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And now, it’s the last week of July… :confused:

I was actually counting on your reaffirmations that the WP theme would be released THIS month!

Oh, and please:

Give us the option to have clients enter only their basic data, choose a listing package and hit SUBMIT all in one easy (!) and short (!) page, without having to enter every single detail and description BEFORE actually signing up.

It’s what most directory themes do and they make potential clients RUN AWAY or at least delay their submissions till doomsday.

It doesn’t make ANY sense from a business perspective! Your screenshots suggest that you haven’t thought about this either…

Clients can enter all their details (descriptions, special offers, pictures etc.) later when they log into their front end and whenever THEY are ready. That doesn’t mean they can’t purchase their submission package and create a listing with their most basic data IMMEDIATELY.

Would be such a waste to have such a perfect theme in terms of design and LOOK AND FEEL, but not being able to work with it in a way that makes sense from a business perspective.


DirectoryEngine will be coming soon! It is almost done at this moment, please wait for a little time to check our demo site to make sure it is suitable for your requirements!

Thanks for your interest in our product!

After checking in your website, I think the theme is very powerful. Only some details: 1) in the post content I think will be easy to add tabs & accordions 2) the menu is only 2 level everybody prefer 3 levels (ex: Categories> restaurants. Should be: Category>Restaurants>(with 3rd level) Vietnamese or Italian ect.


Thanks for your suggestions, we’ll discuss more about this.^^

Hello! Here’s some questions / suggestions:

- Fixed Menu (showing) and / or top menu ? - Option to disable the rating system ? - Option to disable map in the homepage and even in listing pages ?

Thanks and good luck!

Hi Andy,

Thanks for your suggestions. We will discuss with our designers!


Do you plan n making this a wp theme? THIS WOULD BE AWESOME SAUCE!!

Hi, Thanks for your interest in our product. DirectoryEngine was already released, you can check it out here.


Here are the information to use the demo site: - username: admindemo - pass: admindemo


Possibility to add another field for subcategory location?

When we have too much towns in a country, the list is too long.


I mean for search


Thanks for your feedback! Unfortunately, DirectoryEngine hasn’t supported the sub-location yet so it requires you to add all categories as the main categories .

I will send your idea to our developers. Hopefully, they will discuss it in our next meeting!

Feel free to contact us with any question!

Hi, could you offer HTML version of this theme?


We provide the PSD pack and WordPress version only. Please take a look at http://demo.enginethemes.com/directoryengine/ to get more detail.


Do you have HTML version ? not. WP


Thanks for your interest in our product! Currently, we have got the PSD packs and WP version for our products only.

Feel free to contact us with any question!


Do you any plan to making this a HTML theme?. I will be waiting for HTML version. Cloud you please let me know your plan on This.


Thanks for your interest in our product! Unfortunately, we provide PSDs pack and WP version only.


Hi there,

I see you have a Wordpress version on your website, does that package come with the PSD’s? And any chance if I purchase this I can get access to the mobile PSD’s?


Hi Tom,

DirectoryEngine has got the WP version however, it is not included in PSD package. You can check more detail about WP version at http://www.enginethemes.com/themes/directoryengine/.

Regarding PSD’s, you can get all our design of DiretoryEngine. It includes both mobile and desktop version.


Updates for Directory Engine Not Available in my Account

Dear EngineThemes admin, I have been a your client for a year on this theme. Understandably, your arrangement is that one has access to your service for a year. But when I checked, none of the updates I paid for nor the theme itself it available in my account anymore.

Please clarify this. I should be able to have access to everything up until the date of my purchase is reached again. The message you are sending with this is that if anyone purchases your theme, everything would essentialy cease to operate when the year comes to an end.

Furthermore, it seems I am locked out of the Directory Engine Forum on your website at the moment. I am not able to make any further comments or post topics. This feels like a targeted exercise that again is sending the wrong message.

Please advise as soon as possible.


Sorry for the inconvenience you’ve met.

Once you purchase our product, you’ll receive our official support and updates for 12 months. After that, you can decide to continue the subscription or not, please check out this full TOS here:


After the subscription is expired, the products will disappear automatically in your member area. This is how the system work.

Regarding this, please kindly contact us via support@enginethemes.com. Our support staffs here will provide the solution for you.


Looks like a great theme. However, before buying, I would need confirmation on the following:

• Businesses are able to register themselves, edit their listing, update their listing, upgrade/downgrade their listing based on listing plans (free, silver, gold and diamond) and delete their listing

• I am looking for a theme which offers listing based on check boxes (filters such as country, product category, product sub category and so on)

• Search business by name (search box)

• Payment option for premium listing: PayPal (one time and subscription based), 2 Checkout and direct bank transfer

• Sponsored listing: For example: If there are 100 listings for a country and the website shows only 10 listings per page. There should be an option for sponsored listing where the business name would come at the top and in first page.

• Multiple location business listing feature based on additional cost. Business can add multiple locations of their offices by buying additional plans.

• Business can also buy additional plans to showcase in which countries do they have local operations

• Listing sorting based on information available: Additional listing option to move the profile to first page by buying additional information tags.

• Ability to add the following: Business Name, Business Logo (extra charge), Key Employees, Headquarter Address, Additional Offices (extra charge), Email address for all locations, website, Key Contacts (ability to add profile URL for each key contacts), Add another contact (extra charge), company type (checkbox), long description, short description, industry affiliations (extra charge per affiliation, checkbox + others – enter yourself), country where they operate (5 free markets, extra charge after 5 country), select specialty (extra charge per specialty), Add photographs of their business (extra charges, maximum 10 photographs, ), add special products (extra charges), banner ads (extra charges, position selection), listing marketing option (extra charges)

Let me know if this theme supports these features.

I am very interested in your DirectoryEngine theme. I saw it online and was wondering when it will be available on Envato.

I also have some questions about the DirectoryEngine theme. I hope you can help me.

1) Is there a page builder plugin (similar to visual composer) or app included? 2) Is this theme coded according to wordpress standards? 3) Is this theme integrated with woocommerce 4) Can this theme be used as a multi-vendor store? 5) What is your refund policy if I purchase this theme and decide against it? 6) Can listings be displayed according to a particular location? 7) Can agents list real estate with this theme? 8) Can you create a page that shows all of a certain users listings? 9) Is there a demo I can log into? 10) Can a user list events with this theme? 11) do you use the “woocommerce.php” file for theme integration?

Thank you!


Your ticket on presale topic has reached out our support team. It will be replied soon. Please be patient!

Thank you!


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