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Hello, i wanna purchase this template, i need know if come whit Quickstart for joomla and what is the time for support responses. thanks

Hi, we are not selling Joomla theme here, but it is available within profile of our partner ShineTheme here http://themeforest.net/item/dignity-portfolio-responsive-joomla-template/6365055 You can contact them for queries and support regarding the Joomla version

The support is non-existent? I opened a ticket a week ago, no response.

Hi, please check your email.

I want to show on index 11 not a vimeo video but only a mp4video datei.Ist that possible? If so how do I integrate the file?

Hi, this video needs to be uploaded to Youtube / Vimeo and can be used by default as shown in demo Video BG variants. If you want to feed MP4 video from your own site, the template should be custiomized for this by editing the code by yourself.

I have this skin installed and configured and it works FANTASTIC, except in Safari, the portfolio area allows only one click, then you can’t filter the portfolio items any more after that. It works the first time after a page load but not again. It works as expected in Chrome and IE. Test area is: http://easywebmanage.com/williamfunk and click on Works to see the portfolio.

Hi, please open a support ticket. We will check it for sure.


I love that template but is there an option to add flash animations?

Thanks :)

Hi, this is possible but need advanced customisation to the template.

First of all congratulations for your work. I love it. I would like to ask you a question about twitter timeline. I have followed the steps in the guideline about twitter and i already have changed the user name designovastudio for my own user in the .js, but i still see designova’s twitter. My url is www.skyangel.com.mx/2015.

BTW i am not a programmer, so i would like a little help. Thanks in advance!

Hi, Twitter integration needs some advanced procedure to be done from your side including the creation of Twitter Dev App and setting up the Access Keys etc., please refer to PDF user guide and make it up accordingly.

On mobile devices, the side menu stays put, requiring a user to “turn it off” or press the menu button a second time in order to see the selected page. This is not desirable behavior. In other words, one click on side menu choice should hide the left menu. Don’t you agree? Can this please be addressed? Thanks, very nice template.

Hi, this can be done with some JS editing.



Your template looks great (really amazing), but you have a pretty serious display bug in Chrome. (In FireFox and IE, it seems OK… haven’t checked Safari yet.)

Here is a screenshot of your demo page (http://designova.net/dignity/index01.html) in Chrome:


This is the latest version of Chrome on Windows 7: 41.0.2272.101

As you can see, the text does not fade out completely before the new text comes in. This results in overlapping text, which looks really bad.

I hope this is an easy fix.

Are you able to resolve this?


Any update on that Chrome display bug? I really cannot use this template until that is fixed.

A lot of people use Chrome and this looks really bad!


Hi, the bug seems to be caused by something related to Windows 7 platform. It is working perfectly in MacOSX with latest Chrome version. We need some more time to figure out what causing this issue in Windows. We will update you by early next week.

Hi, please check the updated version v2.0 released today

I can reproduce the bug robert2012 mentioned above on OS X + Chrome:

http://i.imgur.com/IZ0PY6H.png User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_10_3) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/41.0.2272.118 Safari/537.36

Hi, we are already working on a major update for this template and it will be released by next week. Officially confirmed.

Hi, update released as v2. Done.

Thank you for the update!

Major Update Released as v2.0 on 17th April 2015

Hi everyone, DIGNITY is now having a major update (v2.0) which got many performance improvements and bug fixes. Please see detailed change-log here: http://designova.net/changelog/dignity.pdf

hi, bg youtube video doesnt work on my site, plz help me

Hi, please check the website is running from a web server. Still if you find issues, please open a support ticket.

the web is upload on www.divideende.com , but the bgvideo doesnt load

Hi, the website is not accessible here. Also make sure you are using latest available version of DIGNITY HTML5


I need to duplicate the <section> of portfolio, but when I do, it is only loaded the first <section> of portfolio.

How can I load more portfolio? How can I add / load other sections with different projects?

Hi, we need to check your code to find if any bugs are present within your implementation, please open a support ticket

Hi i need to know if the issue of logo uploading was sorted out . i need to know this before i purchase the theme

Hi, will you please make it in detail, please email to info(at)designova(dot)net

Does this theme have a Bootstrap 4 version?