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Hello there, I want to put a image and text flows around it. I did it but I cannot move it to another place (for example, in the beginning of the text) Is there a trick or shortcut to do this?

Thanks a lot!

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Well, not really. It should be possible, but sometimes it’s quite hard to do in WordPress’ editor.

Ok so your slider totally won’t load for me. Just swirls indefinitely. There are NO plugins installed. I turned off custom permalink structure. Wordpress is the latest version. And I even entirely reinstalled the theme. I honestly cannot see why it won’t work.

Maybe there are some JavaScript errors. Please check the console in your browser for errors.

You can send me email with the URL so I can take a look.

Ok mate I sent you an email with the details about problem. :) Please have a look. Cheers.

Ok so I sorted the issue with the slider, and got it to work. You need to be careful when adding images to a slider to not use any language that can be used in jquery, such as _, -, :, ; and other special characters. Including these in the title or description will break the slider.

The documentation is rather sparse and vague, and I’m not the only one (jusging by comments) who has had issue with this either. Also, when deleting images from the background image area, it deletes the source file in the media library, instead of just deleting the reference to the file. There is no option for getting the background texture for the page from the library, so you have to upload a new one each time. Also, adding images to the slider is very very finnicky.

Great theme overall, well designed, just a few sloppily implemented features leave a few sharp edges lying around that need to be sanded back before the theme is truly useable.

Hi there,

I’m helping a friend setup this template, but it seems that the Portfolio only supports Landscape—Is that really true?

Look at this: http://lasseegeberg.photofolio.dk/?portfolio=kybele

These images are all portrait, and the portfolio shows them in weird manner. Is it true that the portfolio are limited to 930×400?

Another thing, is it not possible to limit what portfolios are shown on each page?

I have created an Index a Portrait and a Fashion page – Each of the type Portfolio, but they all show the same Portfolios.

I would like to be able to filter them.


just purchased your theme. Is there a way to have no text shown at all on a page with a slider? Thanks.


Unfortunately, no. You need to modify style.less file in css folder. Add
.slider_labels { display: none; }
at the end of the file.


nearly done !thanks for your help

how can I order the portfolio?


You can use Post Types Order plugin for WordPress.


Hi, how can I switch of the ipad thing? I just want to show the page normally – it does not look good is it easy possible? thanks


There is no direct way to do this. You need to edit style.less file in css folder and delete all @media {} queries.


Hi There

I have problems to create the contact form on the page. How can I do that? Thanks for your reply.


You can import sample data to see how the theme works. Or look into documentation, there’s a shortcode for that.

I bought the theme already, but I don’t find any documentation about the contact form. Can you please send me some more information how to add the contact form? shortcode? Thanks in advance

its fine. I found the documentation. thx


I need your help. Since I publish the page. The buttons on the contact form “send” as well the cursors on the slide disappear. I didn’t find the mistake. Can you help me please? www.crane-panther.ch


There should be an image at http://crane-panther.ch/wordpress/wp-content/themes/direction/img/button_hover.png , but as you can see, there is none. Please check this path manually via FTP.

Have you move your WordPress installation recently? You need paths in this case.

I’m.. confused. There is no sample data.