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CU3ER isn’t working. I am trying to load all my content into the theme. I created a blog post and uploaded 3 photos, none of them are working either on CU3ER or just in the post. I really love this theme, but I need to have photos on my blog, I am a photographer!

Any progress on getting the CU3ER to work, i like the layout of the theme but i purchased because of the CU3er, Does the CU3ER only work with the HTML site and not wordpress?

@Whempsey and jmf5115,

Please re-download the theme again, I updated the dummycontent. Sorry for the inconvenience!

I have made no progress and I have been working on this all evening. Has anyone been able to get content or images to post correctly into this blog / theme? Sounds like we are all in the same boat.

I was able to get as far as the URL shows. I can change some of the static info directly in the html files, but cannot make any edits on the wordpress backend.


If anyone has made progress, I would like to discuss this with you. rob[at]

Look at my previous reply above ;-)

@TastyPlacement, @CormacMcCann, @whempsey, @jmf5115, @rfrye -

Hello to all, CU3ER works very well for Wordpress version. Maybe you could drop me a link to your installation (login and password) so I can take a look? Email:

Thanks & Regards Roxigo

Hi, How many sidebars do you have, and where are they? Need to put a number of widgets in.

Congrat’s on getting this up by the way.


Please contact Roxigo for the matter at


Downloaded new content and theme, no images are loading.

Where are the images coming for the CU3R on the example site?

I thought the theme was supposed to pull images from the post?

I just want to be able to link 3 or 4 images in the CU3ER to post or other pages.

I do appreciate the quick response by the author grubforce.


The posts for the Cu3er slider will need the tag ‘FeaturedTag’

You can enter this on the right panel of your enter post screen. You also need to upload an image to show in the custom discovery settings below the custom fields section.

GGRRRRRR !!!! Reinstalled everything. Images still broken. Very unhappy with this theme.

Hi TasyPlacement,

Please send me your login details so we can take a closer look. We are standing bye for these matters and are willing to sort it out for you asap. Leaving these comments doesn’t help anybody ;-)

Ok, this theme does work correctly. The setup just need a little clariification. After my last post i finally figured out how to use the Cu3er slider.

You must use the section below the custom fields - scroll way down to the “Discovery Custom Settings” and then upload you images

Like i said the theme works fine it just needs more explanation to alleviate some of the setup frustations.

i think the author is assuming the users know more than they do :)

Had the same issue with the Cu3er but after uploading images in the custom discovery settings in the post and adding the FreatureTag on the post it work snow! I’m getting an error on the individual post though.

Hi AdanRico:

Maybe you could drop me a link to your installation so I can take a look? Email: Thanks & Regards Roxigo

Is there a way to not have the Categories displayed in the top menu? Just Pages

Yes you can. Just create a page and enter the page id in the custom admin panel under main navigation.

Remove the id from the category that is being displayed now in that same admin panel.

If you encounter more problems please send me your admin details so I can take a closer look per email.

Yeah on i can get the normal slider to work but the cuber is not working.

Any Idea’s?

PLease send me your login detail through my profile page, thanks!

or send them to my partner with this theme

I have sent emails thru here as well as direct and you are not responding to any of it. the cube display is not working.

Reply’d to your email, I have some time off in the weekend ;-)

@TheTMC, @salvadorcharlie: Maybe you could drop me a link to your installation so I can take a look (login and password)? Email:

Thanks & Regards Roxigo

Hey Roxigo. Thanks for all the help so far, you have been a lifesaver. Quick questions… Contact Form 7 will send to one of my email address but not to the one I need it to… Could this be a problem with my hosting / permissions somewhere?

@rfrye: Same servers send mails only to emails of the domain which is added to your hosting account for example. if you have when you can add only What server hosting do you use?

Hi Grubforce!

I’ve been waiting for the WP Discovery – it’s great that we finally got it!

Well I want to ask one question: is there any way to make Portfolio section with “images only” – without any txt or stuff… Need to use it as photo portfolio with just pictures and I wonder if this suits me well.

Regs, KK

Hey Grubforce

Left a comment last week sometime asking you if you were keen for some freelancing work. Tried to email you through your profile page and have had no response. I’ve actually tried twice with no luck, just wondering if its ended up in your spam/junk box for some reason? I know you are very prompt with your replies on here so I figured there must be something wrong with the system. Do you have another email I could try?



I’m having trouble with to reply to your email, I always get a postmaster exchange error.

Do you have an other mail adress so we can discuss the freelance work?


Gday Grubforce

Please email on


Nice! One of the best uses of CU3ER that I’ve seen so far :) Great work grub!

Thanks Brandon! ;-)