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I’ve installed the recommended word press 2.9 (yes i went into the wp archive and download 2.9) and am just beginning to set it up.

My first goal was to get some images into Cu3er.

I cannot upload (never gives me a dialogue box) nor can I insert a URL .

Every time I hit upload, it takes me back to the top of the admin panel and says my changes have been saved.

Needless to say, nothing has been saved and nothing is showing up.

Please advise.

Can you send me a link through my profile page.

Thank you!

Can I translate this theme trough .po .mo files?

Sent you 2 emails grubforce and sent a link through your profile last week. Did you get the mssages? Thanks


How do I get rid of the logo at the bottom of the page i just need on logo at the bottom .. i don’t need it to double up

Delete the logo div in the footer.php file

Have waited 2 weeks now for some help. Anyone here?

Hi, thatnks for the theme it’s awesome!!!

Unfortunately I can’t get it working properly, I’m having similar trouble to codaqueen- I started out trying to upload a logo and a favicon, but it never gave me an option to choose a file from my computer. My friend installed the theme on his hosting and it seemed to behaive completly differently, he’s now intalled it on my hosting but has deleted 1 line of code in the java script, and semmed to work ok, but ive now just tred to upload a favicon and logo (I am now given the option to choose a file from my computer) but an error comes up mentioning the following…

Webpage error details

User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8 .0; Windows NT 6 .0; Trident/4.0; SLCC1 ; .NET CLR 2 .0.50727; Media Center PC 5 .0; .NET CLR 3 .5.30729; .NET CLR 3 .0.30729) Timestamp: Sat, 31 Jul 2010 14:48:18 UTC

Message: Permission denied Line: 571 Char: 17 Code: 0 URI :

please could you help me?

Thank you


Please contact my technical partner



Is there a way to separate blog posts into pages so it’s not one long page full of blog posts? I would like to have maybe 5 blog posts per page. Is this possible?

Hi kwhitsett,

In the general settings you can the number of blog posts that show per page.

I love the theme, just one question, what generates the “service page”, “portfolio” and “blog” templates? I want to add some social buttons to that before folks click to view the posts


Wel you have a table.php portfolio.php etc. file that are designed for each design.

Sorry about the late reply, been a busy couple of weeks. Actually I forgot to mention that I am using the original file not the update you did, I don’t see those files.

I have these instead.

single_blog.php single.php custom-fields.php

would it be one of these?

thanks for your help.

Doesn’t matter I was busy to :-)

That are the files yes so single_portfolio.php etc.

Good luck!

where is the author .. I have learnt if u want any response buy when its just release … after a huge amount of sales its screw you.. I have waited patiently for a month!!

I’m sorry for not being able to respond, but should I help you now when you post this??

First off, thanks so much for this great theme! I am wondering if there’s a fairly “simple” way to alter the white body background color. Thanks!


Hi Jed,

Yes there is, go to the css file styles.css and alter the div.content_frame

It now has a background image (the light grey gradient) delete that and put in the color that you want with: background-color {some color}

Good luck!

Thanks Grubforce, that worked perfectly. I’ve been customizing like crazy over the last couple of days and had a ton of success. One thing I’m stuck on… do you happen to know how I would alter the Sidebar “Category List” to allow Posts instead of Categories?

Thanks a bunch!

Nevermind, I ended up just using a custom widget to do what I needed. Thanks again for your awesome theme.

ok :-). Next time email me before u search again for hours…


I bought your theme today, and 7 hours later i still don’t have a working slider on the homepage.

Can you perhaps explain why the Slider option ( cause Cu3er just wont *@^$% work) displays all the image descriptions on top of each other ? The actual arrows also does not do a thing.

Does this theme actually work on 3.0.1 ? If not you should really mention it.

Waste of $32 otherwise – not impressed :(

Hi Izanne,

Thanks for purchasing my theme, please send me your login details through my profile page so I can take a look.

I’ve indicated that the theme doesn’t support 3.0 in the item descriptions yet, but all features should be working fine.


Thanks for your response, will the theme work correctly / better on 2.9 installation ?

I will work fine with 2.9

Anyway to slow down the cru3er slider? I found it! It is under the slider dropdown. Very cool

Do you intend to update this theme to be 3.0 compatible? If not I’ll have to go with another theme that is.

The current version has no problems with wp 3. I will update it right away.

having issues with firefox … why the Nos Nouveautés widget box swings far right creating another column .. is this a bug in the theme

having issues with firefox … why the Nos Nouveautés widget box swings far right creating another column .. is this a bug in the theme

sorry previous message was from my partners account!!

Hi Gricha,

I’m looking into it right now, will get back to you shortly

Grubforce, I just started noticing some links in the bottom left side of my footer to Were those inserted by your theme? Any idea how I can get them removed without commenting out the call to wp_footer?


Hi shadowlyze,

Don’t where you got the link from, this is not a standard of this theme.

have you found a solution to the firefox issues and AD widgets .. that I had posted

No not yet

Hi, I purchased the WP version a couple of months ago and have been getting it customized. I would like to add a sign up form that I can add HTML text to customize the form for different promotions. What WP plugin do you recommend for this?

Thanks! Sandy