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I love this theme but I’m hesitant to purchase it because it seems a lot of people are having trouble with it.

Is it extremely complicated? Have the issues been resolved?

It is a definite plus that grubforce is so responsive and willing to help.

Hi Tmillett,

The theme is working fine. All the question are mostly about the image upload and getting the cu3er to work.

I’m writing a new help document that should clear these things up.

In the meantime me and Roxigo are standing bye for support on these kind of issues.

Thanks for the theme, I really liek it.

I would like disable to current homepage where the slider/cu3er shows up. I would like the homepage to be just like the blog page, with posting and page nav at the bottom.

How do I do this?

@idama: Maybe you could drop me a link to your installation so I can take a look (login and password)? Email: Thanks & Regards Roxigo

Loving the theme! Just getting moving on customizing it…I am having trouble replacing the champagne font with the cufon_replace.js. I generated a js file from a typeface and uploaded it to the same js folder as cufon_replace.js. However, the file name generated by the site is much different than the example you have in there ( font.Champagne.js versus fontname.font.js ) not sure if thats causing the issue, also I’m not 100% sure what name i am using to replace champagne in the cufon_replace.js file…where do I get that from?


Hi Lovelyjunkie,

Can you send me a link of your site?

In the header.php you have to change the font.Champagne.js into font.Yourfontname.js

In the cufon_replace.js you will find all the headers and other cufon links with maybe a font assigned to it. like h1 font: Verdana-bold etc.

For more information about this go to here

But like I said i’m happy to help you out with this small issue.

Thanks for the quick reply, I missed the call in the header.php…i remedied that and all is well…thanks again!

Good to hear! :-)


I dont know if its me, or if it is the theme. When I upload my images on the page, they dont show up in slide after upload, the align under themselves. I have 4 days to get this blog ready.

Also, its being difficult to find out how to upload images to the cuber on homepage.

I really need your help.



Hi Diana,

Please send me your login details to me through my profile page.

You will be ready in 4 days ;-)


Hello Guys

I have another question:

The Sidebar Widget i want to put info but for diferent pages, I dont want the same text appearing on all pages. How can I define each page with diferent sidebar info…



Great theme, but it is not setup for standard widgets. The widget title is messed up on most widgets.


How do I put subnavigations on the menu bar (under);;;


@clicking: Hi Diana, I sent an email few minutes ago. I saw that not all files a on server see my email for details.

Can you re-upload files to the server.

Can you please send me an email to me about how to work sidebars

Thank you Diana. Sergey Roxigo.

@jgirdner: Can you send me a link of your site? I checked on demo and it is working fine. For latest News and categories you must add title from Discovery Option Panel

Thank you, Sergey Roxigo.

hi Roxigo,

bought your tempalte a few days ago, works great except for one thing. The services page does not appear as it should, it looks like the portfolio page and the links state “visit project” as opposed to “read more”. Is there a setting in the admin page that requires modification to make the service page appear as the live preview.

please advise,


@udfrance: Hi Maybe you could drop me a link to your installation so I can take a look (login and password)? Email:

Thanks & Regards Roxigo

hey udfrance and roxigo:

would like to know how to change view project to read more;;;


“Can you please send me an email to me about how to work sidebars

Thank you Diana. Sergey Roxigo.”

I just want to have the subnavigation or dropdown so I can put my subcategories,



Hey ROXIGO ”””

thank you so much for your patient you solved my big problem!!!

Good JOb, specially the attention with all of us!!!

Thanks once again…

Ps… have posted a little other questions that i wish to have solved when you can!

1 . would like to know how to change view project to read more 2 . How do I put sub-navigation on the menu bar ( should i use pages or post or categories for the navigation) I wanted to show my products like the template portfolio page: 3 . The side bar has the category option, i want that all the products names appear in the category, do these pages have to be saved as a post, category or can it be a page. 4 . why does my Product Category underline while im on another page 5. I want my “points de vente” like “services” how can i find this kind, my id 6 is like the id 4.

Im sorry to bother so much…. whenever you could answer I would be very thankful!!!


Thanks for the reply. The latest news and category widgets look fine. The problem is with other widgets like Tag Cloud, Text Widget, etc…

Right now I don’t have any of them active on my site because the site is live.

I’m having an issue with the ordered list and unordered lists… Is there a way to get them to work? For some reason they’re not showing and they also change the point and font when trying to use them.

Help with this would be fantastic. I’m going to have a bunch of pages with lists.

Hi Whempsey,

The unorderded lists are not yet defined in the styles.css file.

To add custom css go to the custom admin panel and add the new css for


I also suggest you use <p> tag like <li><p>text here...</p></li>

This way the text style will be like the rest of the site.

Hey Grubforce

Sorry for not getting back to you earlier, I’m pretty keen to get the site all up and running, if you could please try to email me on or that would be great. I sent you a whole bunch of email addresses as well through your profile, not sure if they every made it? Either way try these, other wise I might have to get an email off you.




Nice looking template with the cu3er banner.

What if I do not include the dummy data? Do I just upload the core folder to the themes/discovery folder to get the cu3er banner to work?


Well yes its possible to get it working without the dummy data.

Just make sure you make a post that has the tag ‘FeaturedTag’

If you need any assistance please mail me your login details so I can help.

Hey, very nice theme! Question—How are the portfolio item images generated? Are they easy to change inside Wordpress? I want to use the portfolio page to feature a product catalog and I want to be able to easily add & edit new products onto the page.


Portfolio Items can be added/edited or deleted through the standard post admin in wordpress

And by adding a new post/item, it will automatically add it to the portfolio main page and generate a “details” page for the new item as well?

Yes, you first have to create a categorie for example portfolio. Then declare the portfolio id in the custom admin and you done :-)