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The ability to accept paypal payments, auto locate users for the map and ratings would certainly tip me over to buy this theme.

Looks very nice!

Thanks for the message, we’ll be updating the theme with some of the features.

Does this auto locate users for the map? If it does that I will buy it right away. It is truly a great looking theme! Is it possible to have one page be only the map and the search bar? That’d be awesome!

You can turn on map on any page. Thanks.

another quesiton, let say I add myself 50000 pages with gmaps. this are local biz page, now how do I invite the store owner to come and own the listing ? so. they pay and select the page they want to have access . create a user , if you can add this will begreat ; I will buy also, that way i can earn some money too . or more easy , CLAIM this LISTING .

We’re currently working on an update that will allow users to edit their details. Thanks.

Hi, I purchased your theme but I have a problem with the blog page. For some reason it is just showing a blank box: Also, you should add something so if you type an address it auto gets the GPS coordinates.

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If you could integrate the WooCommerce plugin to be able to charge people to add themselves to the directory that would be AMAZING because then people could use all the other cool extensions that work nicely with that plugin too!

Fantastic theme! I look forward to seeing it progress!

You can install WooCommerce in this theme. How should it be integrated? Please post more details and suggestions. Thanks.

does the map have to be visible on top of every page?

Thanks for the message. You can show map, static image, slider or nothing on any page.

Will there be CSV upload option? Will there be Premium listing ?

Thanks for the message. We might add it in in the future.

Hi ait, Great theme with nice graphics. I know people allready asked for this but i don’t have time to implement by myself. Auto locate through Geo Location. Here you got a link to how to do if you dont allready know :)

Let me know if you will put this into the next update.

Best Sebastian

Fantastic, we’ll add it in! Cheers :)

This looks like an awesome theme. Congratulations on your early success! I’m really looking forward to using this theme soon.

Here are a few features and ideas that you may like.

  • PayPal integration for paid listings (Monthly or Yearly subscription)
  • Ability to add events (Free or Paid listing )
  • Ability to add deal or coupon to listing (Claim deal option)
  • Ability for businesses to claim their listing.
  • Ability for businesses to display multiple photos or videos in their listing. Photos should have a gallery with slider.
  • Ability for users to bookmark or favorite a listing. Better yet if Geolocation becomes apart of this theme how about Check ins.
  • Social Profiles (Android, Apple, Facebook, Google+ Twitter Vimeo, YouTube & Windows) We are dealing with businesses, some businesses have mobile apps and video ads already. Some businesses don’t have a physical address they are internet based businesses.
  • Navigation should scroll with page or there should be a back to top button. *
  • You may also like – recommended or similar business listings
  • Speech Search
  • New Home page option to have only a search bar and logo. Maybe a slide out menu that displays searchable categories or event’s.
  • Social Share buttons

Hopefully these ideas are helpful and can assist you in your development.

Again, awesome theme I’m looking forward to the future releases of this theme keep up the great work.


Thanks for the message. We’ll be updating the theme in the future, I already have a long list of all features mentioned before ;)

Just purchased the theme!!

Thanks for that! :)

Great theme…You can see how it’s got everyone’s creativity going with all of the possibilities.

Question – Is the menu supposed to go away when you search just a location. Like here:

Is there away to make it not disappear? It almost feels like a bug but I hate to assume.

Sorry for that, that definitely a bug. We’ll fix it and release an update. Thanks for the notification.


1) Is in price included logo PSD ? 2) Is there possible support to chance in search area all locations to – main categories and all categories to sub categories ? 3) Do you offer more green icons (like on homepae) ?


Hi, PSD files are included in the package. You can search all locations if you don’t select anything from the dropdown. Icons are also included in the package, you can load your own icons if you’d like to. Thanks.


I’m considering purchasing your theme, and have read your support info and all comments, I just have one question.

I think that this theme would work perfectly for my intended use, however, I would be launching it on a national level, and am curious whether or not the map could be set to show the entire country, and then allow a person to indicate a certain state or city, with it then adjusting to their search query?

I imagine that since its set up through gmaps, it would be no problem, though, I wanted to double check with you prior to purchase.



Thanks for your question. It’s no problem at all to add items from other cities or countries. Map will adjust automatically. We’ll be also adding in geolocate feature which will show you pointers around your current location.

will it locate the user on a map so they know what is near them at all?

Sort of like the google maps app for the iphone

We’ll be implementing this feature. Thanks.

Premium listings and import entries from other systems such as geotheme or phpmydirectory !!

Features list is getting long now ;) Thanks.

Will you be implementing “free” listings vs. “premium” listings any time soon? If so, what is your timetable on these features?

I need to choose a solution soon. I like the look and feel of your theme, but the features of another.

I would rather buy your theme but it is mandatory that I have the free vs. premium listing for my intended use.


We’ll be implementing frontend subscription and edit feature for business owners as mentioned earlier on. Regarding premium vs free listings. How do you see it working? What should be the difference between free and payable listing? Thanks.

Free vs. Premium is what my business model hinges on. I will create several “free” listings for local businesses and then send them an email inviting them to claim their free listing. Once they have claimed it I can send them offers to upgrade to a premium listing. The premium listing fees are how I will primarily monetize the site.

The difference between a free vs. premium listing is drastic. The free listing should only be text based. Basic things like name, address, phone #, website link, etc.important: the listing should show up in the search result feed for their respective category but not be “clickable” if that makes sense. Meaning that they have no “listing page” to navigate to, just the information on the result/ category feed. Think of it like a regular listing in a phone book. Why would anyone claim such a crappy listing? At the very least its another back link for their SEO link portfolio! During the process of claiming their free listing I would like for them to be able to activate or add a link to their website. This is the value proposition. By claiming their free listing they get another back link from what is soon to be an authority site in their niche!

The premium listing is the holy grail that we see in your demo. Photos, logos, descriptions, a map pin.. the whole enchilada!!! Once they have went through a small effort of claiming their free listing they have gone from a cold lead to a warm lead! Conversions on listing upgrades SHOULD be higher.

IMO the free vs. premium is what will truly make this theme valuable to your clients and will boost your sales.

Thanks for the detailed description. We’ll go through it at Monday meeting.

HI, Great theme! I been working on directory portal with wordpress themes using appthemes, templatic and all of them easy to use and show directory but I wonder how user and businesses socialize on the site. It is must to have user submit listings then please add ability of

“SHOW TWITTER or FACEBOOK FEED AT BUSINESS DETAIL PAGE”. Users always wants activities and business owner wants leads user to Facebook book marks.

Reviews and rating are another considerations too. Looking for feature updates.

Thanks for the tip regarding social networks.

RE: WOO COMMERCE AND buildingAbiz’s conversation regarding a purchase option, and ait’s request for information on how it would be used.

I posted this on the forum about a month ago. There’s a list of features that I think many of us are interested in, and covers the purchase option.

Thanks for the link, we’ll go through it.

On a side note, a theme built with the features of s e r v e m a n a g e r dot c o m, would be very successful.

We’ll check that one as well. Cheers.

Wow… just, gah.. wow, Was kicking myself earlier for not getting this sooner, when I had just started… Stopped kicking myself only when I saw that this was released just a few days ago lol. One question – I’m operating somewhat of a niche site, so the category aspect isn’t really needed, is it possible to remove that from the search?


Yes that’s possible to remove, we can show you how to do it on our support forum. Thanks.