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Hello I am interested in this template but before buying I wanted to access the control panel of the template to see how it is.

If possible I would appreciate to give me access.



Sorry we can’t give you access to the management panel, but we can send you some screenshots form it, if you are interested.

Hello Different Themes,

Is there a way for me to adjust the header or to enlarge the size of the logo area and center the logo in the Dignitas – Hotel & Apartment Responsive Theme?


Please check your email.

can this be used with http://www.phptravels.com script ?


By default it won’t work. If I understood it correctly you will need to integrate the code in our theme.

The easiest way would be to find some similar plugin for this.

Quiero comprar el theme pero me gustaría saber si puedo quitar el símbolo del estado del tiempo y agregar las RS que veo no están. de ser posible como sería.

RS= Redes sociales


Could you please write in English?


code of the datepicker is generating something at the bottom of the page. It looks like a border. When you click at the date field, the thing at the bottom disappears. Can you please check it? http://dignitas.different-themes.com/reservations/


Will check this and fix it ASAP in update.

Hvala tebi;)

Add this line in style.css file

div#ui-datepicker-div {
display: none;

clear your browser cache and it will be okay.

The theme is not working well with Visual Composer by WPBakery. The VC features such as the Accordion, Tabs, etc. does not work at all on Dignitas and works great on Twenty-Fourteen. Please Help. Thank you.

What’s the ETA? Thank you.

Hi! It should be available now.

Awesome! :) Thank you!

Presales questions:

1. Can your theme be easily made into a child theme? 2. On the demo site, the BOOK NOW option is only displayed on the Accommodations page. It is not displayed on the Single Room page. Is this an option that can be easily added? Thank you.


1. The child theme is included in the download files.

2. Yes, all you need to in single post, is add a shortcode button with a link to the reservation page.

Hello DT,

Just a stupid question or two.

Where do i change “Dignitas Hotel © 2014. Designed by CreativeKingdom & Different Themes” ???? I’ve looked everywhere.

And what plugin do i use to change the language of the theme?

I’ve tried everything.


I’ve fixed: Footer copyright, Room features and other stuff. And im changing the language manually. Just Weather and Google maps that are an issue.


I’ve fixed: Google maps, replaced with iframe.


Hello again,

Is it possible to disable sidebars on certain pages? I can only select default and right or left positioning.

And when you update, is it possible to only update that certain file cuz its a pain in the ass to do it all over again. I did a backup, reversed it, API got back to V1??! Had to redo it D: Maybe i made a mistake, dont know.



By default dignitas doesn’t support this, this option is in all next themes after dignitas. But with some customization it could be possible to do.

You can see all updated files in theme folder/changes.txt file.

Hello I am interested in this template and i would like to know if it support WPML .If it doesn’t ,How I can do multilingual site by all these features of WPML ?


Yes it works fine with WPML, several of our customers are using it already.

First you will need to by the plugin and then translate it with po files, or via the plugin, it depends what plugins you will buy from WPML.


Since last update i get 403 from SEO by Yoast. Or rather, it work. But Googlebot gets 403 from SEO by Yoast. I’ve tried a .htaccess fix but didnt help. = Allowing /Googlenbot/. Any idea?


Since last theme update or plugin update?

Cant really remember, I know i updated both, like a month ago?! But all other sites work with Yoast that i serve.

I think you will need to contact the plugin author about this because we didn’t make any update to the theme that could affect this.

Hi, I purchased the template , I have a problem . page booking not send me the email address entered . After entering all the data and clicking book now , do not I get any message , and the fields are empty . thks for support


Thanks for purchase!

Have you set up the booking email for the form?

Did you check the spam folder?

Does your server support SMTP server?

Do you receive emails fro WordPress page, like password recovery etc?

If yes, then please contact me via email, and send me wp-admin and ftp server access.

problem solved , thanks

Hi! this seems to be a very good theme! Some pre-sale questions: 1) have you experienced issues with multilanguage plugin like wmpl, qtrans, ecc…? 2) how does it work the checking availability (calendar)? Does admin notify via backend available days making them available or not to users?

regards :)


1) Several our customers already use it and I haven’t heard any problems about it. Only thing that you can’t translate 100% is theme management panel.

2) Unfortunately no, the visitor selects just the days, and after submitting, the admin receives a email notification with all the data.

Hi, I’ve updated the theme with the “4th March 2015” version. Unfortunately the Weather Forecast now don’t work! I insert the same API’s that i had before (in general – control panel). The message is: Something went wrong with the connection! Help me please


There is some global problem with the API provider, it will start working as soon as the API will get up.

here you can follow the latest information about it https://twitter.com/worldweatheronl

ok! thanks a lot for information! ;)

Good afternoon! I think your theme is great! But i have one pre-sale question. As i see on accommodation page there are all rooms in one list. Is there any feature to build (for example) three different accommodation pages – first is only for single rooms, second is only for double rooms, and third is only for deluxe rooms? Does your theme have kind of rooms filter?

Thank you!


By default no but with some customization you could enable category views right now they are like default post http://dignitas.different-themes.com/accommodation-cat/deluxe-suite-room/.

If you want to use one accommodation style for all accommodation pages, then it is easy to do by editing few lines in 2 files.

The best way would be to find a freelancer for this here: https://studio.envato.com/explore/wordpress

Hi nice theme. I want to know if in the calendar can mark the days that are occupied rooms, and the costumer see that. thanks


Sorry but this won’t be possible, the form will yous email all the details to your email.

Hello, I’ve purchased the dignitas theme but after importing sample data the home page is not like the live demo one. How can I edit it like that? How can manage special offers inserting date range and prices like showed on live demo? Many thanks.


I think I emailed you just the homepage settings, that xml doesn’t support.

Special offers are created in the accommodation, just click ad new, add new item there and in the settings select it as Special Offer, after that create a new page, and assign it to Special Offer template. And there you should see the Special Offer posts.

Hi Just updated to WordPress 4.2 and your latest update and my Website no longer appears. All I get is the following message:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM in /home/content/02/11916402/html/avaloncom/wp-content/themes/dignitas-themes/includes/lib/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php on line 1140

Website is avalonhorizons.com PLEASE HELP ASAP!


Please download the latest theme version form themeforest and update it via FTP server!