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so good\\but have no blog.otherwise,perfects.

Fully functional blog system will be surely included in WordPress version coming soon in a week.


I was wondering if its possible to get dark purple on color theme instead for yellow, green etc.

Second thing, when i purchase this theme will i get possible to use all 12 of the styles?

This is wordpress theme, if im now wrong?

The color scheme of the template is powered by LESS. You can change the color scheme within seconds. When you purchase this template you will get a Regular License. You can use it only for one website. You can choose any styles that provided in the pack. This is not a wordpress theme, it is a HTML5 template.


Hi designova,

I’m using Home 05 layout for a website, but i’m quite confused why the text “Home” in the navigation isn’t being highlighted while i’m in the home page, and after i scrolled to About us and i scrolled back again to home page, the navigation highlighted the text “About Us” instead of “Home”, can you guide me how to fix this? Thanks and anyway this template is awesome!

Hi, this is already fixed and we are also working on some additional improvements. Alltogether, this update will be released by next Monday as a regular update, and we will update the preview. This is a confirmation.

Hi designova, still no update yet? Sorry for the rush but i already submitted 2 tickets for 2 problems since last month and still haven’t got any solutions till now

Hi, we have some additional updates to be performed as per themeforest review. We are hoping to make it up as our level best.


I’m considering to buy this amazing theme but need to see the single-page (like blog-post) before. Any chance ?

My best

Hi, a single project page is already included, demo here:

You can edit this page and use it as any kind of single-page as you like.

Hi, I’ve a problem with this themplate: when I click on a category of the gallery, the photos are displayed incorrectly. See here:


Thank you

We have already fixed it. We will update it in a day.


Hi, thank you! Is this fix online?

Hi, It will be approved for sale within a day or two, we will tweet once it is online.

DIGNITY WordPress theme is now released on themeforest

Please see it here:

I’m really interested in purchasing this template I just have one question with regards to the portfolio section—is it possible to change the default layout from 5 items per row to 3 items per row? I wanted to display 6 items in total, with two rows.


Great, thank you!

Do I make this change in the CSS or HTML page? I changed this section to 33.3% from 20% but nothing changed:

div#portfolio_thumbs ul li { float: left; width: 33.3%; position: relative; padding: 0px; -moz-transition: all 1.25s ease; -webkit-transition: all 1.25s ease; -o-transition: all 1.25s ease; transition: all 1.25s ease; }

Thanks for your help.

please send your site as ZIP, email to: (sorry that we missed this thread follow up – not intentional)

When I type in my sites url in google the site doesn’t show up. Is the site SEO optimized? Also the scrolling on iphone 4 doesn’t work. I have tried it on multiple iPhones.

SEO is different when it comes to HTML5 templates, you have to work on this with some SEO experts in order to get good results in google search. We have tested it on iPhone 4,4S and 5s everything works perfectly, also scrolling is working with animated elements – this is 100% confirmed on our live preview.

Hi there, could you please help me get videos to play in the lightbox for the first owl carousel please? Can’t figure it out. Thanks!


it is possible to show videos inside lightbox. The lightbox plugin is Maginific Popup where you can see examples of Videos shown inside lightbox, please follow the plugin documentation on their website and you can make it up without much efforts.

Hello… How do I change the color of the button ring in the services page section? While I can change the background color, etc, I can’t seem to change the yellow that is around the 4 services icons… and yellow doesn’t work with the colors I need.

Hi, the ring is part of images used as services icons. You can find PSD for such elements included in the download pack. You can edit the PSD and save it as image and use it in your website by replacing the images within the template.

I, This is a wonderful theme! A little question before purchuse: Is it possible to have the standard navigation (top right) with BG image zoom for example?

Kind regards,


Both of these options are included in this template as separate variants. You can use the home page variant with BG Zoom effect and then edit it by copying the standard navigation from the relevant variant. You can easily port code segments between each variant, it is powered by Bootstrap 3 framework.

There is no limit on the possibility of customization.

Thank you very much for your answer (I just made a mistake I talked about the Wordpress theme but think your answer is the same than the HTML theme) :)


Where can I find the “Main menu mobile” module? I cant seem to find it in the package folder…

Thanks, Angelo

Hi, we will be glad to assist you via support system, please contact us via:

Hi, why in the HTML version there is no animation in the “CREATIVE AGENCY FROM LONDON” title, like in the wordpress version?

Hi, why in the HTML version there is no animation in the “CREATIVE AGENCY FROM LONDON” title, like in the wordpress version?

Hi, it can be easily set by following user guide, that is pretty simple

Ah, ok! Thanks!

Hi, I sent you some day ago a support request on your But no answers. Did you received it?

Please check your email.

Sorry, you didn’t gave me a solution yet. I opened another ticket without answer!

Hi, we have already replied to you on Jan 27th, please trace your emails. It is already served.

PS. We just got the update to your ticket you sent a few hours ago, but the issue is within your edited codes. You have to correct it manually or send the pack as ZIP to us so that we can test your edited code manually.

Sorry to bug you, but how do I make the size of the lightbox youtube video in the portfolio segment larger? Thanks!

Hi, in order to customize the lightbox plugin with video, please refer original plugin userguide:

I just want to mention that this theme is well thought out and versatile, the documentation is great and when I had a question/issue, the support was quick and effective. I’m hoping my client moves to the WordPress version of this excellent theme. Thanks!

Hi Niknaz, thank you for your kind words and for loving this theme. We already have the update ready to be pushed with mentioned improvements (reference to your email). You can expect this update release right after the weekend. We will notify you via email.

^Jean from Team Designova

Hi, this is an awesome template. Is it possible that after I buy it to add purchase button? I am a photographer and I would like to let people buy prints. I mean, a little button, close to the photo while browsing the site with ‘ad to cart’ like


Hi, you can customize this template easily by editing code components based on Bootstrap 3 framework.

Hi, I’m going to buy this great template, but I’ve got a question. Why when I use google chrome and filtering the portfolio, it act really strange? but when i use mozilla firefox it works fine. This Is What I Mean:

Hi, This is a weird case of problem as it does not happen on Chrome here specially on MacOSX 10.9 ML. Anyway we have an updated version to be released soon here – hope this will be better for your case. We will let you know once we release it and you can decide upon your purchase. Thank you

Updated to v1.3 on 07th Feb 2014

We have fixed all reported bugs and made improvements to this template. Now the pack includes an additional page with ‘Slide-Over Navigation’ similar to the one you find in our other template SAGA.

Please find the complete information about this update on change log here:


How can i change the size of div.owl-item? it’s set at 354px but cant seem to find that value in any of the style sheets. I’d like to make the images larger. Any help is appreciated it. Thank you!

Hi, thank you for contacting us.

Owl Carousel is such an amazing plugin in which the total number of items displayed for any device viewpiort can be controlled via options (not via CSS). Please see:

There you can see OPTIONS which contains parameters controlling the number of items to be displayed:
itemsDesktop     [1199,4] 
itemsDesktopSmall     [979,3]
itemsTablet     [768,2] 
itemsMobile     [479,1]

You can control these parameters as you like. More number of items, less size of each item dimensions. So if you need to display bigger items make the parameters have less values.

Please do not forget to follow all instructions about plugin options as mentioned in their website: Hence you can customize this plugin to any level.

FYI, in our template these plugin initialization codes are found in CAROUSEL sections inside MAIN.JS file located in JAVASCRIPTS directory. You have to modify the parameters there only.


Thank you for that clear explanation. Excellent template!

Our pleasure :) kindly consider rating our template on themeforest. If you have further queries please contact us via support system: