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Hi there, great theme but how can i get my portfolio page in the sub-menu?

You will have to download a plug-in theme for this

Hi, I like the theme but am pulling my hair out trying to figure out the top Navigation bar….

Is there a way to make a custom widget menu and have it REPLACE the nav bar at the top? I installed the dummy content to see how it works, and all I see is the Homepage (which I cannot edit beyond the name) and it seems to randomly throw up blog posts as the nav… I then deleted all categories & dummy pages, but still see a link called “THE BEAST ” which will not go away… I cannot even find where it is…

Please help!

Also, your help documentation does not match the Theme’s custom admin page!

Here is the screen shot that I see online:

Here is the Custom Admin panel that I have….

Both still say v 1.0 ….so which is the real one??

Here is the screen shot that I see online:

Here is the Custom Admin panel that I have….

Both still say v 1.0 ….so which is the real one??

Still the same

One version is tabbed, and one version is vertical… the options are not the same as the help documentation…

How can you think it’s the same?

Have you fixed the whitespace at the bottom of the theme yet?

Also I am having trouble with the porfolio page. It shows entries, but doesn’t have a link to the actual post. ie. Click to read more…

Any help would be wonderful.

Hi There! any updates to this theme?? i read you are working on a update when is this coming out?


Hi grub force are we going to have any updates??? as you said in some coments you are working on them ? it would be nice to have some hope you can

no answer at all? what´s this…..

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the very late response, concerning the whitespace issue in the chrome browser. Its a very busy time for me this time of the year.

I posted an update that will be approved soon.

but for you that can’t wait ;-) here is what you have to change:

in the style.css file go to line 274

and change the following parameter:

display: inline-block to || display: block;

and add the following parameter:

float: left;

that’s it!

or search for: #footer_frame

Hi Grubforce,

(posted one month ago page 15)

For some reason you slider has broken down maybe a referal to a .JS that was hosted on your server?? Please take a look at the page as it appears to happen on more of this themes installations here are the links:

Thank you

There reason it doesn’t work is that there’s an javascript file that is causing the error.

xs-js file.

Can’t give support for that, sorry

hmm strange indeed cuz no files have changed on the server or anything it just broke down thats pretty strange…

It can be a plug-in you installed

What do I need to edit to change the size of the thumbnail images on the portfolio page, not the actual portfolio posts. By default they are 260px wide by 105px tall.

You Will need to alter the portfolio template file in php. Somewhere in that file the dimensions are defined. Enter the dimensions you like

Is this Theme working with the last version of wordpress 3.1.3 ???


Hi grubforce!. once you asign a Navigation menú how con you delete pages from there??

Thanks for this theme. Nice work! How can i change the font size (slider)? Thanks again…

You need to edit the xml file. assign a new font there.

hallo? need some help please…


they say there is a stylesheet there is missing?

No there’s no stylesheet missing

HI there, I just uploaded this theme to wordpress and the functionality of the website is all missing. My wordpress also said that some CSS was missing and that it was a broken template…is there any support on this product to get it up and running?

Currently all I have working is the homepage which is rotating default pictures and the search feature, none of the navigation bar is present.

Please send me a link through my profile page. Thank you!

Nevermind haha, didn’t notice the instructions link! Great setup!

Is anyone else having issues with photo uploads? Mine is being a little weird, for some reason its only letting me upload 9 thumbnail photos to any given portfolio entry….also in the showcase slider it is randomly leaving out certain photos that have been uploaded….

any advice anyone?