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Can anyone give me a little help. Conceptually this theme is great and I can see from the comments that it is working well for others so I know it’s something i’m overlooking thats causing my problem. I see the developers only offer support mon-friday – so would really appreciate any hints.

I installed on my main site to test and try out – I cannot change or save locations of items and I keep having to uninstall wp and start again ecause after 10-15 mins it crashes my wp install – it’s not plugins so I wanted to know if anyone had an idea of what the problem could be? thanks

Please check that your hosting match our requirements. Feel free to register to our support forum. Our support staff will help you with all your questions. They don’t have access to discussions here. Thanks.

Thanks – I will do this. neruda – thanks for your help – i’ll give it a try and register on the forum if that fails.

Incredibly talented. This is really fresh. You mention that you are planning to integrate front-end submission. Any news on the time-frame? I would purchase this in a heart-beat for a collective art project when registered users could set their own locations. Thanks so much.

I hope that we’ll be able to release an update next week if all will go as planned. Thanks.

You are ridiculously talented. So, I bought the template. It looks way promising. However, I cannot change any locations /I have imported the demo content. It just remains the previous one (when trying to overwrite existing) or it does nothing at all (when trying new ones). Could this be a permission problem? Any help greatly appreciated. Keep it up. You are onto something.

Please post to our support forum, our support staff will investigate what the issue could be, thanks.

pwduffy – Did you increase your memory limit on your php.ini file to at least 64mb? Also turn on errors in that same ini file. That’s about all I can think of.

Yea, it’s usually a php setting or permission issue. Thanks.

mm… 3 questions – looking at the demo here ,

-is there any way to hide the address area on the page, but still have it show up correctly on the map? Reason is because I’d rather include it in the content area, that way it can be seen from the search results. Also, is it possible to customize the item page layout(move store hours next to map, etc)? -any way to hide the breadcrumbs? -future possibility of adding a map search via zip code?

Sorry about all the questions , this theme seems just about perfect for my uses, but I’m trying to gauge how customizable it is without having to hire someone else for tweaks.


Yes you can customize item page no problem. It’s just one html file you can play with. Thanks.

On behalf of everyone that has been looking for a directory theme on themeforest, I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to AIT Themes for being so cool and open minded to everyone’s thoughts and recommendations on this theme! I also LOVE that I keep seeing a new update EVERYDAY since you put it out! WOW talk about GREAT service! You deserve to have 10’s of thousands of sales on this one if you keep this up! I feel grateful that you were the one to come up with this directory theme since I can tell you will be making it the best it can possibly be. Who knows maybe this will be the one that takes on the U-Design WordPress Theme for the most sales ;-) I wish you all the best and I will be buying this theme very soon!

Honestly thank you for your comment. We were a bit skeptical regarding directory theme idea as it’s really a niche thing that might not be requested by so many people. We’re extremely happy that we see that there is a big demand after it. We’ll be updating the theme in steps as all the features mentioned earlier on are really cool and it’ll make Directory a great product. Thanks.

I saw that you asked someone what the differences should be for free and premium listings. I think that free listings should not be able to add images or social links such as facebook, twitter, android, apple, youtube, vimeo and linkedin.

Premium listings should also have the ability to create events and offer deals or coupons. There should also be a way to pay for featuring or promoted listings.

Not sure if anyone else agrees these are just a few thoughts of a free vs premium listing.

Social links are a good idea, we’ll add it in now. We’ll be adding in also premium listing in the next update. We don’t want to postpone the first update. Thanks.

I completely agree with debravomedia. PREMIUM listing will allow front end users to promote their business on the website by placing links to their socialmedia channels and promos.

Free listing should still have basic info like business name, location, descriptions and maybe phone numbers. I mean, it’s still a directory and people expect information.

For PREMIUM listing, after filling a form/page for profile content, they should see a DRAFT page but still subject to admin approval.

If the draft page is NOT possible then can we can have a “Term of agreement” portion before they can publish the page? I’m worried that illegal businesses will want to include their name on the list. They need to agree to conditions or ADMIN have the right to take out their page.

I hope this makes sense. I will definitely buy this theme once we get the big update. :)

Thanks for the comment and valuable information. We’ll discuss it on Monday.

I want to use the theme without the need to install ws but using html pages and using space microsoft server (IIS) where code. And ‘possible?

Sorry we only have a wordpress version. Thanks.

Absolutely stunning. I found most directory themes as commercially robust and functional some of them are to be aesthetic Hindenbergs.

In regards to one of your previous quotes “We were a bit skeptical regarding directory theme idea as it’s really a niche thing that might not be requested by so many people. ” you are wrong there is a MASSIVE demand for high quality directories. You are potentially sitting on a goldmine ,however you would need to be able to monetize from it.

Would there be an easy solution to with this theme to monetize and allow people to submit their own listing like e.g. geoplaces from Templatic? I understand that the price tag would be too low for something like that, but if it did have the functions of Geoplaces you could double the price and I would still for defo buy it! I know there is a price tag limit on themeforest but you could maybe have this version for $50 and a ‘pro’ version for twice that on your own website.

Thanks for the message. We will be updating the theme for sure. I thing that many sales in just two days speak for all ;)

Seriously you guys do that, and you’ll have all the leading directory brands trembling in their boots! I’ll keep checking back! :)

Automatic data import from CSV or XML is possible?

Sorry not yet, but we’ll be adding in that feature soon. Thanks.

Where can I download the Latest version of this theme? There are no v1.3

Theme can be downloaded from downloads tab. Thanks.

Hi, congratulations for the great theme.

There seems to be a problem with the template, I’ve installed on different folders but it keeps on happening unless I upload your default configurations.

If you look here: you will see that it doesn’t highlight the current page as your demo does, and on the bottom the navigation is also acting up, showing vertical instead of horizontal.

Any idea how to fix this?


(Sent the question on the support site but got no response)

Thanks for posting to our support forum, our support staff will assist you.

Hi – The theme looks great and I want to buy it, but I’d like to know first is it possible to create full width pages without the map or the slider?

Thanks for the message. You can use full width template and turn off map or slider.

Just took the plunge. Out of respect for the DEV I won’t mention the competition but my choice was between this and three other solutions.

I ultimately chose this one because its absolutely beautiful and responsive. I think these guys realize they have a good thing here and judging by the consistent updates since its recent launch I have faith that this team will implement many of the features we are asking for.

I agree with a previous poster that you should CREATE A NEW PRICE POINT! Make this version the “lite” theme to meet themeforest max price guideline but have a premium version on your website that has implemented all of the features we are requesting.

I’ll gladly pay another $30 to upgrade once you have all of the features set!

Here are a couple features I’d like to request that should be very easy for someone who knows their stuff:

Content Container So that the header doesn’t stretch to fit the entire monitor. I have a pretty large screen and it’s distracting (for me) to see the header stretched out so far.

Rich Snippet Compatible Once you have the commenting/ rating feature implemented I hope that it will be compatible with rich snippets so that when Google displays the listing the star reviews are included.

Custom User Dashboard It would be cool if registered users had their own “admin area” where they could edit/ view their listings as well as track the statistics of their listings. How many views, clicks, impressions etc. This one might be hard…

Looking forward to next weeks update!!!!

Thanks for the message, we’ll add in wide/narrow style option.

There is no v. 1.3 in the download. I literally JUST purchased it so maybe you forgot to put it in there??

Any else get v. 1.3? If so, where di you find it?

Sorry update didn’t go through on Friday. Please check it now. We’ve reuploaded the zip again. Thanks.

Anyone else get v 1.3? Where is it?

Sorry update didn’t go through on Friday. Please check it now. We’ve reuploaded the zip again. Thanks.

Can’t see v 1.3 either.

Sorry update didn’t go through on Friday. Please check it now. We’ve reuploaded the zip again. Thanks.

Chymmi – I do kind of see where you’re coming from, with the quick popularity that this is gaining, I’ve also been concerned with the issue of making a unique looking site if I were to switch to this theme. Hopefully the issue of customizations will be brought up in the next update.

Thanks for the message. What other customization options do you have in mind?

Great theme. Since you are working on a subscription model for this theme, can you make it compatible with S2member plugin?

Thanks for the tip, we’ll have a look at it.

A few people were giving the idea of having two versions of this theme , a ‘lite’ version and a more premium version for those who need the extra features. I was thinking that perhaps instead of having two different versions, what about having extra paid plugins to the theme for the added functionalities. This way, people can choose and buy the extra features that they want while still maintaining the core theme. I think that this gives it more flexibility by letting people pick and choose what they need from the premium features, rather than having two set distinct versions. Just an idea.

Thanks for the message. We’ll have a chat about it.