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Presales questions: 1) You can deactivate the subscription? 2) There is a separate announcement the payment function to raise it?


ait Author

Hi, Thanks for your message. Yes customers can deactivate subscription in the Paypal. There is an email going out to customers if the package is due to expire.

Presales questions: 1) You can deactivate the subscription? 2) There is a separate announcement the payment function to raise it?

Hello, how to add a plugin testimony customer opinion with a comment system for customers to leave a testimony? thank you


ait Author

Hi, You can use Item reviews plugin for that Thanks.

Hello I speak in testimony elements how to add a submission form? “Front-End” thank you

Submission form is a standard page, there’s a documentation regarding that on our website, our support staff will also help you with that if you’ll unsure. Thanks.

Hi, do you know if the system uses PayPal REST API or Express Checkout (PayPal PLUS)?


ait Author

Hi, We use Express Checkout. Thanks.

Another question, works on HTTPS (SSL)??


ait Author

Yes, theme works under https. No problems.


ninjacon Purchased

My experiences with Directory 2 and AIT:

The template is well designed and full responsive for all devices. A good reason to buy it, as the most other directories are not. Unfortunately and imho, the way AIT designed the backend with its own pagebuilder is much more complicated than other like visual composer with less functions and in most cases the need to read the very poor documentation. The docu isnt able to explain the functionality. Seems that the coder himself has written the docu, which is no good idea. It takes MUCH MORE time to understand the procedure to build custom-pages with Directory 2 (and also AIT templates like Event Guide which is based on D2). Worked before with JReviews and this was much easier to build up with a bunch more functions.

There are a lot of more things I dont like: It’s not possible to use Visual Composer inside the D2-posts, as the VC-shortcodes ae not filtered, so you’ve shortcodes in frontend. AIT support told me to hire an external coder. Great support!

The template takes 14 (!) entries in the WP mainmenu in backend. Suggested to minimize it to one or two main-menupoints with subs, nothing changed in the last 6 month.

If you like to extend the template with some of the AIT plugins for D2, have a look at their prices! You can buy them on AIT website and its very expensive to extend functionality. For example: the item extension for custom fields is sold for 25 $ but has very limited functionality, far away from third-party-components like ACF and is only (!) usable for items, not at other posttypes like events, services, jobs etc. pp.

The multilingual extension for D2 costs 75 $. No comment on that…

You want to include a review-system to D2, which should be standard in a directory? 35 bucks for that and only possible with items.

Another word to their business bundles. I bought D2 here at Envato. Bought also at AIT some of their expensive extensions when I determined that D2 is not that cool I thought. All items together, I spent more than the amount which AIT want to assign their customers a bundle, which means: all themes and plugins for 225 bucks. The amount of D2 bought at envato was not charged to my account, so no bundle for me. Thats the way you lose customers.

In the last 12 month I bought plugins and templates for wordpress with two acccounts for more than 1500 $ for several website-projects and everything is fine – except the support of AIT and their user-unfriendly backend.

Excuse me for that long memorandum, but I’m so much disappointed in AIT and their work. I should have bought another directory-template and regret every cent for that.


ait Author

Hi, Thanks for your message and review. We will go through the points you mentioned and discuss them internally. We’re in the process of redesigning our Page Builder ( to make it nicer.

Regarding your request to support Visual Composer – sorry we’re not able to do any custom work, you have purchased a few $ theme, it’s a 3rd party developer job to customize it for you. Our job is to design, develop and release updates to our own themes and plugins. We cannot fully support all 3rd party plugins.

Just a small note regarding AIT Languages plugin – it includes multilingual support AND translation to 26 languages. If you compare it to WPML it costs $79 and you will not get any translations.

After all we see your point. You would like to spend less and get more support. We will see what we can do in the future. Thanks.


ninjacon Purchased

Exactly, that is the difference between a really good developer and your understanding of support! 90% of the other pro-sellers on envato market would have sent a “thank you”-mail and published a short workaround filtering for vc-shortcodes, thankfully to have optimized their product for new and current theme-customers. There are so much similar requests in your support-forum which could have been made Directory to a good product. Hard words, indeed and I’ve never argumented so hard at a developers account, but I dont think you get the point, as you’ve a customer-policy which is good for your company but not good for customers. Fire and forget. I’m working in a media company with 5 professional sports-magazines and our mission is always to satisfy the customers needs to 110% – but billing 100%. thats the formula to KEEP customers. I would bet that the most of your customers never understand to build up a website with D2 finally and switched to another template after some weeks of anger.

A very good example for outstanding support are the developers of Avada theme and Newspaper theme. They do what yout think is the job of 3rd party developer! Both developer-teams are in the top 5 of best themes on Envato. Guess why!


Thanks a lot for your message. Supporting “standard” theme and directory theme is a completely different thing. We have 59 “standard” themes and 5 directory themes. 95% of all support questions are related to directory themes. Each customer have different needs and asks us to implement that for them within support.

I agree with you that it is important to satisfy the customer, but I bet that your media customers pay you more than $64 for product and support. Don’t get me wrong, I understand what you say, but our support staff would need to work for free or for 10 times less money to be able to employ more than 6 support developers that we currently have.

I was considering this as it does look good, but the snappy response to the above review has shown me that the support is not likely to be there. I’m also confused by the lack of the review ability in a directory theme.

Hi, Thanks for your message. You can add reviews to the theme with Item Reviews plugin

Sorry but customizations is not a support. Please check the following rules –

Hello ninjacon. I didn’t have any problems with the support.

But you’re right. The plugins are very expensive. The Items widget has no option to display featured items in the sidebar.

In my opinion the biggest problem is the item submission. All other Directory themes offers a frontend submission and a profile page to edit the account, but the Directory Portal Theme doesn’t offer that features. It is not very professional to lead your customers to the Wordpress backend. I think that is a tactic to sell the Easy Admin Plugin for $45. A lot of customers asked for that feature but nothing happens. No login or register function with popular social networks. That isn’t up to date.

The Theme isn’t compatible with visual composer and BuddyPress. The pagebuilder is ok but can’t be used for posts like the visual composer. So you’re not be able to use, for example, the easy slider in a post.

The Review Plugin costs 35 bucks and doesn’t offer a widget to display the highest rated items. The events pro plugin has a price of $75. That is too much for a plugin.

I agree with ait that you are not able to realise every need of a customer. But a lot of people want’s the visual composer integration and a frontend submission.

hi there, i have purchased the theme, and seem to be having a problem with the theme not displaying the category pages correctly as the demo:

it seems the special page isnt working correctly. Please can you urgently help, or advise if there is a way to restore or reset the pages.


Thanks for purchasing one of our files, we really appreciate it :)

As we are only looking after pre-sale questions here please kindly post your technical questions on AitThemes Support Forum. This will enable our dedicated support team to assist you most efficiently.

Answers to most questions can be found in our online documentation and knowledge base that are updated on daily basis.

Register to Support Forum | Find your “Item Purchase code” | Online Documentation | Knowledge Base

Hi AIT I am looking to purchase a Wordpress directory list with a big database. How many records does Directory ? theme contain? Kind regards Allan

Hi Allan, Thanks for your message. Theme package does not include any database records, you can import them with CSV Import/Export plugin –

Hi AIT Thanks for the quick feedback. But is there any limitation to how many listings that can be created by customers with this theme? Kind regards Allan

We have tested our theme with 30 thousand listings without any problems. I all depends on hosting setup and provider. We use standard WordPress custom post types and categories for everything.

Hi @ninjacon, Nice feedback

I know this company from 2014 and I said a long time ago that the AIT support have to do training courses for customer service because this guy that respond here, spoils the image of his company with saucy answers.

Any visitor can see that the only thing that you care is to make money, you talk like a robot and 80% of the cases you replay with a copy/paste answer or redirect to your plugins (by the way, I don’t know why Envato aprove this practice).

@ninjacon compare you with Avada or Newspaper but I think that its the same as compare Bugatti with Renault.

Most users of Directory, Directory+ & CityGuide after 2 or 3 months switch to another directory theme. You’re so blind that you don’t see how in a few moths other directories themes sold here on Envato, they have quadrupled sales (very soon you have to delete ”#1 Selling Directory Theme” of your page”. Visit your competitors and you’ll see how many people speak badly of your company, theme & support and they changed your theme.

How can you respond to a custumer that you have 59 themes and …

yur support staff would need to work for free or for 10 times less money

You request a lot of money and complain??? or the problem is that your products are full of bugg and that’s way you don’t have time to attend?

You and your company use malpractices and the users are not fools, sooner or later discover your intentions.

Hi, Sorry I’m not sure if you address this comment to @niinjacon or to us, but as you’re attacking our company please let me react:

Our support is provided on our support forum, not here on themeforest. These comments that are meant to be used for pre-sale questions. All presale questions are answered personally. If any customer have support request we will send them to our support forum. Our support staff do not have access to themeforest comments and therefore cannot answer. Thank you for understanding.

I will not comment on number of sales as this come to marketing strategies and other stuff that cannot be discussed publicly here in themeforest comments.

We release compatibility updates and bug fixes on regular basis. This is how it’s done with all software products, themes or mobile apps. If you experience any major or minor bug, we address it immediately. Support team and development team are different people.

I’m not sure what “malpractices” you mean. If you’re talking about selling plugins and not giving them away for free, that’s our decision how we will cover intensive development costs for new features. We plan to implement more features and more plugins. I don’t see the problem of customer paying few dollars for new feature. It’s a crazy low price for something that you would pay thousands of dollars if you contracted a developer.

If you’re not satisfied with our products I’m very sorry and we will try to improve as much as we can. We take all negative (and positive) comments very seriously and discuss every single one internally.

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Hi Again AIT One last question from me. Can you setup payment on register to be either monthly or yearly and which payment platforms is compatible with the theme? IS it possible to use e.g. VISA card? Thanks for your quick replies :-) Kind regardsAllan

Hi Allan, Yes you can configure package validation in days. We have Paypal and Stripe payment plugins –