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Hello, I already purchase the theme, but I have a problem with images in slide. They are stretching disproportionately. Please look: second and third images.

Please advice. Thanks

Hi Cyberart,

You will need to upload the images in the correct size.

Hello, my compliments for the theme. I have a difficulty. How do I change the height of the logo. I hope you can help me. Thank you. Silvia

You have to access the css file and look for logo, there will be height andwidth dimensions you can alter there

Hi any update coming soon for this Theme? it would be nice to have it! hope you listen to this comment, thanks.

Hi, my compliments for the theme. I have a difficulty. I can’t add more than 9 thumbs inside my pages and I don’t understand why ? I look inside thumb.php it means good. Thanks for taking your times

Does this work with the actual wordpress version 3.3.1 ???

Does this work with the actual wordpress version 3.3.1 ???

can we change the color of the theme?

Yes by altering the css

I would like to add pages/links to the sub nav bar on the main page to be the same throughout the site. So far I can only add to the sub nav on sub pages and not the home/main one. Please help, thanks!

My problems with this theme are: The request info button that should be on the top of the sidebar doesn’t show up, the Cu3er version of the image slider doesn’t work only the basic slider version, and the black background image below the footer where the logo goes also doesn’t show up even though it calls for it in the code.

Any Update of this Theme? when? thanks

2 months no reply? are you going to make updates of this theme?

can you view this website through iPad?

Purchased the HTML version a while back and love it. Want to upgrade it to WP version. Just curious. I see there are a number of requests from people that have not been responded too and they posted them MONTHS ago. Are you offering any info on whether you are doing updates on this template to keep up with the WP updates and system changes? If not I won’t be purchasing it.

I am trying to use the SEO Facebook Comments plugin, but it just shows up on top of the comments. Any idea how I would replace your comments setup with the comments setup in this plugin?

Hi grubforce , good work bro , can you tell me how can i delete or hide Visit Project Word from home slide picture

Please ans or mail me at

Can’t get the cu3ber home page slider to work.. I dont see anywhere to add slider images?? does this work for the new wordpress?? Its very frusterating

Hello, I just purchased your theme, and I’m having a problem.. at the very buttom of the theme, where the logo appears again, the background appear as white instead of black, where’s that part in the css file?


Your theme doesn’t support Wordpress 3.5.1, please add support or give me back my money. Please answer!


Any upgrades? why you do not answer? anything? i`ve asked a lot and you don mind your customers? what is this?