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Is it possible yet to view a page based on region / location ? For example if this directory was national, could I create a menu item or page to show all results from California only or Florida only?

You had said this was coming in June? Thank you.

Yes this feature is currently under construction, we will be sending that to themeforest for approval soon. Thanks.

I like the theme alot! Can the kilometer value be changed to miles though?

Currently not via admin setting, but you can rewrite it in the config & php file.

easy enough. thanks1

easy enough. thanks! Ill buy it up soon.


We are contemplating purchasing this great looking theme.

Can you jsut clarify that the geo-location works world-wide as we are based in new Zealand

Yes it works world wide. Thanks.

After playing with this theme in the live preview , its differently the best directory out so far, my last question before i purchase is , Can the visitor add/edit/delete a listing without going to the wordpress dashboard? I was wondering about this for the longest.

Users can log in via frontend and then administer their listings via wordpress backend. Thanks.

Hey ait. Will list sorting and contact form go out before end of july?

Contact form will be included in the next update. We’re uploading it to themeforest for approval today. Thanks.

Is it possible to allow affiliate opportunities with the site?

Sorry there’s no affiliate feature. Thanks.

This is a thread I started on the AIT Support Forum, to which there has been no response. I started this thread after getting no response to a support question I asked. I have given AIT PLENTY of opportunity to respond but they’ve chosen/failed to do so. I shall be requesting a refund from Themeforest based on the issues below.

AIT WP DIRECTORY looks stunning, but I would not recommend buying it if you;
  • 1. Want a directory for businesses to register themselves
  • 2. Are concerned about the security of members accessing other media
  • 3. Want to set up Automatic Payments
  • 4. Want visitors to contact your members via a contact form on their specific listing page
  • 5. Need listings to be featured on the homepage or category page
  • 6. You want good support.

I have listed a Support Thread below which took place over 3 days. During those 3 days, AIT replied to others, but totally ignored this thread. From what I can see with other similar threads (trying to address the points above), the best they offer is the advice to “hire a developer”. Thanks, but maybe if your theme did something more than just look good, we wouldn’t need to spend extra cash to make it work.

As it stands, my opinion is that calling this a Directory is stratching the point these days. Most modern directories (phpLD, AppThemes’ Vantage) allow for secure, simple, easy to understand interfaces that Busienss Owners can navigate & understand with ease. They also allow for subscription payments and pretty much ‘tick’ all the boxes that AIT’s Directory fails in. Sadly, they don’t have the pretty map.

I’ve posted a couple of comments in other places but I thought I would lay out my thoughts in one post. I purchased this theme to run as a business directory for my local area and understood that it would take a fair amount of work to get it looking good. I’ve put that work in but have now, after ALL the work and the cost of the theme, discovered that there are 3 Major areas that prevent me from using the theme as I had originally intended.

1. Business Owner interface.

Business Owners get access to the WP backend and are expected to guess that they need to “Add new Item” in order to submit their listing. Unless they are familiar with the WP ‘post’ interface, this is very confusing and they almost always miss categories, images etc.

The best solution would be a shortcode module that runs prior to payment, in the same way that Appthemes’ directory & classifieds does. Listers should never be given access to the Media database, as is currently the case with Directory.

2. Payment.

Recurring Payments should be automatic. Currently, any user that signs up for a listing package is NOT automatically re-billed and this gives them an easy option to cancel their subscription.

3. Business Contact Form.

There really should be a business contact form on each listing. This provides additional user experience for both Business Owner and Directory Visitor and ensures that the directory helps to drive leads to the business owners (surely that is the whole point?).

Summary. This theme promised to be utterly brilliant but has so far proved to be unusable in its current form. The 3 issues above are essential for a business directory imo, and sadly it looks like I will have to turn to either phpLD or Appthemes Vantage, neither of which have the stunning ‘pin map’ that this theme has, but the work well in every other way.

Other big issues with this theme:

1. No proper location category pages. This is a huge oversight in terms of SEO, there should be genuine location pages with proper URLs (e.g. and ability to add custom content. At the moment, location pages are just built dynamically with a string.

2. Online-only businesses. Another bad oversight. Any online-only business added to the directory (so nothing entered in the address) screws up the map, creating a marker at 0,0.

It annoys me when you get themes like this which are so highly rated on ThemeForest and have had lots of purchases, but have serious issues that effect the core functionality of the theme. The points raised in this thread should featured in any serious directory theme.

Of course I forget number 3, possibly the worst missing feature of the lot:

3. Featured listings. One of the most key features of any serious business directory website, I still can’t believe it’s not in this theme.

@deltaseo I totally agree with you I am very disappointed with this plugin.

The business owner interface is appalling and extremely confusing.

I wasn’t aware that “users” have access to the Media database – surely there is a fix for this ?

Business Contact Form – agree this should be provided

Like yourself I was also looking at Vantage as that some very good features missing here but does not have the Pin Map which first attracted me to this theme

@chelmsford123 – I’ve just seen the ‘fix’ for your issue in another thread which works but it still puts the business owner onto the WP ‘Add Item’ page … on which there is no explanation of what needs to be done. We (the webmasters) are just hoping that ‘listers’ can guess well enough to produce a full listing. Another drawback is that they seem to be able to select multiple categories. :(

I feel like I’ve bee shown a Rolls Royce, bought a Rolls Royce and found out there’s no engine when I press the accelerator.

@merkin51 – I agree with your points too!

I’m seriously thinking of requesting a refund from Themeforest as this theme really doesn’t do what it states. It has core features missing and quite poor security issues.

As an aside, this thread has been live for well over 24 hrs and still no official AIT comment. Their themes look fantastic but if this is the standard of performance (of both theme and support) I really cannot think I will invest in another.

Also very dissapointed with this when I first saw and red about it I was so excited.. theme looked great and promised great things to do, but once I found out its just has a nice fasade and can’t be actually making any real money because It just isnt finished..

I have 2 options now, either give up and forget I wanted to try to create some bussines based on this theme.. or spend a lot of money and time developing and finishing all the functions it needs to be rentable.

Kudos to the developers the theme looks great and has a promise of something new and fresh, it just isnt finished and has many flaws to be actually good for anything more then a personal directory site.

Still no comment from AIT … ?!

Ivan makes most of the responses early morning EST time, and every time a new post is made in the same thread, the thread gets pushed back to the end of the wait line – that’s just the way their system works. So for a response, the best thing to do is to sit and hang tight, and not post any more comments – I find that for my questions the support usually gets back to me in a day or so, never more than two.

Ok, so ANOTHER 24 hours has passed. This thread was started 3 days ago and is rapidly dropping in the visibility. I guess that the AIT support would prefer this to just drop away.

I, and a number of others here, definitely feel that we have been mis-sold this theme and when we’ve questioned it we have received NO reply (as in this thread) or been told to hire a developer (as in another thread).

In legal terms, this theme is NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE.

As there has been no reply from AIT, I have no alternative than to repeat these comments on the main thread on Themeforest. Maybe then I will get a reply.

You require business listers to know (guess) that they have to “Add an Item”. When you see what can be done with Wordpress – checkout the interface used by Appthemes’ Vantage – this method is very poor. They should be guided through their listing without them having to search around the WP dashboard. They also have the ability to check EVERY category if they wish – again, something wholly unsatisfactory.

I have asked 3 customers to add their own listings and 3/3 failed.

Business Listers can also view the site’s media catalogue – not something I’d expect in a professional directory.

My features shouldn’t be classed as ‘requested’ – they should ‘exist’ or be ‘planned’.

Your Support Forum is FULL of people having issues with Directory and a number of them have agreed with me. I am not alone in this view and I am not the only person to view the theme as unusable in its current form.

I do object to paying to be an Alpha/Beta tester – if you were to offer a refund I would happily buy the theme again if my concerns were addressed.

This is the latest post (by someone else) on my thread in your support forum to which you have yet to reply;

“I thought it was just me. I have created dozens of wordpress sites and this one still has me scratching my head. I couldn’t believe it when I attempted to go through the process of adding an ‘item’ as a customer and found myself inside of the wordpress admin area with no ‘sign posting’ on what I should do.

How I can seriously expect to grow a Directory organically when the developers have made it so difficult for people who do not know wordpress to add a listing?

I appreciate that developing a theme like this is challenging but it breaks the golden rule of engineering – Form should follow Function. Or in other words Function dictates Form. This theme has it the other way around.

(user1) and (user2) have listed the fundamentals that successful directories are built upon. Will this oversight be addressed? I suspect it has to be – the negative comments on Themeforest and elsewhere will damage the huge potential you had with this theme and obviously have a toxic effect on the reputation of AIT Themes as a whole.

3 days to fail to even acknowledge these concerns is unacceptable.”

Sorry we don’t plan to implement frontend admin. It’s a Wordpress theme and we need to keep Wordpress functionality as much as possible. We did listing administration “Wordpress way”. What’s the point of making another admin panel inside the Wordpress theme? We could make it a standalone software instead, it would be also much easier than fighting around Wordpress.

If you don’t like and don’t appreciate all the work we’ve done please contact Envato support and ask for a refund. You paid $55 for design, PSDs, all the code and fully working theme. You can always hire a developer to amend it to your needs. I bet you’ll spend more than $55 for that.

Unless I purchased the theme, congratulations for the work done and can not wait for the next update. I wonder if there is a possibility to include the page in the preview on the map or business the opportunity to plan the route, as it does on google maps. thanks

We can implement directions feature to item page in one of the future updates. We currently plan listing sorting.

Do you have the admin login page for me to explore?

In additional, may I know the look for advertiser to post a listing is via frontpage or admin page?


Sorry we do’t have admin demo available. Please have a look at the following url: There’s a gallery of the admin panel. Thanks.

Quick question before purchase….is there a way to display search results in a grid/masonry/pinterest style rather than a list? Thanks!

Sorry the only way to display results is list as it’s presented on our demo site. Thanks.

How do you get the pop up feature to work on the map when you select a business? On the demo site when you find a business location and click the marker a popup appears next to the marker with an image, the business name and the address with an option to view more. This is not working for me.


Please kindly post your support questions on our Support Forum. This will enable our dedicated support team to assist you most efficiently. The Support Forum can be accessed at:

Please use the following link to register to our support forum:

You support forum account will be generated automatically.


Hi, how can i change the markers positions on the map? Sometime when i click on the marker it is stuck on the above. You can check it on this screenshot:


Please kindly post your support questions on our Support Forum. This will enable our dedicated support team to assist you most efficiently. The Support Forum can be accessed at:

Please use the following link to register to our support forum:

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How Rename sender of the email registration? Sreenshot:


Please kindly post your support questions on our Support Forum. This will enable our dedicated support team to assist you most efficiently. The Support Forum can be accessed at:

Please use the following link to register to our support forum:

You support forum account will be generated automatically.



can the rating criteria be changed according to the category? I have seen that you for example show criteria “food” in all categories, being a book store or whatever.


Thanks for the message. Rating criteria is the same for all categories.

Amazing theme and it seems like AIT is giving great support & frequent updates! I’m about to purchase this but I have just one question, it states that it has frontend registration but does it have frontend submitting?

I see, are the registred users limited to 1 or can they make as many posts as they like? I would like to limit them to one post, is it possible?

You can limit number of items for different packages. So for example user who has free package will have only 1 item, Package 1 can have 5 items and so on.

Sounds good. All in all, great work and keep up the great job with the updates! A request is frontend submitting, that would be awesome and really make this theme stick out!

I’m wondering also if it contains a language switcher for WPML?

Yes we styled the switcher. Thanks.

Sounds good, where is it located? Also, is it possible to turn off the rating/review on some posts?

Language switcher is located in the header. You can only turn off rating system globally, not only for some posts. Thanks.

“Sorry we don’t plan to implement frontend admin”

Just to be clear – I never asked for front end admin. Of course the website owner will work from the back end. It’s wordpress and that is a given.

I am speaking about the need for front end submissions by business owners who submit their own listings.

Letting them into the backend is just a horrible user experience. The who process is disjointed and too complicated for people who are not familiar with wordpress. That will 90%+ of business owners.

I have asked 4 people to submit their own listings and all 4 failed. I read that someone else had 3 out of 3 people fail.

Surely you can see the problem here?

Believe it or not, I along with others are trying to help you get this right. It is a great looking theme which promises so much but if business owners (not the website owner) cannot submit their own listings because the process and backend options are too confusing then what is the point in having that functionality at all?

People who have purchased this theme – are you successfully getting business owners to submit their own business listings without any issues?

I and others are having problems and feel it is too complex for people who don’t know wordpress. I know wordpress and am comfortable with the back end but that is not the point of this theme. A major selling point was the fact that business owners can submit their own listings but so far everyone who has tried on my site has failed. I strongly suspect it’s because the theme is not built to allow people to submit their listing from the front end. They are taken to the backend where they are presented with a large portion of your admin area, including the media library!

Is there an option for businesses to Claim A Listing?

Is there an option to show other businesses in the area via sidebar?

Are users adding listing on the frontend?

Sorry these features are not implemented by default. Thanks.

Is there a way to filter the search results or at least be able to sort the listings in categories (/add featured first)?

List sorting will be implemented soon in the next update. Thanks.