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Really neat theme! :)

I was wondering if after the user enters the contact details, is it possible to track down in Google Analytics the thank you page/message shown? Is this taken in consideration in order to track conversion rates?

We did not take this into consideration but you can add it if you want.

We have problem with the form. We are interested insert other camps, the same you see here with the privacy checkbox (You can edits the form to see what I said). Can you give me the html?

Hello @clientifacili
The form has no problem at all. If you want to add other fields it´s ok, but we can´t give you support for this kind of customization work.
The landing form is working with the default fields.
In case you don’t know how to add new fields feel free to contact someone at Microlancer. Regards!

Hello Coralix Support, I just tried installing your theme by uploading it through WordPress and by uploading it manually via FTP… Neither worked. Please help me install the theme because I am excited to use it.

Thank you so much for your immediate attention to my request.


Hello danrooney
The error is because you are trying to install a HTML Template into a WordPress. And any of the templates that you bought are a WordPress Theme.

Hi i have sent you many request for help and then you replied with nothing to do with the issue can you please reply to the support request it is very urgent.

Hello kcmedia,

We don’t have any map on our “Diploma – Education Bootstrap Responsive Landing”.
And we don’t offer customization work. Good luck with your project!

If I hit “requests information” at the top on the demo here, it just hangs up and nothing happens. It just says “loading”. Just an FYI…

Hi, don’t worry! We never upload the php file in the demo. This is the reason why you only see the Loading alert. It is working fine in the download zip. After buy the item take a look at the Documentation file. Regards!

Update! New color added (blue). Take a look at the demo :)

Editing this has been a breeze. Thanks for the clean code. One question though.. Can I also add radio buttons at the top where they are putting there name, phone, etc.? If so, what would the code for that be. I didn’t see anything in the documentation.

Yes, it is possible to add radio buttons in the form. If you know how to add radio buttons it should be easy for you. Remember to add the information in the php file too!

Sorry for the first-timer question. If I download this can I then edit in dreamweaver and post to hostgator without needing to know coding? This would be my first website… Thanks!

Yes! You can do that. If you need help please let us know! :)

Great, it’s working awesome so far. I need to ask a question though and the documentation is referring me to find a “purchase code” only none came with the download… I only have a “regular licence.” Can you help point me in the right direction? Thanks!

Go to your Downloads > Diploma > click Download and select License certificate & purchase code open this file and you will find the “purchase code” there. :)

Is it possible to have the four circle icons (under the top banner area) link to external places? Ive tried all of the code that I know and can’t get the icons to link at all.

Please add this question at the forum and we will help you there. Thanks! :)

purchased this theme, it’s fantastic and easy to edit! I tried to get the lightbox to play a youtube video with no success… am I messing up or does the lightbox not support videos?


jknight, thank you so much! For the lightbox we are using prettyphoto, please go to see official website and you will see an example with youtube video there. I hope this help you!

I have gone to the prettyphoto site and looked at their examples and can still not figure out how to get a youtube video to play in this lightbox – the set up seems so different from what is shown in the demos of the prettyphoto site. All they show is adding “rel=”prettyPhoto” + direct link and it should work. I dont see this reference in any of the code on the template? All i see is data-lightbox=”example-set” which i dont see in any of the prettyphoto demo code at all.

Hello jknight, if you dont understand how prettyphoto works, dont worry, you can always use another lightbox. They are very easy to implement. Take a look at fancybox for example.

Is this a word press theme?

Hello, this is not a WordPress Theme. Regards!

I just purchased and downloaded roughly a week ago. I noticed this morning that the functionality of the subscription box isn’t working properly in my download (i re-downloaded and tested both blue and yellow). When i click submit without entering in an email address it it displays the “thank you for your message” in a green div but it also renders the text of the “warning: enter a valid email” but the warning appears broken and doesn’t display properly. After I click the “x” of both messages the text field and submit button disappear all together. I’m currently using FireFox 26.0. Can you please advise? Thank you!

ok, please let us check that. Thanks.

Hello jknight, we are testing the landing and it is working fine. We are looking at the main form and also the contact form. If we don’t complete the email field it shows an error alert not a thank you message. We are looking at the landing on Chrome and Firefox. In case you need help please add your question at the forum. We only give support there. Thanks for understanding

Hi, I have a pre-sale question. The theme looks great, and I love the color. Does the the theme include graphics (the happy girl on the welcome page) seen in the Live Demo? If not, where can I get quality graphics like this? Thank you. Regards, Viv.

We created this collection for you: I hope it help you. Try to find a kid that matches your audience!

Hey! We did an update, we added the girl link at the documentation file and even links to images of the girl in different situations and positions. I really hope all this material help you! :)

You made my day, thanks! Half the reason why I want this theme is almost b/c of that image.

Does the Newsletter signup work with Aweber ?

I dont know. We do not make a test with Awaber. If it is similar to Mailchimp it should work with no problem. If you have to paste the Awaber code into the html code, it should work fine.

@philldogger I had the same problem and I want to share the solution here because I couldn’t find the forum…

You just need to replace the div line (327) with this:

<iframe src="" allowfullscreen="" height="425"></iframe>

remember to change the url of the video with yours :-)

Cool, thank you so much for your feedback. You will help other buyers with this great solution! :)

Hi, Thanks for the theme, How do I remove the text shadow from “h1”, can’t find it in the css?

Please add your question at the forum. All the information about the forum support is in the documentation file. We will help you there! Thanks!

Hi, I am working part time for my school and don’t know the account they bought this theme on but I am having an issue with the collapsing menu when viewed in a mobile display.

Is there a way for the menu to hide itself after the user clicks a menu item? So that the user doesn’t have to click the menu again to hide it?

Thanks! :)

Hello, We have a free support forum for all our customers. Please add your question there. Thanks!


How can I change the features icons and hold the effects? If it’s not possible, I would like just to change the icons and add a hover color to those icons.


Hi, could you please add this question at the forum? Check the documentation also! Thanks!

Ok… i am completely terribly newbie.

I just purchased this nice template.. but. How do i upload it to my website ?

My website is using wordpress as the CMS.

Thank you for your help ! :(

Yes, we can help you. Please open the documentation file to see how to add a question or request help in our forum. If you need basic help contact us by email to coralixthemes dot com and we will guide you.


We have a problem with the Diploma Landing isn’t displayed properly in ie8, shown like with a mobile device. We need a help!!! It’s urgent!!


Hello, add your question in our forum and the support team will help you there. Regards.

Oh, you did! then just wait. We saw your post a few minutes ago. :D

OK! Thanks!