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I bought this theme, and must say that I think it’s great, and it lives up to my expectations, especially when you consider the price.

The only thing I’m missing is the opportunity for a photo gallery, rating (stars or something like that) and a option to place the “search bar” top / bottom of the map.

i look forward to what the next update brings, so keep up the good work…

Thanks for the message. We’ll be updating the theme with other features soon.

This theme has HUGE potential, so glad I stumbled on it when looking at the latest additions. I run several local websites, been looking to add directory features and have tried many directory themes but they all lack functionality or look terrible (I’m sure you all know which ones I mean).

I’m gonna buy this theme and see how the updates pan out as I can see pretty much everything I’d like to see has been mentioned by others.

I will add that you are sitting on a potential goldmine here as the demand is huge and the competition weak.

Thanks for your message and purchase.

Super great work! I am going to purchase this one.

I agree with tprintz “lite theme to meet themeforest max price but a premium version thru you guys. I too would gladly pay for an upgrade with features. plugins too.

Why I love the theme without the anticipated features:

I have two other directories where the business manages their own listings .. and its such a pain to babysit them as they cant even upload a photo.. they just don’t want to be bother uploading image, what’s a tag, how many categories? figuring out stuff. 9 times out of 10 they ask me to do it for them. .

cant wait to purchase this!


Thanks for the message. I’m not very sure if we can sell a premium version on our website, terms&conditions don’t allow advertising items that are not sold on Envato marketplaces.

I have been planning on doing a website that’s a passion project for months now and got discouraged by lack of quality out there available to developers… I gave up and the next day I came on and saw this… BOUGHT, dream back in play, amazing work!! Been a fan, but this theme puts you into Rockstar level of worship!! Great job my friend, much appreciated.

One question: there’s no limit to area, it doesn’t just have to be a local directory does it? Can it handle something US based across all 50 states?

Thanks for the kind words. You can set up also a global directory website with this theme, we just made it local for easier presentation with not so many items in the database ;)

I am very interested in puchasing this theme. or I am looking for plugins. I have 1 question. what if a store has a event (ex. 50%), can I make it show? or make a category (category name : coupon) and show main page?

so, a restaurant in downtown has 50% coupon on this site. this shop categories will be “restaurant” and “coupon”

I want to show more coupons or event news on main page or side bars.

what you think? is it possible? If so, I will buy as soon as I get your answer.

we can do css. i mean we can design. we just need to display these on main and side bars.

AND any rating system for users? do you think it’s possible to us any rate plugins and listing top rated shops with categories? or do you provide rating system here?


Rating will be included in the next update. Not sure about coupons. Could you please explain a bit further what you have in mind? Thanks.

i am using ur theme for a small country and several big cities. if a restraurant provide coupons through my site (with your theme), users can see and use it. then it should be showing somewhere in site. i was thinking to create a category and make a widget or put on main page. but it is not that easy. can you please provide “provide coupon shops” or “hot icons” or “event icons”... etc.. it will be a big help to get more users. thanks.

hi cant find v1.3 in my download folder

Please try it now. Thanks.

Looks like an amazing theme, couple of questions before I purchase it though!

Does this theme support listings being added worldwide or is it only really suitable for people from a certain city. I’m looking for a theme that allows people to enter a city they are visiting and being able to see all the shops in that area. This will include shops all over North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

My other question is plans to implement a “Premium” listing that will include extra features such as social links to the premium listing, maybe photos of the shop, etc. that the basic listing wouldn’t include!

This theme looks REALLY promising, hopefully it’s what I was looking for!

Thanks for your message. You can set up global worldwide website there is no limitation. Premium listings will be added in in the future.

Thanks for the response!

Also, another question: is it possible for someone to type what they are searching for into the search bar ie) “car sales” instead of having to type the exact name of the business they are searching for?

For example you have “Viktor’s Cars” as a shop on your demo site in New York City. If I search the word Vicktor’s, the search returns with “Search Results for: viktor’s”....but if I type “Viktors” without the ’ then it tells me there are no search results available.

I’m hoping that people can simply type in the type of product/business they are searching for like “video games” and the city and have search results return from any stores listing that they sell video games. Will this theme support that?

Yes you can, no problem. Thanks.


I just bought the template but can’t find version 1.3 inside the folder that I downloaded. Can you help me please?


Thanks dude, I got 1.4. So cool..

Hi Friend,

I think I found a little glitch when using mobile device such as iphone. Please take a look at the screen capture below using iOS. it would be better the “recent posts” coloum width goes full width. Since I’m not good with coding, can you please help me to figure this out.

Your help would be much appreciate.


Thanks for spotting that. We’ll fix it. Please post to our support forum, our support staff will help you with all your questions. Thanks.

When do you think the update with the following feature will be ready to go? Frontend submit form to add new listings

This is really a must for me. Also waiting to see how you answer ooltra’s question above regarding the search.

Update should go out this week if all will go as planned. Thanks.

Okay….The update went out but the promised feature requested above is not included on the list of updates. Why was this left out and when will it be included? The lack of this feature is a dealbreaker.

Frontend submission form is quite complicated thing and we’ve decided that we’ll release an update with other important fixes and feature updates first.


1. How can I get GPS Latitude and GPS Longitude? I don’t it comes automatically. I am using another site to get the coordes. Do I have to get each them? I don’t want to use another site. it takes time.

2. the feature photos on map are showing. I am using multisite. how can I change to show properly?

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You can use map in the admin, if you click on the map, it’ll read gps longitude/latitude.

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that’s true. but clicking is not that easy. it takes time to find near location to click. i will post on ur support forum. thanks.

Looking forward to seeing the results of your Monday meeting…great suggestions from others and fantastic theme. Just what I’m looking for and have been for a while.

Hope all the suggestions are going to get included as they are all needed and will make this a killer proposition for people like me.

Any chance of timescales for next update then? Would like to purchase but can wait while planning my implementation if it’s going to be a month or so away.

Thanks for your message. We’ll be implementing new feature in batches. First update should go out this week.

great…will it be a feature update or bug fixes? 50 bucks on your way end of week then…

Bug fixes version went out today, it should be approved soon.

honestly, the only thing stopping me from purchasing this right now hearing about plans from the addition of Premium Listings. To have something set up for premium listings such as premium allows them to add photos of their store, social media links, would really put this theme on a level that can’t be topped.

I discovered that if you type words into the search bar that are in the description of the listing, it will also show. So that means as long as the words “video games” shows up in the description, it doesn’t really matter what the store name is. That’s a good thing.

edit: you can test out what I mean by copying one of the latin words from the description of any of the listings on the demo site, and check the results.

We will be adding in premium listings in the future. Thanks.

Awesome stuff

can this theme work on canadian data

Yes sure, you can load there any items. Thanks.

thank you sir for your immediate reply.

How do I apply the update? Probably a stupid question but every time I try to install the v1.3 theme it says that it already exists.

How to apply update? Thanks

UPDATE:::: I used this plugin, works greate…


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Does this theme come built with a feature that enables location services? I would like for the map to automatically determine the users location, based on their coordinates, and display my listings around the user’s proximity.

This feature is under development, it’ll be available soon. Thanks.

Hi. Great theme. Some questions: 1. Can I use this theme for just one category, e.g just automotive? 2. when you go to a particular place, Can the “our address” and “opening hours” will be disabled and not shown? 3. when you go to pages like contact us or about us, can the header map be turned off? 4. If I just have one category, e.g. automotve, can I use the logo of each shop in the map pin?

thanks so much.

Thanks for your message and Yes to all your questions except the last one, pin icon is take from the category.

To add on to that, any chance of adding a zip code search like I have on here : ’ ’ ?

Currently doing this through a plugin, but I think it would help with the navigation a lot.

Thanks for the message. Search can be currently done only using location.

thanks for the quick responses to the questions. Purchased!

Thank you! :)

Is there anyway to integrate with an API for content in this theme for example google places?

Sorry this feature is not supported. Thanks.