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Amazing layout!! Great idea. Please tell me you will have an HTML (non Wordpress) version of this coming.

I’ve seen a few of these done, but none as nice as yours! Good work and good luck with sales!


This theme is really what we have being waiting for.

I have a few more questions:

Is it possible to add a link to open up Google Maps Direction below the small map in the single business page? So Visitor can get directions and travelling time?

On mobile device, is the activate/deactivate map function preset in the backend?

Can we add more icons for business categories?

Final question, is it possible to add Street View button on the small map in individual page if the header is in map mode already?



looks very nice!

1. Can you embed a rating system, so that that users can rate the locations with stars from 1 to 5?

2. Could we define one map per category per page? Just realised with a lot of location entries one map with all categories would get a bit too crowded & users would get confused.

Thanks! ;)

This looks great.

Would be nice to see a “Submit Listing” feature with front end user registration etc..

Good luck!

Great theme, and good luck with the sales! I have some questions for you: Can we add a rating/review system? Any idea to add front-end “Submit listing”? Can we import/export all the listings?

Thanks in advance!

Great theme. Are there plans for a submit listing button? Would be perfect if customers could add listings.

Amazing Theme! – i’m also waiting for the “Submit Listing”/Login feature… maybe with paypal options. (for example highlighting your listing etc.)

Best directory theme in ThemeForest EVER!! If you could remove the word “item” from URL, that would be the biggest SEO boost you could ever give to your clients. Seriously, ask any SEO expert (I’m not BTW).

Looks fantastic, congrats ! :)

Yes a “Submit Listing”/Login feature would be great… maybe with connection to woocommerce for paid listings and options!

There is already a “Submit Listing” feature, guys ;)

This is AWESOME!

Add my vote to the submit listing feature with paid options.. that would be killer!

Can the visitor add/edit/delete a listing without going to the wordpress dashboard? Can the visitor who submitted the post be contact without the website publishing their email address (ie. contact form per post)

seriously.. so creative guys! Hard to believe WP started as just a blogging platform. Love the creative idea.

Really Nice! Better use of creativity and Professionalism!

I think i have found a “bug” or something is a little “confusing”

In the search form, when you enter submit without entering a Keyword it displays Blog Archives. Doesn’t matter if you choose categories or location, i think it has to display listing from directory and not from blog.

On the other hand, when you enter submit without entering a Keyword the main links from header dissapear.

Good luck with sales! nice one.

I see, thanks for spotting that. We’re just fixing that, update will go out today. Thanks.

I posted this question/bug two hours ago… and now is fixed. THAT’S good service. =) Going to buy it!

We’re just double checking everything and sending the zip file for review to themeforest. It should be available for download soon. Thanks.

Very Cool, Would be nice to have user registration so they can add business info that includes business description, location, hours, social links, photo, maybe coupon codes and also have option for feature listing with payment option :) If the registration notification bar could be more up top in sidebar, that would be more visible ,

There are many bugs in the “mobile view”. When you klick on a link, you just see one big image and not the actual content..

Could you please point me to the page you see that bug and maybe describe it a bit more? We’ll release an update today. Thanks.