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is it can be used as airbnb booking online web site ?

host pay subscription to my paypal acc and turist make reservation , with calendar and pay by card or normal transfer directly to each host acc ?

possible to make similar www.keyapartments.com ? Some more nice than www.airbnb.com : )))

10 catigories / small wood houses , hotels , agrotristic? /

small regional reservation online web , 700 hosts in 7 small village?




Thanks for interest, but I’m afraid that it will take a lot of modifications to realize that and it won’t be easy to do.

how can i add a marker to the google map ?

also i need to change the language of the map. much appreciation :)

2nd question, is there a way to remove “price per night” ??

I tried the css code you referenced already to change background image.

I want to add a texture that will repeat for background image. Can you give me exact css code for that, I have no css experience at all.



This should work fine

body {
     background-color: #F1F1F1;
     background-image: url(imageurl);

when ever filling out the reservation form, it will not let me submit because of an invalid phone number, how do i change that to allow for any numbers?


Please check your email, thanks!

Hi, is Demo Content available?

thx – mail is out

Thx! :-)

Hi, Has this theme been tested with Wpml/Qtranslate for adding extra languages? thanks..


It’s not tested, but it should work fine. Only problems you could could get, is that the language switcher could not be styled right.

Hello man .. what a great theme .. But what About RTL and WPML ? I want to take this theme but it seems to be dosn’t have RTL or WPML because i need second language arabic ..


It doesn’t support RTL, but it works fine with WPML.

Hi, Great theme thank you. How do I remove Dignitas on the very bottom of the page?


Thanks for purchase!

You will need to edit footer.php file.

Thank you for the footer info. next question how do i insert google maps. if I paste google’s provided link it shows just as html

You need to switch to the text view in the editor and then paste the code.

Hi Just bought the theme and uploaded it but now get the following error and my dashboard has disappeared. Any idea what to do. I cannot access my dashboard to try and make any changes or to disable the Theme

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_enqueue_media() in /home/jeffreys/public_html/wp-content/themes/dignitas-themes/includes/admin/functions/jquery-css-include.php on line 38


Thanks for purchase!

Please update your wordpress version to at least 3.5, right now seems that you use a outdated version.

Hi, is Demo Content available?

also want to know how to add the weather forecast at the top, and contact phone number.


please email me and I will send you the demo content.

The weather forecast you can set up in the theme management in general settings, the contact phone in the management contact section.

can send me the demo to contato@terradeindio.com

Hi, i want to bay this theme,, and i have many question, how to add more then one hotels,, how to integrate payment system such as paypal , hava version to hotel author control own hotel, have a hotel search engine ?


If you mean that “Accommodation” is one hotel, then to add several hotels, you will need to customize several files for that, add new posts types etc.

To integrate the a paypal system you also will need to customize files, maybe there are some plugins for this. Right now you receive just a email for every new reservation.

This also will need customization so the author could add his own hotel.

If you need any help with customization you can search for help here: http://www.microlancer.com/explore/wordpress

Hi, I have sent you an email with the request for demo content of site and slider.

I wait your reply



Please check your email, I think I sent it before few hours.


please send me as soon as possible, thanks.

Hi there. very nice template. to get this multi language, I would have to duplicate the site in various language sub-directories, no? you haven’t got a language selector hidden somewhere, do you, :) ? thanks. great work.


You can install WPML plugin, that would be the easiest way.

hello, this looks like a great theme but I have a presales question. I have 7 different small hotels in the same area.

Can I have a field in Reservation form ex “Select Hotel:” and depending on this choice to change the “Select a room type:” options.

ex. Hotel 1 has Single Rooms and Double Rooms Hotel 2 has Single Rooms and Suits Hotel 3 has Apartments with 2 and 3 rooms etc


By default it’s not possible, but it could be done with some code modification, as it’s not a small modification and if you have no knowledge about html/php and jQuery, then you can search for developer here: http://www.microlancer.com/explore/wordpress

I’ve been using this template for a while and often when navigating to a page the site does not render completely, such as the menu not loading images, css out of whack, etc. Refresh always brings it together. I’m getting complaints and tried using W3 Total Cache and that is not helping. I have the updated Dignitas version, but have made a few minor changes to the template, but nothing that should cause the problem. Have you run into this or know if a good solution?

Sea Breeze Manor B&B

I see it on IE and Firefox. Haven’t noticed on Chrome, but I don’t use it much. Sometimes when I click on Google search results the page hiccups and does not fully load, sometimes when clicking page to page, and recently when clicking links from other pages. I was hoping it would go away with the cache plugin, but it hasn’t. Now I heard from my client who has heard from visitors to the site. So it’s not just me. I have seen a 502 error on occasion. Then refresh and all is good.

I loaded the page few times but it seems fine for me now, will try it a bit later again.

It’s hit and miss. I have tried to force it, but haven’t been successful. Will take a screenshot next time. Thanks!

Please i need demo content : basel.alaya@gmail.com


Thanks for purchase!



Can the registration form submit data to the database so it generates reports?



By default you will receive just a email, but with some modifications it’s possible to add them also in the database.


I’ve installed your theme. But I have a problem. http://france-anyday.trend4web.ru/ The background of the menu is like all the other background. The bottom blue line is also not blue. And I do not understand why the slider is disabled. I have already downloaded the demo slider, but how can I turn it on the website?

Thank you!

Thank you! But how to enable the slider only on homepage?

You need to create a page, assign it to the Homepage template, save and then you should see a box for the layerslider

The slider you can create with the layerslider plugin. The demo content for the slider is included in the themeforest download files.

YEs, I have finally found it. Thank you!


as you can filter by room type ?

as I can make categories in acomodation ?



Thanks for purchase! Sorry but the questions aren’t clear for me, could you please explain it in more details?