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hi there, wonderful theme! but i have already a good one :-) Therefore: is it possible to get the linkdirectory for use with a different theme then yours? is it planned to place a plugin for this?

Thanks. Directory functionality is included directly in the theme, it’ll only work in this theme.

I have a suggestion for your project.

Is there any possibility of the client accessing the site, for example NEW YORK, and through js (whatever) to display the map in a zoo as my approximate location?

Imagine the scene: Let’s say I’m from Philadelphia and I’m visiting new york city being any one neighborhood, my idea is to show all businesses that are around me. One way to help the customer’s site to find companies that are around you.

That’s a good idea actually. Thanks.

I strongly believe in this idea, mainly because it would be most useful to customers, since acessibildiade and mobility, for example, are some of the important issues when we treat of websites and applications.

I seek always imagine a more noble use for sites and applications like this and I think its a tourist in your application via mobile browser or even get your hands on something that will help your decisions, like where to buy eg.

I think this idea makes your project a level of acidic directories exist today.

I hope you think about this idea! ;)

Hey, amazing work. I was doing the same thing on my side for a personale project and just take yours instead.

How want to add facebook comments instead of yours. Is there an easy way ? Did you thought about it ?


Another things. Is it easy to set a geolocate when someone come to the site.

Sorry theme does not support geolocate feature. It shows the same pointers all the time. Thanks.

Wow, that was fast. Thx

This is good, very good in fact, and it just may be the solution I have been looking for.

I have gone through MANY directory solutions from Wordpress and joomla plugins/themes to dedicated solutions (like esyndicat) and this is by far the best I’ve seen in a long time. Good work

The map is very well done.

A couple items/small bugs/suggestions:

1 – sometimes the streetview icon does not appear on the map (love that you split them though)

2 – the “Set position” link does not appear to work for me

3 – a coordinates lookup tool would be very useful

4 – color schemes seems like there was a preset save in mind but it does not appear to be implemented yet

These are minor things though in what is an very good theme.

We had a quick look at your issues and all seems to be working OK. Please post more details on our support forum. Thanks.

apparently there was a new version of the theme (version 1.1). Will have to post to a ticket because the issues remain and a new one has cropped up with the streetview image.

Do you have any skins for this available for download?

Please definitely post to our support forum. We’ll have a look at all the stuff for you. Sorry we have no skins for Directory theme. Thanks.

Do you plan on making a more robust sign-up form? Is it possible to setup so that we can charge to add a listing to the directory? Most people don’t know what to enter for “GPS”, can we change it to be city, state, zip?

Great work, I will purchase if we can solve the issues above.

We’ll have a meeting today and discuss the registration form topic. You can currently set the GPS coordinates directly from the map in wordpress admin. Just click on the map and it’ll read the correct GPS coordinates. Thanks.

OK… So before I get overly excited (I am already too excited about this theme to be healthy)

1. Are there unlimited sidebars? If not, why not!? 2. Can the drop down search bar be for Country – State – City rather than location and category? 3. How macro can the homepage map be – the whole world, country, state – and actually still function properly? 4. Can static header images / sliders be resized to something narrower?

This theme could very well be perfect for me and a project that has already had 12 months of offline content and research put in, so when I start it for real, it has to be painless…

You can type a location name and the dropdown will shorten down to matching locations only.

And if people choose not to type anything and just use the two search fields?

(I have to ask these questions as I need to figure out how best to employ the theme)

I think that you can amend the functionality a little bit to make what you need. Any experienced web developer will be able to help you as all code is written in jQuery. Thanks.

Looks awesome.Look and feel is much better than the geolocation theme. But as many of others said, It would be the hottest directory theme on the PLANET if it would have user submission system, choosing packages and payment and also rating system. In one of your comment you said its just a few dollar’s theme. But hey, there are many themes on themeforest that made thousands of sales. I hope it will be too, so that you guys have something to enrich the theme with lots of features. Good luck.

Thanks for the message. We’ve decided to make an update which will allow direct submittions, I’ll post once I have more details :)

“about the possibility of site users add locations and/or companies as suggested in some posts”

I believe that offer users the ability to mark your location and / or your company must be approved by an administrator, or at least it’s something optional like: enabled, enabled on approval or blocked. This option is an option of the site owner.

I agree with you, new item should be added in as draft and admin needs to activate it. Thanks.

The topmenu in the demo doesn’t work very well. Is this a demo error?

Try again please, we’re updating scripts for iPad compatibility. You might also try to clear your browser cache. Thanks.

Thanks again guys for all your comments and feature suggestions. We’ve decided to include frontend submit form which will allow guests to insert their lists into database. We’ll also add in a rating system. We’ll start working on these features tomorrow, I hope that all will go well and big update will go out soon ;)

Quick question… How do I make it where that big map is only on the homepage. Once someone is interacting with the website I really don’t like them scrolling down.

Thank you, Rory

Please kindly post your support questions on our Support Forum. This will enable our dedicated support team to assist you most efficiently. The Support Forums can be accessed at:

Please use the following link to register to our support forum:

You support forum account will be generated automatically.


Directory theme is realy nice. But need big updates, here is a list, that missed up:

1. User posted list 2. Paypal payments 3. Feachured bussines (extra cost)

Feelings is like a project startup.

Thanks for the message, feature requests list is getting longer and longer ;)

The theme looks just perfect for a project I want to start on, kudos to you guys it looks amazing. I will be definitely be purchasing this once the “big update” is done.

Thanks for that :)

Amazing work. This is going to make you a very rich man! :)

Yea, I just hope so :D

It is a big problem with a email adress because we must protect our users from spamers. You must put someting there who transform email in a image. With a free emai harvesting some spamers….i think you understant what i sad. I will buy your theme verry soon but I expect improvements

You can hide email addresses no problem. But I got what you’re saying. Thanks.

Themes looks good and is well polished than most of the websites.. HOWEVER there are many features missing (Rating, User Review/Rating, Directions, Place Info, etc which will make this absolute steal).. Do have a look at Geo Places by Templatic and Geo Theme by If you can add couple of features from these then itl make this theme best there is on the interweb..

UPDATE: Ohh just read about the BIG Update.. I have subscribed to you.. Waiting for the big update to make the jump.. I hope you can have a look at the site I mentioned to improve on your update.


Thanks for the post, we’ll definitely check the themes you mentioned. Cheers.

Thanks for a positive response.. Usually devs dont like when their items is compared to others :)

Btw any ETA for the BIG UPDATE that you mentioned earlier?

I hope we’ll release an update next week if all will go as planned ;) Thanks.

how do user post the new listing ? I dont see the link or a button ?

User currently cannot post the listing directly to the database. There is a registration form on the site which is only sending email to the admin.

We’re currently working on the update which will allow users to register their listings that will go directly into the database. Thanks.

Does this theme work well with gravity forms??? Would pay twice as much if there was a way to have an admin area for the businesses where they can update their info.

Not sure about gravity forms to be honest. Please try the plugin with our free theme “Intro” that you can download from our website Thanks.

If it has not been mentioned yet please think about making it so new listings from front end [guests who paid] can add own images + admin can set max images and default sizes in admin thanks

Thanks for the message. I’ll write it down.

thanks, With all the requests for features you have a lot of work ahead but I am sure it will pay off

Definitelly yes. Thanks for all the suggestions :)

The theme looks great and may work well with a project I have. When a business is listed is it mandatory for the GPS info to be noted. For some types of businesses it’s not beneficial or necessary to be shown on the map. Thanks, Greg

You don’t need to set gps. Thanks.