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Hi, pre sale question here. I am thinking this could work for a “citizen watch” / “citizen report” site to keep track of trouble zones, abandoned animals, stolen property, etc.

Do you think it could work that way?

Congrats!! the theme looks and seems to work great!

Thanks for your message. I think theme should work for you. You can extend item fields pretty easily, please check the following link for more details:


Lovely theme! My directory is international, so I’m a bit concerned if this theme search options would work with lot’s of countries & also cities. Is there a way that could work?

Also, I currently have the WP events manager that I use for events (obviously) & a calendar. Users have to be registered to add an event, but they are added to the normal WP user list. Do you think that this theme could integrate with the WP events manager plugin & that users that register on the themes directory could also be added to the events user list and so on?


You can place items to any country/city, map will zoom in/out automatically. Locations dropdown has a search field, you can quickly find a location you’re searching for.

Events manager plugin works with Directory theme nicely.


One last question to add to the comment above; about half my listings are online. How would the geomap display online listings, website etc?

If you set GPS coordinates to 0,0 or don’t fill them in, item won’t simply won’t show on the map. Thanks.

Thanks for your response. It sounds great. There is just one last thing I need to ask; Is there a way to put featured listings on the homepage, perhaps a scroller or something, and featured listings in a widget in the sidebar?

Also, you don’t seem to have any related listings at the end of listing pages. I really like that featured & could probably add a plugin to do that easily, however, where would those ‘related posts’ be. Would they show at the end of the page or below the main description?


Sorry there isn’t featured listings nor related items feature included in the theme.

Hello I really liked the theme. I have a portal in my neighborhood and would like to use the theme as a Service Guide and wanted to know if I can do some customization.

The colors and fonts can be modified? My site does not use default rounded edges, I wonder if I change the format of the search button and search form

There is a top phone with icons and social networks, can remove this top?

Can I change the number of columns of the inner pages. 1 2 columns as my needs using pictures and videos at 100% of column ’.

The client makes a search, find the place you found and click to learn more, this internal page of the advertiser I can use more than one photo of the company?

I create pages without the sidebar?

In the search form I need it to be so:

A list of services that exist in bairro.Restaurantes Beauty ballads, services and so on. The customer clicks restaurants and then it chooses the categories of restaurants: Former Japanese, Italian, Brazilian It is possible to do so, as the guide is in my neighborhood and the region does not matter.

I can control the order of search results?

I look forward to returning to checkout Thank you Fabian

Hi, Thanks for your message. Please see my answers below:

You can change font from the admin panel, also colors of different parts of the site including font colors. Rounded edges can be removed using custom css field.

Yes you can disable top social icons via admin panel.

You can use columns shortcode to organize content as you need, sidebar can be also removed if you like.

You can extend item fields pretty easily, please check the following link for more details:

Search by default only works the way it’s presented on our demo site, you can customize it in php files if you need to.

Search results are ordered by package for example, you can set up default order type in the admin panel.

When a user tries to sign-up the following error appears: ERROR: User registration is Currently not allowed. help me


Please kindly post your support questions on our Support Forum. This will enable our dedicated support team to assist you most efficiently. The Support Forum can be accessed at:

Please use the following link to register to our support forum:

You support forum account will be generated automatically.


I just need a simple white pages type listings. So just business name, address, phone number or numbers. I need it to show area then when that area is selected it will show the names in a-z sections. Is this possible with your theme.

You can customize the theme to your needs, remove the map, images and so on. That shouldn’t be a problem if you know a html & php a bit. Thanks.

Hi! Love your theme. I would like to use it for a nursing home directory and some changes are needed. Can I work with you to customize it? How can I find someone knowledgeable to help me get it done?

Many thanks for your message, unfortunately we don’t do any custom design or development work. Please contact a local web developer with this enquiry.

Hi to All! I would like to ask if it is possible to insert multiple points of interest in the map as a route (maybe using KML files) and get directions using the phone’s GPS (in the mobile version of the website).

Thank you in advance.

Thanks for your message. Sorry this feature is not possible by default. You can take our theme as a base and develop this feature as you like.


A doubt, how much icons are included?

I see some of them on DEMO, but I go to need a lot of different icons (hospital, hotels, beachs…), a lot of places/services. Have you got it included in the theme?

All icons are custom made, we’ve created only icons you see on the demo site. PSD file is included you can extend the list if you like or use completely different icons. You can upload them via admin panel. Thanks.

Just wanted to say that this theme is awesome and it just keeps getting better and better… ))

Thank you, we plan more nice updates. Keep tuned ;)

Pre sale question: does this template support social login? (Like this:

Theme uses standard Wordpress accounts, you can use a 3rd party plugin for social logins if you like. Thanks.

So good! Finger poised over “Buy” button… I am in Guayaquil Ecuador, ideally my directory would serve well English speaking and Spanish speaking people as consumers and as people submitting to the directory. I could build separate sites, I guess. How well does it cope with both languages for the consumer of information and the poster of information? Do you see any shortcomings in my using it here? I may use it just for a beauty niche here until I get some momentum and money to invest in people submitting information for me.

Thanks for your message. Theme supports WPML plugin, you can translate it to any language. PO file is also included.

Thanks for the replies. Just one more question I’ll use the theme to a single neighborhood, I can leave fixed location rather than having the option of choosing the neighborhood or do not have the option of choosing the neighborhood only categories and searching for words? thank you

You can specify locations via admin panel. They don’t have to be large cities and counties, they can be streets, whatever you want. Map will zoom in/out automatically for you. Thanks.

Hi everyone – please READ THE COMMENTS FROM p63/4 – present page.


AIT Themes are totally ignoring a huge support thread about this and have stated here (funny, as they choose not to respond to this on their own forum) the they do NOT INTEND ADDING A FRONT-END SUBMISSION.

If you’re buying to manually add businesses yourself, then it’s pretty good. If you want automatic, organic growth, then it’s useless as most of your customers/listers will not understand the WP system.

AIT believe I, and many more people on their forum are wrong.

Hi all,

Congrats for the theme.

Few pre-sale questions:

- By default, the initial zoom is automatically adjusted depending on the locations. Is it possible to bypass that in the code and to manually set the initial zoom/location ?

- The theme allows different classes of registered users (different packages). Is it possible, in the same time, to also have different classes for visitors ? (showing them more or less pieces of information depending of their package)

- How is affected the loading time of the default page with the number of items on the map ? (for example, is it OK with ~5000 items each having just one small picture and few words of description ? )

- On the demo version, there is one filter by locations and one by category. Is it possible to create additional categories ?

Thanks in advance for your answer,


Thanks for your message, please see my answers below:

- Automatic zoom is the only way of showing the map, but you can change that functionality in PHP and JS files

- Sorry this feature is not included

- We’ve implemented map cluster, it can handle thousands of items. Please note that large amount of data also need to be loaded from the database so don’t save on hosting package :)

- You can administer categories via admin panel, but by default you can only have 1 drop down for categories in the search bar.

Hello, When the Homepage is a Slider or a simple Image, The Enable geolocation (Radius) no function… Thank for your help. yoyo


Please kindly post your support questions on our Support Forum. This will enable our dedicated support team to assist you most efficiently. The Support Forum can be accessed at:

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Hi There,

First I wanted to know if this theme is compatible with Safari? Secondly I am new at using WordPress and wanted to know more about the license. If I just wanted to use this theme for myself for a new website, I just need to purchase the $55 dollar license right?

Thanks, Chris

Hi Chris, I use Safari for Mac myself and theme works perfectly. If you want to use the theme for one website, $55 license will be OK. Thanks.

It’s write ‘WPML Support’ on the product’s picture, but the support seems very very poor as it’s impossible to translate the categories of the directory’s items.

The lack of WPML support is really a big problem when you think the theme perfectly support WPML (and when you need it ofc).

Please let me know how we can do it before I rate this theme.

Please post more details and url to your site to our support forum. Our developers will have a look at it. If there’s a bug we’ll fix it and release an update. Thanks.

Hello, I bought the Directory template and wondering if I could edit the LOGINLINK in the activation email. Once a new user registers, I receive an email showing: Username Password Loginlink

Is it possible for the Loginlink to be a clickable URL as opposed to showing—blogURL/wp-login.php? Thanks!

For faster issue resolution please provide: Theme version: Directory 2.15


Please kindly post your support questions on our Support Forum. This will enable our dedicated support team to assist you most efficiently. The Support Forum can be accessed at:

Please use the following link to register to our support forum:

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I want to know how to remove ”/item/” from {Domain Name}/item/{listing name} in URL. One of my client already approved this theme but he is too choosy about the URLs.

Regards, W. Arif

This is really strange. Anyways, I am feeling like loosing a customer despite such an awesome theme full of features. If there is any documentation – even after the purchase – I will appreciate and try to change stuff on my own. Please advise!

There’s an online documentation for our theme:

and also for our theme framework:

thnaks, will definitely persuade my client to go for it if I have any success in removing /item/ from URL.