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Hi there,

I had buy Dine and Drink theme

I dont know why my menus does not appear. Please recheck for me

My website link here


Do you mean dropdown menu of main menu(under logo)? you can setting the menu by go to Appearance > Menus then drag the menu below the main menu.



stefig Purchased


I wonder can I add different social icons/ custom icons next to the existing ones?


We are sorry that dine & drink theme can not add more social icons to it.


my menus is only the left column how can i add menus to the right column ?

Hello, ramsayra

We are not understand you correctly, please send some screenshots to us.

Thank you,


i got that but i have a new issue… Menu ONe Columns Text list Style is not working on responsive devices properly , can you please hjelp ?

im talking about the food menu styles

I updated to the latest version of the theme and wordpress and now have this error which is not allowing me to update the website at all. Please advise?

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Hello, jaeb0922

There is an error with the sql version. Please check your sql version of your server and your server service provider.


Hello can you help here Menu ONe Columns Text list Style is not working on responsive devices properly , can you please hjelp ?

im talking about food menus styles

the demo work nice… but my copy is like no responsive when i do select 2 columns menu

Hello ramsayra,

We test the website it work, please send the screenshot about the issue you said.

send to :



I have bought Dine Drink restaurant word press theme and i have a problem with the avast antivirus that blocked my web site several times

My purchase: 6df3702a-303d-4e35-99ac-46eb8b8aca82 My web site:

I have installed only the clean template without any plugins or adds.

Thank you, Best regards Nica Andrei

Hello andreinnica,

We recommend you to check the files on your server and make sure that no have infected files.

And test with any computer and devices.


I have already test it and it is ok and no plugin or other ads. Only avast antivirust repoting it. Thanks

Hello, Is it possible to change the language of the email of reservation? I have created the italian file (.mo and .po) but the email is in english language. Regards

Hello emanuele_morini,

We are sorry for reply late. We are sorry that the reservation email translate is not in .po .mo file.

Please edit file in at_functions/at_contactform.php

on line 96 is for restaurant owner

and line 112 for customer.


Hi, My website is My query is in Food menu section. Since the food menu is very long one and with many sub categories, I would like to know if there’s any way to display the sub-categories as currently it is not displaying all the sub categories though added in backend. For eg. The hierarchy goes like this: Food menu->Soup, Starters, Curries etc .Starters has 2 categories vegetarian and non -vegetarian. Curries has 2 categories again. But the website is displaying only Starters and not it’s child categories. All the individual food menu items getting displayed but not under 2 separate categories like vegetarian and non vegetarian.

Hello sundar2712,

We are sorry that the theme cannot create the hierarchy that you said.

We recommend you to create 2 categories like Soup and Soup-vegetarian. (no child for each category)


Hi, I just bought your theme and followed the instructions but there is something that is not working. I’m creating my own menus and the first one, I added one featured image and in the menu post it shows all the photos in the media and I didn’t use the gallery. I was unable to make it display only one photo.

I deleted that one and the next attempt I did everything the same and I put one photo in featured image but it doesn’t show any photo at all in the post.

Finally I tried to edit the ones you have as sample content, I changed the text and the featured image but it keeps showing the same sample photo you had even when I already changed it.

Am I missing something to set up the image for each menu item?




We are sorry for lately reply. Tried to follow this instructions.

The Key is in 1:11 in dropdown select “Uploaded in this post”

You can delete the old pictures in each post (food menu item, gallery item) by :

1. Go to that post and Edit it.

2. Click “Add Media” located under you title.

3. You will see the pop-up windows of the media library, click the drop down menu and choose “Upload to this post”.

4. You will see picture and delete it by click “Delete Permanently”.

Thanks, Andthemes

Hi. Will you be updating this theme? It hasn’t been updated in a year and a half. Thanks

Hello Intell,

We are sorry that we have no update new functions or features.

But we also keep the theme up to date and compatible with the new Wordpress version.



Intell Purchased

Ok. So you maintain its security updates and newest WP versions both, yes? Thanks

Hello, after install the theme my images looks like too big. How can i make them smaller. Thank you!

Hello BorisGeorgiev,

Please send us your website URL or screenshots and tell us which images look too big. We will take a look at it.


My website is . I have some screenshots but i don’t know where to send them.

can I add more than one menu page on this themes ??