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Has it a “Contact Listing Owner” feature?

I will buy if it have option for users to submit listing with all options like google map position setting, payment, etc.,

anyway it is a great theme :)

Thanks for all the kind words guys. We’re extremely happy that you like the theme :) To be honest we never had that many feature requests just few hours after theme is released.

We’ve spent many many hours developing this theme, all the functionality, different categories, items, search, drag and drop maps and so on. You can set up everything you can see on the demo website from the admin panel including different icons and pointers on the map for each category. Google map zooms in automatically, if you have more pointers cluster will kick in and you see only one pointer with number in it.

Theme listing can be currently administered by Wordpress admins only, customers cannot create/edit/delete their own listing. I’ve marked down all feature requests you mentioned, we’ll have a chat internally about them and decide if we’ll implement any of them. Please understand that it’s a few dollars wordpress theme not a bespoke software. Thanks again, hope the sales will go OK and we’ll be able to extend the theme further.

Thanks for this amazing theme AIT. As others have said, if there was a feature for people with their own business to be able to submit and administer their own listing via the front-end (without having to log into the WP-Admin) then I believe this would be a huge boost for sales. I for one would certainly purchase if this feature was included!

Thanks again and good luck!

Thanks for the message. We run a directory portal ourselves that means we understand what should be included. Unfortunately all the functionality that is necessary goes way beyond a wordpress theme. Still we’ll have a think of what we can achieve.

Great work AIT! this going to be a big hit for you. Does your theme instructions provide details on how to configure google maps so that it will integrate perfectly with your theme and look similar to your demo?

Thanks for the message. You can choose position from the admin panel, it’s just a question of clicking on the map. You can choose if you want to display standard map or street view. If you have more than one pin to show, map will adjust zoom automatically.

ok i purchased the theme and yes, it looks like my prayers were answered regarding google maps! Thanks again AIT, looking forward to rocking with this.

Thanks for that. If you have any questions feel free to register to our support forum. Our support staff will help you.

Hello, is each page type configurable. When you have the header map, and select an icon , then read more, the large map pops up so it seems like the button didnt work till you scroll down. can the learn more button be configured to go to a header with image, vs, the map on top? so you can see the item you clicked on vs. the large map.

For item detail pages you can show google map or street view. For standard pages you can show map, revolution slider, static image or no images. Thanks.

Can be translated into Spanish thanks

Yes no problem, theme supports WPML plugin. Thanks.

really nice – great work…just one small concern about the search on the front page – what is the search referencing…”keywords” from what source? reason that i mention i put in “keywords” (tags?) and get no results, blog items seem not to be including in results and “keywords” need to be exact titles? anyway, a little help on how you’ve set this up and options would be helpful.

Search is searching items only, you can search also by category and location. Thanks.

Nice looking and I’ve used your themes before (good support, everyone). Are we able to import CSV files for dB purposes for entries?

Well, that would be an extremely good idea, take a gander at there are some very nice options in that theme, but yours looks a lot better.

Thanks for the link, we’ll have a look at it.

You’re welcome, it acts similarly, but by no means is it as Responsive, clean and usable as what you have offered. CSV uploads would be, better than great. I could import all of my locations into your theme and site.

is there a way users can submit to the directory? i do not see an “add” button anywhere.

for example if we want to set this theme up on an event website, would users be able to submit events?

do you plan to insert such a feature in the future? geoplaces is the only theme i believe that does event directory listing, it would be nice to have some other event directory themes to choose from.

I think that frontend submit feature will be the hottest topic on our meeting tomorrow :)

Thank you so much, we want to make the switch from GeoPlaces to this theme but would like to see some more features. Are you also open to custom coding? We have a unique 1 of a kind website already running but we would like to switch it over into your theme and get off of GeoPlaces. I will send you an email.

also, if a user adds a listing via a mobile device then the place “address” is automatically added therefore no need to add the address manually, would this be a feature you would consider? i am very interested in this theme btw

Is management of multiple events possible in any way? What about CSV / XML intergations? How hard are they to make? Could you add voting option for places that is readable for google?

Anyway.. i know you spent alot energy on this, so please just let me konw whats possible.

P.S. Map header icons are not clickable @ Contact page.. maybe a bug? :)

Thanks for spotting the bug, we’ll fix it now and release an update. Regarding your questinos, there’s no export/import feature. We’ve used comments on items pages for review. Customers can use that if you turn them on. Thansk.

Another questions: are all shortcodes automaticly mobile friendly too?

Yes shortcodes work OK on mobiles, they’re styled for mobile screens. Thanks.

Hello Looks great currently I have been looking for a wordpress directory option, this one is very suitable for my needs, but there is something missing like for example paypal integrated with submit button for people who want to submit the listing to directory, do you planning to upgrade the theme with this option ? I thing this can automatize theme, make more easy to use and increase your sale.

I have one more question, the search bar is currently below the map, there is a option in admin panel to put this bar above the map?

regards Raf.

Thanks for the message. We plan to update the theme, but we’re still not 100% sure what will be included and more importantly what is possible to achieve within wordpress.

Search bar can be by default only under the map. You’ll need to change some html/css to move it above it. Thanks.

What a fantastic theme, congratulations! Been waiting for something like this to use for a couple of projects… And yet, as many users have requested it before me, I also would like to see a submit function similar to the “WP Business Directory” on Codecanyon (including ownership of listings and payment options for premium listings).. QR codes and ratings would be great too, but I guess this can be achieved with various plugins…

The best feature of it all, however, would be a greater emphasis on SEO in terms of location based searches. Thus, SEO friendly URL structure (permalinks), as well as dynamic Meta Titles for locations (as seen for categories)..

With the above additions, this directory Wordpress Theme, will be the absolute killer theme!

Thanks for the message, We’ll have a look at the plugin you mentioned.

I would like to combine these them and the automated functions of this theme ( for a project.

Your theme is modern with web 2.0 functions, and the templatic theme provides an option for visitors to submit, pay, an place their listings, could you do that, and are you available for freelance work?

Thank you also for you link, we’ll have a look at it.

Are you available for freelance work?

Sorry we don’t do any custom work or design.

Let me get this straight: No front-end (non-user) directory submission?

You can only add items to directory via wordpress admin. Thanks.

Btw, sub menu doesn’t display on iPad.

I can see that submenu blinks on the ipad. We’ll try to investigate what it might be and release a fix. Thanks for spotting that.

No prob, great theme! :)

Thanks :)

I love it, but I do not really know how it works the theme.

How can an advertiser add full details about his company?

Company details can be currently added in only via wordpress admin. Thanks.