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I have a service that I need a website for. This website will have some sort of shop, but clients will not be charged for accessing the site, but for a completely non-related product. This sounds like a regular licence to me, but I thought I’ll better ask!

Yep, this should be fine with a regular license we think – it will be OK if you have only a single website to be built using the template and if you are not selling the website to your end-users. For more clarifications please refer to:

Hello designova, do you have joomla version for this template?

Hi, Joomla version will be available eventually here. It needs some time to be developed.

On the Vimeo home page is there a way to prevent the video controls from showing at the bottom when it loads?

Hi, right now vimeo video controls can not be removed as it is already integrated on the vimeo stream. Original plugin is this: Once they bring such an option we will also update the same on template


How can I remove the hover state of yellow?

:) please rate the template if you like our work

before I can do that still need help with the contact form. I cannot enter any spaces. I also went to to check for the updates but the site is down.

Hi, the issue of space bar is already fixed in previous updates. So please download the currently available pack on Themeforest and update your site accordingly.

The change log (sorry for the type error in URL given previously) is actually a PDF found here:

Hello, How can I enter spaces when filling out the form?

after the update. the php form is not working and not sending the emails. I have changed it to our company email.

Hi, will you please send your entire site (without high resolution images if any) we will surely check it and get back to you.

Email: info(at)designova(dot)net


The downloaded version - OUR SERVICES Section is different than what you have as original LIVE version.
If you noticed when you hover over the 4 different services and the effects immediately below it.
Please rectify and send us the actual version as per what`s been promised. You may send it to me via e-mail (

Sorry, Will you please make your message clear, please send it via support system we will surely follow

Also please make sure that you are checking your site from live web server (just upload it on a hosting and check it please)

Would it be easy enough to replace the existing portfolio framework with the isotope framework, existing one is too jerky for our requirments.

Hi, it is possible to integrate isotop by custom coding. But we recommend the current filterable portfolio MixitUp because it is having better performance and lightweight script. It’s upto you, but you can customize it, no issues about it :)


I need to change the speed of the text on home page. Where is that located and what file?

Hi there, Please see:

In this file you can trace the code lines 20 to 44 which contains initialization for rotating text. You can check the preferred variant and control the speed by adjusting the value of variable “speed”.

If you need assistance kindly contact us via


When are you bring this beauty to wordpress? Might be a lot of work.. but I will have money saved for it!

Keep the Inspiration flowing!



Thanks for your kind words. We are already working on WordPress version of DIGNITY, this will be here within a week or two approximately. We will tweet the progress, thanks for being with us

DIGNITY WordPress theme is now released on themeforest

Please see it here:


This is a beautiful theme, maybe I ask if it’s compatible to use it as a Tumblr Theme? :bigsmile:

Hi, thanks for your kind words :) This is not a Tumblr theme right now.

The video background all of the sudden doesn’t work. Any ideas on how to fix?

Hi there. Please check once more after reloading the preview.

Video BG on is working fine, for your reference please see the screencast video here:

Hi Awesome theme! Is there a way to speed up the pre loader…it is getting stuck for ages at 99%. I thought it was just your demo, but I have just purchased and it is slow or locking out on every device I try…is it just the image file sizes slowing it down?

Hi, thanks for your words. Yes, it is actually a precisely working preloader detecting each and every images loaded. You can customize it by referring the plugin docs here:

Due to the big images this may take some loading time which is natural when considering modern creative portfolio websites.

Love this theme. You making a WP version?

Great. Any idea when? I have a project, but will put it back if it means using the WP version of this.

Hi, DIGNITY WP will be released mostly by next week. We are on final stages of development. We will tweet the progress.

DIGNITY WordPress theme is now released on themeforest

Please see it here:

Please provide your suggestions, we will add them!

DIGNITY is now turning to be the best quickly popular template we have ever built.

As a tribute to our buyers we are planning to update this template by adding some more home variants. We welcome your creative suggestions, please share it to us. Thank you :)

Hi! Guess I missed this one…

That’s absolutely impressive, and well deserved good sales… Congrats!


Thank you Little-Neko :)

Joomla Theme Available.

DIGNITY Joomla edition is now available on themeforest:

We will soon release a WordPress version right after Xmas holidays. Stay tuned!

Hello –

I purchased this yesterday. Great job!

I’m using the Vimeo background template with loop set to “true” but its not looping. Any ideas?

That’s a great work. Thank you for your initiative, we will update the same soon

Actually that didn’t work. It seems to be something with the video length. Short video repeat while longer ones wont. At least on my end

We will contact the original plugin authors in order to get any option to control this. If we have a feasible solution we will surely update


I absolutely love this template, specially the home page variants and I would love to buy it, but I need a blog section, is there any way to use this template as a blog?

Hi, thank you for your kind words :)
We are working on a WordPress version of DIGNITY which will have a fully functional blog section powered by WordPress. This theme will be a sure release right after the Xmas holidays.

Hey designove, Can you let me know why the site load is so slow i guess its because it has alot of JS files. its an awesome template i tell you. great work. Please let me know how to reduce the load??:( and also i need to change the tweeter contacts from SAIJO to our company tweets how to do it and which file do i edit?

Hi, thanks for your kind words. In order to make the performance increase you may combine all used JS and then compress it. The performance depends on browser’s ability to render CSS3 animations in the layout, most of the modern browsers will make it perfectly.

In order to change the Twitter Account please follow the details provided in userguide PDF along with screencast linked within userguide.

Great work! Very interested in purchasing your item. I just have one question. While having the side menu open and clicking on the portfolio and then filtering it. The images are not in the center or they jump form one transition effect to another.

Wondering if you guys are aware of the issue. Tested on Chrome and Safari with same results.

Hi, thanks for your kind words. This is not any bug, but it is ordered from left to right by default (that is, via CSS FLOAT:LEFT on each portfolio block LI). If you need to make it center just do the following edits on CSS:

Portfolio wrapper UL should be TEXT-ALIGN:CENTER and each Portfolio Blocks LI should be FLOAT:NONE.

That’s pretty easy and straight forward.