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hi! I’m having a little problem with Typography in this theme. Many times when the hover is active the font became a bunch of symbols no sense. I found out this problem just happen when I choose the font from “Theme Options”, so I decided to make this manually, editing the Style.css file, the problem is that even though I change the typography in the Style.css, nothing changes at all, the font still “Noto Sans”, which is the default.

Thanks for your time, and sorry for the poor english, hope you understand.


Please send me an email using the contact form in my profile and include your URL in it so that I can see and help you with it.

Actually there weren’t any problem. I was supposed to make this modifications in the Css area in “Theme Options”, and thas is what I done. Everything is working fine.

Great to hear that. :)

I have question about Post List.. how to make it 3 or 4 videos in one line? the default is 2 videos in one line.


Please post your questions using the same account you used to purchase the theme and I will be glad to help.

How to display the parent category on the homepage, and not only the children?


Does your parent category has some posts in it?

Hi FairPixels, How to replace the Home page link by the button ?

Like this : http://www.noelshack.com/2014-33-1408113364-home-btn.jpg

My website without button but “home” texte link (Acceuil) : http://www.noelshack.com/2014-33-1408113683-mysite.jpg

No problem, send me a message using the contact form in my profile and I will get back to you. Also include your URL in the message.

Thx for all. I give you five stars, best theme & best support :)

I have a very custom WP site and I’m thinking about how to install this without overwriting my current look and feel. We fell in love with the blog summary in the page. What’s the general process for sort of merging the two (our site with summary of blogs). If summary of blogs is a confusing term, I basically mean the image used of a blog, with a short summary, and the amount of comments on it. Only, many of these summary blocks. Is there a way to extract just that functionality and use it in our website?

http://thezenithnetwork.com/ http://thezenithnetwork.com


First, thank you very much for purchasing my theme. I appreciate that. If I understand correctly, you want to merge this theme with your existing one. There is a way, yes, but that would require really a lot of changes. Many changes in the markup and the css and that means you need to have good knowledge of the coding in general. If you do not, the best idea would be to use theme as it is, without making changes in it. Otherwise you can consider hiring a freelancer. If you have more questions, you can send a direct message using contact form in my profile. Thanks :)

I guess I’ll just have to figure it out. I know coding very well, but not sure about the specifics here (using both themes). Thanks for an answer.

No problem. If you know coding then its won’t be hard. You are welcome to ask if you would need any help. If I understand correctly, you will like to keep your current theme as base and only get the style for the archive posts from the discover theme. Then you will need to locate where is that code in your current theme, and you can replace it from the code in the discover theme. I do not have idea about the code structure of your other theme, but if you would need to find something from the code of the discover theme, I can help you with that. Hope that helps :)

Hi! I have a question, is it possible to embed a video in homepage? :) Thanks! Marco


Glad that you found the solution for the videos. What troubles you have with the featured images? Please send me a message using the contact form in my profile and I will get back to help you :)

I dont know why but before my images were streched, and now my featured image results cropped, so there aren’t no more problems! ;)

Hi FairPixels

i have a question. how to add my video post. i don’t know video embeding code and how to add my video file


When you create a post, you can see an option to add the video embedding code in it. You can easily get that code from any video website such as youtube, dailymotion etc. See this image: http://i.imgur.com/wQZVy08.png

If you still need further help regarding this, let me know :)


I have replied to your email and your question on the support forum. You can continue your questions just by replying to the email, you do not need to post same question everywhere. :)

Sorry mate!

No problem :)

Hello! :-) Great theme.

I bought this beautiful theme, and I hope it will work for me. I need to keep the ‘feeling’ of my old layout in there.

I own the biggest travel blog in the Netherland (which is http://www.whatabouther.nl) and it is my fulltime job. I need to be online 24/7, but I want to change my layout. I’ve got hundreds of stories and thousands of photo’s online, so it will be a lot of work.

I need to do this at night, in once, so I have some questions already to make a planning and prepare myself for that, haha. Here we go, I wil go from top to bottom. You may e-mail me back by the way: contact@whatabouther.nl but here is fine as well. For all questions if it’s yes, then how?


Is it possible to add language flags (I use Qtranslate) in the top menu? The one with the social media icons in it.

The items on the right (home, about us, etc) are those pages? And can I change the icons that are used?

Can I put the logo in the middle instead of on the right?

Can I change the overall background color of the whole site? When I tested it for a second it seemed light gray, I prefer whiter than white!

Can I change the background color of the second menu? And can I change the font, size and color of the menu items?

Can I change the background color of the first slider (with three articles)? And can I remove the ‘paper’ icon in the text of the sliders? And the font and color and size of the text inside?

Same questions for the big second slider below that. And can I make that slider full width if I want to?

Can I change all the ‘head titles blow that’ like Popular posts, entertainment (as well as for the sidebar, the pinkish ones) change background color, change font and color and size, change icon?

Can I change the order and the manner of showing (4 big photo’s like the ones on the bottom, or with the smaller pictures like the one’s on top) from the homepage? Are they categories in blocks which you can change yourself? Easily?

And can you show a video in the thumbnail?

Can I change the icon when I hoover a thumbnail post? (the glasses, or what are they)

The footer below and the sidebar, are they just widgets? Which you can change yourself? And same questions: can you change background color, fonts, size, etc?

Can you make the sidebar smaller and the other part of the homepage more broad? Or at least the sidebar smaller with some more space between content and sidebar.

Pages: are there any specialities possible within the pages, or are they just pages (i.e. a special about page)

Blogpost ( clicked on ‘the clogged hallway’ as example)

Can you turn off the views on top of the post?

Can I show a video in a post?

I really like the background color of the previous and next post option, it that related to another background color or can I keep this color and change the color of the slider background which is the same now. Hope I make myself clear, haha.

Can I delete the ‘author’ button in the comments when I reply to someone?

Can I have the comment form on top and then the comments themselves? Can I make the comment form smaller? (with all my questions: I have no clue about CSS, so hopefully you are able to help me or I can change it in the theme options)

I think that’s it for now, haha. Thanks a lot already, I know it’s a lot of questions. Thanks!! Hope to hear from you soon.

And are there special hours and dates when you are online and available for questions DURING my big change? :D

So top menu turquoise background with white text, Second main menu white background with black text,

Slider background white.

and Headings turquoise background with white text

Is this possible? I’m not good at CSS! :)


I have replied to your email.

I’ve replied yours again. Hope you can still help me.

Hello! I was wondering if I could know the name of the font in the demo, and if it is available on the Santiago theme that you have also created? I like the Santiago theme better, but would love to use the font in the Discover demo.


Thanks for your interest. Yes, I can help you to change the font. Send me a message once you have purchased the theme and I will help you with that :)

pre purchase questions
Can i make the menu fixed at the top while scrolling?
Does this theme support RTL?


Thanks for your interest. There is no RTL support included, but its very easy to add it. If you will need any help regarding that, I will be glad to help.

Hi, I recently bought your theme and I have problem with showing the Popular post in the widget tab (included in the sidebar). It doesn’t seem to show the most viewed post, just shows some random posts and sometimes posts with only 3-4 views, instead of the post that have more than 100 views for example. Can you check this please?


Sorry for a bit delayed reply. Could you please send me your URL by email using the contact form in my profile and I will be glad to look further into it and help you with it. Thanks :)

Hi, I realized that the Popular tab shows posts based on the number of comments on the posts, not per views. So can we update the PHP script to show popular posts based on the views?


That can be done with some changes. Send me an email using the contact form as I said earlier and I will try to help you with that.


Is it possible to see fixed width option in the demo?

Are there more post examples or just one which is in demo? I would like to see if its possible to have featured image in the article and article content wraps around it?


Thanks for your interest. The theme has the fixed with as you see in the demo. Its a responsive layout, so if you will view it on a smaller device, the width will decrease. The featured image is displayed at the top of the content in the single article. However if you wish to wrap the text around it, it can be easily done with a couple of css lines. If you will need help regarding that, I could help. If you have more questions, let me know :)

Hi, I just bought your theme, and I’m excited to update my website.

From the past comments I saw you say that there is documentation that contains information, but I can’t find it in the Documentation File.

"Just check the theme documentation which contains detailed information on how to set up the theme."

In the Documentation file is files ccs, img, js, and a Chome link I can’t open.

I tried to update my website today, but when I loaded the new theme, I lost my Primary Sidebar, so I had to have Hostgater restore my site. I’m feeling a bit lost, so would love to see some instructions.

Thanks! Jenn

Hi Jenn,

Thank you very much for purchasing the theme. The documentation file is the html document (the Chrome link), if for some reason you cannot open it with Chrome, just right click on it and open with Firefox or any other browser you have. If you are still having troubles, send me a message using the contact form in my profile and I will be glad to help.

planning to purchase this theme it looks wonderful but is it going to work on some iframes when viewed on mobile? i used videowood.tv, yavideo.tv, openload.tv as my video host


Thanks for your interest. There should not be any problem. You can view the theme demo on the mobile to get the idea. If you have more questions, let me know. :)

Halo FairPixel

why I can’t install this theme? when I try to instal..it’s always show this message:

Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-5700790-discover-flat-wordpress-magazine-theme.zip

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

please help me

Thanks & Regard


Hi Lydia,

That is because you are uploading the incorrect file. Make sure that you upload the file fp_discover. Are you still having any difficulties to upload ? If yes, please send me a message using the contact form in my profile and I will be glad to help you :)


Great theme. Thank you!

Is it possible to highlight the category of the open post in the primary menu? E.g. to highlight Games here:



Please send me a message using the contact form in my profile and include your URL and I will look into it. :)

> to remove the overlay from the images…

What’s the easiest way to do this (both for the carousel and the common articles)?


Please send me a message using the contact form in my profile and include your URL, and I will be glad to help you :)


could you tell please what’s new in last update (6 September 16)?


Sorry for the delayed reply. Please have a look at the log file, there you can see list of changes. You can find the log file in the main theme package. If you have more questions, please use the contact form in my profile to send me a direct message :)

Hi, Theme compatible WP 4.7? Thank you

Hi, Yes it is :)

Hi, thème compatible WP 4.8 ? More update for a year. If you stop the updates of the theme, it is better to take another theme then. Thank You

Hi! The theme is up to date. I will update it whenever it will be required. :)

hi, am about to buy this theme hope it will work fine ?

Sure :) If you will have any questions or would need any help, just send me a message using the contact form in my profile and I will get back to you :)