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Is there anyway to integrate with an API for content in this theme for example google places?

Sorry this feature is not supported. Thanks.

i bought this becouse the description mentions a front end built in submission form but i cant find any way to integrate it… i can build one myself but the reason i bought this theme is to skip the hassle…

Whats up with that?

Thanks for the message. Front end submission form is under development. It’ll be available soon. Thanks.

what it actually says is

“Planned features that are currently under construction:”

accent on the planned part,they will add it when it is ready

Yes we’re currently working on it. We’ll release an update soon. Thanks.

phh.. man, themeforest is one of those places i tought i wouldnt have to read the fine print. According to the author the upgrade is near… guess i just hope he means realy near ;)

I hope that all will go OK and update will go out this week. Thanks.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but if I’m to buy the theme I guess I need to understand how I can employ it.

My main concern remains the search functionality.

As a targeted directory engine – e.g. one town or city – it’s great!

But for anything bigger the lack of search fields is a worry. If someone wanted to build a US city directory website with bars, hotels and restaurants, right now with only two pre-populated search fields, a visitor could select their 1) chosen state and 2) chosen city, but not 3) their required listing category…?

Your earlier reply is that I could get someone to fix that up as it’s jQuery based, which is fair enough, but surely having this as an option would concrete this theme as the directory one to have…

Thanks for the message. We might look into it in the future.

That would be great, but you also need to consider the summoning of relevant sub category information. For example if we take the demo site and narrow its target to just Manhattan, I might want to replace the demo’s primary ‘location’ choice (not needed as it’s all Manhattan) to ‘Category’, which might be a selection of:

Accommodation *Bars and Pubs *Restaurants *Museums & Galleries

If a visitor was to select Museums & Galleries, then the secondary search parameter should only load relevant sub categories. If the theme doesn’t only call up the pertinent information, then someone looking for a Modern Art Gallery would have to scroll past all sub categories, which in this example, might be:

2 Star Hotels 3 Star Hotels *4 Star Hotels *5 Star Hotels *Guest Houses *Backpackers *Irish Pubs *Cocktail Bars *Wine Bars *Sports Bars *British Pubs *Algerian Cuisine *Bulgarian Cuisine *Chinese Cuisine


Mongolian Cuisine Netherlands Cuisine *Paraguayan Cuisine


West Samoan Cuisine *Zimbabwe Cuisine *Portrait Gallery *Modern Art Gallery *Sculpture Gallery – HORRAH!

Not cool…

(Disclaimer: I’m basing the above on the demo site, so I have no idea if this is already possible, but I am presuming not)

I appreciate that this might involve a reconfiguring of how you’ve set that part of the theme up; but a directory is all about search and subsequently finding information – if you can nail this, you’ve nailed the market in my opinion…

(That and replace the rather bizarre requirement for latitude and longitude coordinates with a simple address – that Google fully supports!!)

Other people have mentioned some great ideas – and I know that you’re working on those; but what I’m after simply takes the whole theme to another level – and as other people have suggested as well – I would be 100% prepared to pay extra for a premium/pro version that included such functionality.

I hope this is food for thought if nothing else. As I posted earlier – thank you for striding out and coming up with something different and exciting, and I hope that you keep listening and addressing the questions and ideas that are flowing here – though I haven’t exactly bought 500 items on Themeforest, I carefully read the comment section of any theme I’m interested in, and I honestly don’t think I’ve come across one as lively and impassioned as this one – that should tell you heaps!!!

Good luck with the updates and continued sales ~:o)

(I have no idea why the html has done what it’s just done to my post!!!)

Yea.. Seriously.. If it’s on the demo, it should be included in the files you are purchasing. The whole purpose I purchase this was to have the user be able to submit their entries. I need the functionality or I want a refund.

How soon is soon? It seems like a lot of people have been waiting for this functionality and you’ve been saying soon for a while now. Also, I’ve been on themeforest for almost 4 years now – trust me when I say customers know that developers don’t list all the features in the theme details (that’s the point of showing the demo for the theme so the user can get a feel of what the theme comes with). The point of the demo area isn’t to show functionality that doesn’t come with the actual theme. Your job as the author is to make sure the demo area and the theme’s description outline it’s functionality accurately, not show something on the demo and forget to include it on the purchased theme. By the looks of the other comments, it appears I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Also, I am having a problem installing the revolution slider. When I try to install the plugin from the admin area, it brings up an error saying “The plugin does not have a valid header.” and then it says…

“Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

Destination folder already exists. /httpdocs/wp-content/plugins/revslider/

Plugin install failed.”

...and it never installs. How do I fix this?

Please post to our support forum, our support staff nor developers don’t have access to themeforest discussions. Thanks.

In item listings, “Openning Hours” is spelled wrong. It should be “Opening Hours.” (In America we usually just have “Hours” or “Hours Open.”)

Love the theme otherwise! Wish this had come out before I spent $99 on another directory theme.

Thanks for the message, we’ll fix it.


I have left my problem on support forum. but i didn’t get any answer.

I have been looking for the solution and found that it’s a problem with “timthum.php” with “multi site”

Most of icons, images are broken!

You may need to fix image path for multi site users!

Please let me know how I can fix it. we can’t really work on with broken images!


Thanks for the message. Our support staff will have a look at your issue. We work in CET timezone.

Can we upload our own map pins?


**Also, one thing stopping me from buying this right now is the major updates that you say will be out soon in the coming weeks. I’m not really sure how big these updates will be, but I’m afraid that if I start adding items and shops, etc, and a big update comes, I’ll have to redo a lot of it – so I’m thinking to just wait. But should this be a concern?

Thanks for the message. Yes you can add in your own pins no problem using the admin panel.

Update won’t affect already loaded data or installed site.

I bought this theme only because the demo page shows a submission form for users to add their locations…NOW after installation I noticed that this option is not available??? :( ahmmm….

Sorry if the form was misleading. I’ve added notice on that page. Automated form is not yet implemented, it’s currently under construction as it is written on the item description here. Thanks.

Ok it would be very cool if you could release it with a next update. I will vote then with full points.

Hi, juste a question : I need to translate this theme. If I start the translation now, does this translation will be kept when I will install the future big update ? Or should I translate it again ? Thanks !

You can translate the website with plugin and po/mo files. All translations will be OK after you install an update. Thanks.

great ! thanks

Greetings, can I add the search fields bar to the top of the map? and have results populate on the bottom of map or even sidebar? Thankx

Search bar can be by default only under the map, you can move it to the top in the html template. Thanks.

Hey I sent a mail to MARTIN @ ait.. itl be great if you can send me a reaply soon so I can start working. I am not sure if one person manages this account or if theres a team. Ill wait if its the latter.



... so no SEO for the directory listings? URL structure is bonk!

You can use Yoast seo plugin with all our themes. Thanks.

... u clearly don’t understand that we’re all talking about the URL STRUCTURE!!!!! 1 star from me… I don’t have time for this… another $50 down the drain for misrepresented product.

@xstortionist , agreed! I’m yet waiting to purchase this theme for exactly that reason. Especially considering that most search traffic for a business directory should come through location based searches. Thus e.g. “Chinese Restaurant” + Brooklyn…..

I hope url structure and category options (to include location based meta titles) will be considered…

When is the submit listing bit going to work?? I’m just literally about to purchase, but would like to know a date if possible..


This feature is currently under construction with several other requested features.

Are you able to to force listings to appear at the top of the results with the other results being sorted as they would be normally?

Sorry this feature is not implemented. Thanks.

Hi there,

I am another one following your thread and awaiting an update of the template before considering purchasing. A couple of questions:

1 – does the website allow each business to list an image gallery to showcase their products? I noticed that there is a flickr gallery but I am not sure if this corresponds to the business or the website as a whole.

2 – can each business have their own contact form? I can see that there is a link to email, but no form

3 – would you be considering introducing calendars for each business?

Thank you,

Thanks for the message. Please see my answers below:

1. You can add standard wordpress gallery for each item

2. Sorry this is not implemented.

3. What should the calendar do?


Are there any plans to fix the url structure on the website? It is terrible from a SEO standpoint.

also just noticed that some of the features, mainly front-end submission, are not available yet while the demo shows that it is available. I purchased the theme yesterday and only really took a look at it today, pretty disappointed with AIT Themes for misleading me into thinking the feature was already added. I should have to check the details on themeforest about what upcoming features are planned, not for what features are on the demo website but not actually currently included.

I will certainly be taking much more caution when purchasing from you guys again in the future. Hopefully the feature turns up in the next few days and not the next few weeks.

One business can be placed in multiple categories, therefore it’s not possible to create “path” in the url.

Frontend submission form is currently under construction. Sorry if the form is misleading, it’s currently only sending email to Wordpress admin as it’s written on the site.

There’s another very annoying issue of there being a very noticeable delay when hovering over a drop down menu list item.


Please kindly post your support questions on our Support Forum. This will enable our dedicated support team to assist you most efficiently. The Support Forums can be accessed at:

Please use the following link to register to our support forum:

You support forum account will be generated automatically.


screw that noise, I don’t have time for that non-sense. There is clearly an issue with the drop down menu delay.

I guess I’ll just fix the shit myself… but I’m not sure I’m going to continue going with this theme…