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How can I change colors using LESS?

IMPORTANT: You have to upload your edited site to a test web server / local host in order to view the colors set via LESS

Step 1:
Open the following file:
And set your color value inside @color variable, for example:
@color: #00ff00
Now this color (#00FF00) is declared inside color.less file.
Step 2:
Open your preferred HTML file and trace the following code inside HEAD tag:
<!-- LESS stylesheet for managing color presets -->
<link rel="stylesheet/less" type="text/css" href="less/demo-color-yellow.less">
Since you are using color.less file to set your color, here you have to set the same file via

This will activate the selected LESS file and everything will work properly. In our pack we have set colors via separate LESS files such as demo-color-yellow.less which can be removed and you can set your own color.less file instead.

This is already informed in PDF user guide, buyers please have your own time to follow the documentation :)

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