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Very Nice! Thanks!

Looks very good! But I miss dropdown-menus …

Hi Colorit,

Subnavigation comes in the bar below the main navigation

Stunning work,


How easy is it to insert pictures into the portfolio? Can I upload one picture and it automatically resizes itself to be a thumb, a preview, and the fullsize or would I have to make all the sizes myself and then upload them?

Hi Aaron,

All images are automaticly resized upon uploading

This theme is fantastic, congratulations.


1- Is it possible to take off the comments icon, and also the star icon that appears on the blog title

2- How to have a text cufon title instead of a logo ?

3- How can you erase the data showing after the blog title (date,author etc.) and the read more button ?

Thanks for your help !

Thanks Thempre,

To all your question, yes you can! But you have to have a little knowledge of the html/php.

Its just a matter of deleting several section of code or adding them in case of the logo.

I’m happy to help if you need it, just send me a message via my profile page and I will get back to you.

Good luck with sales mate :D

How good is search engine optimization SEO for this theme? Please explain.

How do I sort the categories that appear on the sub-navigation bar? Awesome theme!

@InnovaWorks – to sort categories use a plugin

Thank you, Roxigo

Hi ScottFijolek,

I have created several screens of PHP code:

1. Title:

2. Meta Tags: Wordpress does not insert any Meta tags in your blog on its own. Meta tags are very important if you want the search engines to fall in love with your blog. You can use the All in one SEO Pack plugin for all your Meta tags including the titles too.

3. Permalinks & Mod_rewrite:

Search engines will always index your pages faster if your URLs are text-based instead of being long strings of code. Having your keywords in the URL is beneficial as it tells the spiders about your page content. For example, the URL is not search engine friendly, but if the same URL was written like, it would be easier for the search engines to index the URL . This kind of link conversion is done using a server-side feature called Mod_rewrite which uses an .htaccess file that is placed in your website root folder. Wordpress already has this inbuilt functionality to generate pretty URLs, so all you have to do is enable the option. Go to Options -> Permalinks in the Wordpress admin, and you will see the following common options.

4. Optimization of Keywords:

Overture’s Keyword Suggestion Tool is a good way to look for popular keywords related to your niche and then optimize accordingly.

5. Google Sitemap:

You may use a plugin which will automatically generate XML sitemaps for your blog. Download here -> Google Sitemaps Generator for Wordpress

I like this theme, but there are a few question I have before I buy this:

1) The frontpage cuber plugin, I’ve never liked it, and I’d rather have a simple slider with arrow nav, is this available or would I need to do that myself? Also, are the images in this featured area linked to any posts at all?

2) The portfolio page looks kind of weak, I would want to modify it a lot so it looks a bit more fancy. You seem to only have one post that is under all 3 sub-categories for the portfolio, is that one post “Kinesis” posted under ‘Design’, ‘Printing’, and ‘Video’ ?... and all the other portfolio entries are not?

3) The details page for a portfolio post is strange, you have a slider image navigation using the same set of images for every single post. Are they actually all different for each post? Also, you have a smaller navigation for images just below the slider, and that opens a lightbox with navigation. Why not just link those images at the bottom with the slider?

Note: the cuber links are targeting to open a second window for me.

Hi Tweak 589,

Thanks for your interest in the theme! here are some answers to your questions:

1) There’s a build in alternative for the main slider if you don’t want to use the cu3er.

example here:

2) This is done for demo purposes, will change it later. If you want to change the portfolio it can be done, but you have to know Wordpress. But we are happy to help you out with that.

3) Also for demo purpose we kept it simple, but the images can be changed per post or not used at all.

@note: we’ll fix that ;-)

Also, I see all these video sections but no video player and/or support for such a thing? Important that I have that.

There are no video’s included in this demo. But you can add youtube or custom video’s as you go.

its an example services page ;-)

Hey Grubforce

Great site, I just purchased it about an hour ago. I’m a wordpress newbie and I already have a preexisting WP site running. Reading through your help and how to setup files you mention that it is better to go from a fresh start than trying to integrate with an existing site (which I’m keen to do).

My cPanel is ultra messy (folders everywhere and main site running out of a sub blog folder not the root directory) and I would like to clean it up and start a fresh. I have no idea how to do so without losing my blog content.

Any chance there are some links you can point me towards? or perhaps you are interested in some free lance work?


Hi Leo,

Thanks for purchasing the theme.

I suggest you make a new folder for this theme, set it up with a new database etc. Then install the Wordpress theme. After that import you old content from the other site into the new one via the import option in Wordpress.

If you need any help i’m available for freelance work. Please send me a message via my profile page so we can talk further.

Nice work! I like it very much! Paul

Thanks for this theme. I have been playing with it for about 24 hours now. I’m a little new to wordpress but so far I have been able to manage to get everything running. Thanks again.

Hi Rfrye,

That’s great to hear! Good luck with the theme!

well…cuber is broken in my brand new installation, or it’s likely a problem with thumbnails not being generated. Not a single thumbnail will generate…

Are you sure the dummy content is loaded correctly.

Please send me a link

send to where? The link in the theme goes right back to this page?

Send me a message through my profile page.

I am having a hard time getting the content to load correctly. I have uploaded the dummy content and everything is there except the images. I have a fresh install, and have not modified any content yet as I wanted to get this figured out first.

Any direction would be very helpful.

Hi Rfrye,

The link you send me is from the HTML version of the theme.

Please first install Wordpress on your server and load the theme into the folder:

wp-content > themes

In the admin panel you can now select the Discovery theme (Appearance section)

If you encounter anymore problems feel free to contact me.

HI, First off Amazing work, Simply stunning, when I install the theme and go to activate The preview pic is gone, then when I visit the site theres literally nothing there except two hyperlinks for home and un-categorised and a jpeg for installing flash! Its a bit frustrating as I cant find out whats wrong, Is there a way to rectify this?

Hi CormacMcCann,

Please re-download the theme again, I found the bug with the dummy content I should be working now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you still encounter problems please contact me through my profile page and I will help you out.