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Hi Roxigo thank you for a very nice theme!

I have one problem, I don’t know the pixel size of the sliders and the thumbs.. can you please tell me them?

I mean the frontpage slider, and the post slider and post thumb :)


The frontpage slider buttons are 40×40pixels

If you use firefox I suggest to install firebug so you can easily measure elements in any site.

Good luck with the site!


A month ago I ask about issues I have had and still having with certain plugins, when using FF or IE, and I have not been given an answer as to why the theme behaves in this way .. is the issue fixable?

Hi Gricha2380,

I looked at your site in FF and couldn’t find any issues.

On the cubler home page slide show how can I adjust the description overlay time?

To make those adjustments you have to alter the xml file

Read the support for this plug-in on the webpage

The issue that we have been having is that the AD SQUARE plugin/widget does not work in FF .. we have since removed it .. originally u had said u would look into the problem .. the widget has since been removed so obviously you are not going to see the issue now .. unless you did not look at it from the very beginning!!

can you place a video in the xml slider?

Hey, I wanted to add CAPTCHA to the contact form. I am using the Really Simple CAPTCHA plugin to do this. Everything looks good with the code in the contact form 7 settings but the CAPTCHA does not show up. Is there something in the theme that I need to change to allow this to happen. I have already successfully added CAPTCHA to my comments but no luck with the contact page. Thanks.

Can you send me a link?

Hi grubforce, im having a problem, now we are in 2011 the archive widget in the footer 4 is too big in size and we need to have it also in spanish. Is there a a way to change the month into spanish?


Hi Dizen,

PLease send me an url of your site so I can take a look.


do you have an email to send you the url?

Just send it through my profile page here on themeforest :-)

i would prefer to send it private

I recieved your mail, thanks will get back to you shortly!

Hi Grubforce,

I’m having trouble loading this into wordpress. Everytime a I upload it just times out. I sent you a private message but I htough it would be a good idea to post here in case others had a similar problem.


Any update soon?

Hi Di-Zen,

I looked at your site but I can’t seem to find any thing out of the ordinary on your site…

how can i add a link to the portfolio text?

Hello. I have a problem with the CU3ER slider, it was working fine, but after I’ve update the WP to 3.1 it wont load any images. It’s show only the logo and remains like this.

Can you please help me?


Looking into this!

Images in the slider or post header disappears every time when i change ANY option in Discovery Options. if i click reset options, page comes back with pictures. any help? WP version is 3.1. tried to disable all plugins but doesn’t help.


need to know how i could possibly change the font in cuber in order to use Greek.

We ‘ve tried via config files but nothing happens.

thx in advance!

To alter fonts in the slider please visit:

hey, could you check out my site. ever since i updated to 3.1, every page has been extended below the theme. so the bottom of every page there is a bunch of blank space. i am using chrome. funny thing is, safari does not show this problem. any help would be great, thanks.

I’m going to update this theme next week, concerning this issue

Hi Grubforce,

For some reason you slider has broken down maybe a referal to a .JS that was hosted on your server?? Please take a look at the page as it appears to happen on more of this themes installations here are the links:

Thank you

Hey, I am using this theme and trying to create a portfolio page, but the entries don’t have a Read More link under them. Is there a way to fix this? Also, both the html and Wordpress versions of you page have a bunch of whitespace after the footer when you view them in the newest version of Google Chrome. Any idea what is causing this?

Hey grubforce, how are you doing. How is the update for the theme going? Can you give a timeframe. Also, I wanted to let you know that I am having a difficult time editing and adding photos to posts. I have been getting an error message like this. Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 122880 bytes) in /mounted-storage/home99a/sub003/sc62036-BXRQ/site/wp-content/themes/Discovery/admin/interface-action.php on line 86 Not sure why but to remedy this i have to enable another them to do all my edits and then re-enable yours. Can you help me with this issue?

Hey grubforce, I was able to fix the problem with the editing on my end by going into my host files. Sorry for asking about that. I was wondering though if their was a way that the thumb for the blog was not the same for the picture of the blog when you open it. I edit the pictures so they are the appropriate size for each application so when the thumb is on my blog it is totally distorted. I tried using slide 1 but that does not seem to fix the problem. If there was a way to change this that would be appreciated, please let me know when you have time. Thanks.