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I wanna buy this theme… it’s the best one of it’s kind that I’ve seen (at least for the purpose that I need it for). I can only get it if you had a fix/or update for WooCommerce on this Theme. Please tell me you have this for this theme

Hello profango,

Thank you for your interested our theme.

We are sorry, we still don’t have a further plan about the WooCommerce yet. we will let you know if there are any changes in the future.

Damn this is so sad… this status would sell 10’s of thousands if it had a fix for WooCommerce. 907 added a fix and their number shot up rapidly

How do I create the widget so I can add the map and contact info like you have on this page?

Hi ericgman,

in the footer widget of them map in this widget is an image. We use AT-Unwrap Text on this.

paste this code and change an map image, text and contact us link

<div style="float:left; width:185px;">
<a href="LINK_ON_IMAGE">
<img src="IMAGE_URL" />
<div style="float:left; width:250px;">
<strong>D&D Salad Restaurant</strong><br />
8:00 am - 4:00pm<br /><br />

116 Warat Rd.
Munag Chiang Mai<br />
Thailand 50300<br />
<strong>Phone:</strong> 081-241-2898
<br />
<a target="_blank" href="YOUR_CONTACT_LINK">
<button class="btn btn-small btn-at-red" type="button" style="margin-top:14px;">Contact us <i class="icon-caret-right" /></button>
<div class="clearfix" />

This is good for 1/2, 1/2 footer style. you can go to Appearance > Dine & Drink > Overall Elements > Footer to choose your footer style.


It does look as one of the best themes ever here in the market. I will buy the theme but it scares me with so many comments and codes and on and on. Is it so difficult theme to handle for a non professional guy?

Hi Filisencus,

Thank you for interested our theme. Dine & Drink is easy theme to use you can just one click to load color setting and upload demo content.

it is easy theme to use if you want to make your site like demo sites. but if you want to customize the site you have to know some programming and css skills.


Hi, on the homepage, how can i superimposes “Recommend Menu” with Slideshow ? Like your demo :


Hello TawbahFr_22,

For the slider of this theme is the stand alone system that you can add image and link to the slider.

So if you want the slider show your recommend menu you can add:

1. The image of recommend that you want.

2. Caption(Title and Details) to say something about this menu.

3. Link, that can link to the menu on your food menu page.

To create slider please see this document:

slide down to issue (2.3.2 Adding Homepage Slider)

Andthemes Support Theme.

Hi, thank you for answering but you have misunderstood me. Can you give me your email address? I’ll show you screenshoot


I received an error while signing up for the support forum, and emailed on December 4th, but never received a response.

I’m looking to make the “Header Reservation” show only on the mobile version, not the full version as I have made it a phone number that is clickable. Can anyone assist with this?

Hi AdamSnow,

We are sorry for your e-mail. we did not get your e-mail or maybe we missed it.

Dine & Drink will hide “header reservation” in mobile device.

you can add this code to the custom css to show “header reservation” in mobile device.

1. Go to Appearance > Dine & Drink > Custom CSS

2. Add this following code

@media (max-width: 767px) {
    .header_reservation {
        display:block  !important;
    position: absolute;
    text-align: center;
    top: -35px;
     margin-right: 132px
margin:35px auto 15px;

@media (max-width: 480px) {
   .header_reservation {
    display:block  !important;
    position: absolute;
    text-align: center;
    top: -35px;
     margin-right: 62px
margin:35px auto 15px;
@media (max-width: 320px) {
      .header_reservation {
       display:block  !important;
    position: absolute;
    text-align: center;
    top: -35px;
    margin-right: 30px
margin:35px auto 15px;

3. Click Save Changes

you can change the margin-right if your text is long.

Thanks for purchase Dine & Drink Theme


Anyone else test with WP 3.8? I know some other themes Dashboard theme options page got broken with the new UI in WP 3.8 :nerdy:

Hello TehStig,

For the WP3.8 may cause some error to the theme that developed before WP3.8, for the website that work well without WP3.8, we recommend to not update to WP3.8 at this time.

We try to check our theme in the deep level of compatibility. If the test is OK we will update the support of WP3.8 to Themeforest sale page and make the notification to customer.

Andthemes Support Team

Thank you, I will wait for the update from you then.


First – great theme:-)

the problem: I am trying to order the food items like I want (basically in the order of entry), so the first I enter should be on top. But also, in the future, if I want to put some item in the 4-th position, there should be a easy way to do it.

In the help I see “2. Hover on food menu title and use Quick edit to Edit your Food menu item date”, but id does not seem to get it to work. Isn’t a better solution to be able to put a Order number in the moment you enter the item? Or is there some other way that I dont see?


Hi darko4spain,

Thank you for purchase our theme.

We found a new better solution to sort food menu item by using “Post Types Order” Plugin

Thank you for spotting this.

Please follow this step:

1. Go to Plugins > Add New

2. Search “Post Types Order” install and active it.

3. On the left Column, Hover on Food Menu your will see new subcategory “Re-Order”

4. You can Drag and Drop to sort your food order when you finish re-order click update in the bottom.

you can sort Food Menu Categories in Appearance > Dine & Drink > Food Menu Categories

Andthemes Support Team

Hi there, is my website. Please have a look at my post ‘baking classes’. All the posts clicked leads to the strawberry cheesecake menu.

The permalinks under the post shows ’'. I think that is the problem. How to fix? Thanks

Hello WynelleChong,

OK, Now we fixed this issue for you. The problem caused by you set wrong permalink rules. We have changed it to “Post name” that better for your website and Google friendly.

Andthemes Support Team

hi, i want to use the sidebar on all my “Food Menu Categories”, can u help me ? thanks a lot and nice theme :)

Hi Studioleonard,

Thank you for purchase our theme. :)

Unfortunately Dine & Drink theme can not use sidebar in Food Menu Categories, Single food menu, Gallery Categories, Single Gallery and Home.

You can use sidebar on posts, single posts and pages.

Andthemes Support Team

so..and i can’t integrate all my Food Menu Catégories on pages ?


Sorry for reply late. Yes, Dine & Drink theme is not use page builder, Food menu category can not have sidebar.

Food Menu category have 3 style in full width layout.

Andthemes Support Team

Hello, I bought this wonderful template, tell me how do I set the home page as a large green banner in the demo version? detail here

Hello alecsandr_m,

We are sorry for reply late. You can follow 2.2) Setting Up Demo Content in this link

In ths salad demo version, the green big bowl salad is picture. this one we use AT – Unwrap Text. You can download it here The font in this picture is Boogaloo from google webfont.

If you need any help on this can you grant us access to the admin part of your website? Please send us an wp-admin login details( URL, 2. username, 3. Password) via our profile page. So we can take a look at it.


A quick pre-sale question Is there RTL support in this theme?

Thank you

Hi guyshop,

Thank you for interested our theme. We are sorry, Dine & Drink Theme is not support RTL arabic.


How can I add some basic html to the description of the food menu item. For example if I want to have a
after a few words?

Example: line 1 – Rice Pilaf, Baked Beans, Baked Potato line 2 -Steamed Broccoli additional $.50

I tried

Rice Pilaf, Baked Beans, Baked Potato
line 2 -Steamed Broccoli additional $.50

Hi ericgman,

We are not sure that we understand you correctly. Do you mean the description on food menu category? like this

if you mean this, you can add some basic html on excerpt area. you can use <br /> to make new line.



We are facing problems changing the Icons on the home page (fork, spoon, etc etc..)

When we click on the add button we getting a javascript error on firebug.. please let me know if you can fix this asap..

Hello chandell,

Which icons do you want to change on the homepage? if you mean changing icons on the widgets title, this one have to add custom CSS.

We are not sure about click add button that you mean. please send us some screenshots and describe more details or send us an email wp-admin login details(site URL and Username Password) via our profile page. So we can take a look at it.


Hi, Would you please help me to set this up right? I have my website at and the mobile theme is not working on every page. What would be causing this problem?



Hi hjahnkpm,

Thank you for purchase our theme. This is screenshot of

We are not sure about this. this is not Dine & Drink theme. Do you mean Dine & Drink theme is note working on mobile device?

Can you please send us for your website URL? If possible please capture your screenshot of the issue and send to us.


Hi, I am sorry for late reply. These are the screenshots of my website ( mobile view. I checked the ‘Enable Responsive design’ in the ‘General’ setting.

I want the visitors to see the responsive mobile view which is read and black Dine and Pizza theme, not the blue home screen. Could you please help me to solve this problem? Thank you.



We looked on the screenshots that you send to us and we think that it is not Dine & Drink Theme. Please send us an wp-admin login details( URL, 2. username, 3. Password) via our profile page. So we can take a look at it.

Andthemes Support Team

Hi, just a question before buying, is your theme woocommerce compatible?

Hello lica_berr,

We are sorry that our theme is not support for woocommerce plugin.


I have some problem about Network Enabled, will send you email and need your help



?????????? ???????????????????????



I am building a website for a dutch bakery based on the Dine and Drink template. I want to translate some stuff and followed your guidelines: - new nl.po and file based on default.po - created languages folder - changed wp-config to (’WPLANG’,’nl’). However, the text on the website does not change at all.

Do you have some things for me to check?

Kind regards, Raymond Verhoef

Hi RaymondVerhoef,

Please watch this youtube (thanks wpexplorer) and follow this step:

1. if your file in on the server use ftp to download file /wp-content/themes/dine-and-drink/ /wp-content/themes/dine-and-drink/default.po

2. download poedit for edit .po file

3. open your .po file with your poedit

4. find your text that you want to change click the word that you want to translate and then put the translated word to the input box below.

5. find your country code to save as your new file

6. Now you got new .mo file

7. go to /wp-content create new folder name : languages

8. Put your new .mo file to /wp-content/languages

9. Edit wp-config.php (located in root folder) define your language define(‘WPLANG’, ‘YOURFILENAME’);

if you need any help on this Please send us an email of FTP login details(1.FTP url, 2.username, 3.password) via our profile page. So we can take a look at it.

Andthemes Support Team

Hello, i wanna know is this Theme compatible to any e-commerce plugin like woocommerce, wp-ecommerce, jigoshop or some standalones like “CartDelight”. do u know some experience on it?

kind regards.

Hello Kyrane,

We are sorry that we have no test with any e-commerce plugin that may cause the error to website when try to use the plugin.

For the third-party stand alone shopping cart system such as “Shopify” or other, they have the system to create the external link from your main website to their shopping cart system, you can implement it to the theme because you just only add link or purchase button code to Wordpress site. That’s mean all purchase activity will occur in the third-party system.



Can I check with you if I can add in any payment gateway like paypal into the template? Thanks!

Hello, Joshualimgt

For the Paypal system, they have many merchant solutions for the standard website payment you can create the payment button and attach the code to website.

If you want more integrate in many payment function that may be need highly programming skill such member login with profile and payment history system.

Our template is compatible for the standard website payment of Paypal. You can create, copy and paste to the content area in wordpress.

But our theme is not support for any e-commerce plugin.


Hello AndThemes,

I have installed these theme onto my Wordpress install and placed some menu items into the food menu in a category called ‘Cupcakes’.

When I add a link to this ‘Food Menu Category’ in the Main Menu, a 404 page not found error is returned.

Any idea why this is occuring as I would like to fix it asap.

Thanks, Tim

Hi Andthemes,

No problem – I have tried that but it doesn’t seem to have worked. As the site is not fully finished I will email you some login details and if you could advise that would be appreciated.

Thanks, Tim

Hi BlackOwlOnline ,

We just replied to your email…

AndThemes Support Team

Thanks AndThemes,

Issue is now fully resolved.