to navigate with all the top features. Highly suggested theme.

Thanks a lot! :)

Hello, congratulations for your wonderful theme! Really easy to configure and very beautiful effect.

I wonder if I could add a picture to the main background and how I can do this?

Thanks for your help.


Thanks for purchase!

You can add a static image to the page bg by editing style.css file add this code

body { background-image:url('./lib/images/yourimage.jpg'); }

If you want to add a image via management panel, then it will be a bit harder, but we can add it as a custom work for you.


I’m having a problem creating a child theme. for some reason my style.css is not getting loaded. is there anything I should be doing?


Please check you email!

can I import the demo xml? I’m trying to figure out the columns and how to make them


Thanks for purchase!

Sure you can, just email me, and I will send you the demo.xml and the slider demo content.

Great theme and great support!

i like this theme.

but my customer hotel choose another one in black colour. But what i really like is your weather graphic showing in the header.

so i will ask, that you can share the info how to make it, or please contact me, i willing to pay for.


We use http://www.worldweatheronline.com/ API for that.

Do you need to integrate it in wordpress or just the whether function?

Please use the contact form in our themeforest account to contact us about more information.

how can I align the upper main menu? Thanks

About all style changes please contact my designer via support@voodoo-pixel.com

Greetings, I have an issue with the name of the city, in the admin of the WP-Theme I have written Hurghada,Egypt but in the front end its displayed as Al-Ghardaqa or Bur Safajah which people wont understand. Can we do anything to its displayed as Hurghada? Thanks in advance Sabine


Sometimes it redirects you to the closest city that have they own forecast radar or something like that.

But you can try to contact http://www.worldweatheronline.com/ about this issue, maybe they will have some suggestion.

I did already, this was their answer: you need to contact the developer of the widget or theme as we cannot change that.

The thing is its not showing the wrong city. But its not the right name. It should display it as Hurghada and not in the spoken name. :-(

Yeah! They mostly send all back to the theme developers even they don’t go into the problem. Ask them for the right API url where you can get the Hurghada weather conditionals.

And then if they can provide that, please send us it to the email, and we will make all changes for you, so it works also on your page.

Also you can notice that you use this link to get data


Just replace your YOURKEY with your API key and send them the url, it’s they own API that finds Al-Ghardaqa instead of Hurghada

Hi, great theme!

is it possible to change slug url “features-item” in Features sections?? In which file can I edit this slug?


Many thanks!! Great service!!

I would really appreciate if you could rate the theme in themeforest download section.

It would be a really big support for me!

Thanks! :)

Done! ;)