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Hi Grubforce, great theme!

I have a couple of problems if you could help?

1. In navigation options the theme does not display the pages I ask, i write them as follows 2,3,4,5 but nothing appears?

2. I have managed to get the slider to appear but not to display any image and just a question mark as if the it can’t find the path.

3. I have not uploaded the dummy data, where should I upload this to?

Thanks for your help on this.

Hi Albidesign,

1) You need to enter the page id’s into the custom admin panel in the navigation tab

2) To ad the image go to the post and scroll down to the discovery custom setting and upload the image in the first slot

3) You can import the data through the settings panel

If you still encounter any problem please send me an mail trough my profile page and we will help you out.

regards, grubforce


I cannot see the footer sections. Can you tell me how can I fix this problem ?

And Cub3r doesn’t load images corectly.

Awesome theme!

Best regards, Alex

Hi Alexxdst,

Please send me a link of your sote so I can take a closer look (login details would be handy ;-) )

But here’s a quick answer for how I think you can fix this:

footer) Go to appearance select widget. Here you can control the 4 footer sections

cu3er) Create a post with a tag called FeaturedTag, then scroll down Discovery Custom Settings and upload the image into the first slot. note: It can take a while for the images display in the cu3er, so delete your cache every time you update and want to check!

Hope this helps!

Love the theme! I am having issues with the blog page.. I cannot seem to change the blog template! it is acting like the portfolio page! readers cannot see full blog posts only snippet.

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for buying the theme and your appreciation!

To change the way the blog page looks follow these steps:

1) Login and go to the discoveru custom panel
2) Go to Blog categorie
3) Set the blog category ID
4) Below that you got three display options for the page: Services, Portfolio and Blog

Choose Blog ;-)

If you encounter more problem feel free to contact me, login details maybe will come in handy then.

Good luck with the theme! And don’t forget to give it a rating, thanks!

I managed to do almost everything I wanted thanks to your email. :D Now I only got issues with cub3r … and I think its because I don’t know how I should post so that it displays in cub3r (something with the custom fields i belive).

Oh` .. and when about me page is active .. in the navigation ..the blog page its also active .. and that’s weird :D ..

aproapeilegal[.]ro .. my website

thx, Alex

Hi Alexxdst,

Thanks, I can help you with these small issues please send me your login details via mail.

For the PSD file I dont see where you can change the fonts or the small bottom logo. Is there a way to do this?

Hi Golfspy,

If youre in the psd file you will find a smart object called ‘logo’. Click twice on the icon to edit the logo. You may have to change the width and height accordingly.

I had cu3er working just fine and then it just suddenly quit working. The slider variation seems to be working just fine so it’s pulling the proper projects.

cu3er just stopped loading the images. It gets to a point and just stops. I’ve tried replacing the files from the original install with no luck.


Hi Damien,

Thats strange, can you please send me your login details through my profile page?

This way I can take a look and see whats going wrong.


grubforce, I have looked for the ‘smart object’ called logo and still cannot find it. Do you happen to know which folder it is in?

From what I can tell the entire footer is one big layer.

Hi Golfspy,

You will find the logo in the Navigations folder.

And yes the footer is also a smart object. For more info about smart objects in photoshop please look here:

Thanks for the link, I actually watched that just before you replied. Although for some reason I still do not see the smart objects, hmmm.

Hi MygolfSpy,

If you see the layers panel and select the layer you want to edit.

Does the layer show a little icon?

If its yes, its a smart object and you can click it twice to open it.

hello, can u help me with my site:

i dont want the flash image to target _blank. i assume this needs to be changed within the flash file?

also, why is my contact page wonky & not showing its borders?



Hi Jeromerobins,

1) To edit the targets in the flash file you’ll have to edit the config.php file which I don’t recommend if you don’t know xml/php.

In that file you will find a part with a tag called change or delete it the way you want.

2) To style you’re form inclose text labels in the tag

for input fields add classes like showb in the css file:

small input field: class=”in_small” medium input field: class=”in_medium” large input field: class=”in_big”

for textarea’s:


For more info about form stylings open the style.css file and scroll down to “Form elements”

Good luck with the theme! :-)

thanks. we fixed the contact style. heres a small list of things im having probs with. Other than these, im good to go (I think):

1. I cant seem to get the nav bar in proper order despite putting them in my desired order on the discovery section options. 2. The services link on the nav seems to be stuck on an active style. Even when youre not on it. 3. I cant get the drop down “select recipient” styled right on the contact page 4. As I mentioned, the flash targets _blank. i looked at what u mentioned & i think it would be easier if u just gave me the actual code to change the target.

thanks again


to which email? i email roxigo already.

Through my profile page here at themeforest

sent thanks.

Hi Roxio,

Thanks for all your help with this. The site is GREAT ! Quick question. How could I use video with the lightbox effect within the portfolio section?

Thanks again in advance and great job on this template!!! Doug


since the contact form is not styled as advertised could you please help me on style it correctly. I’ve provided access to your email to

Moreover when on single post thmb are showing on two rows (more than 7 thumb) the content starts over the second row of thums. Could you please fix this issue also please.

Last: I’l using WPML multilanguage plugin and language selector on footer widget 4 is not showing correctly. Usally it works fine with other themes.

You help woul be appreciated.


Hi Pierpablohoney,

First thing first thanks for buying this theme!

1) Stylings of forms:

There are several contactform stylings you can add, for an extensive overview look in the style.css file at the “form elements” heading:

To get the text and input field show correctly. Put the text in label tags

And the input fields have to have a class of in_small, in_medium or in_big

Textarea is styles with the class in_textarea

2) The post tumb point, can you be more clear what you mean? I think is has something to do with your settings. PLease send me login details through my profile page here on themeforest.

3) That’s not supported right out of the box

How do I get the uncategorized link from showing at the top of the page? I haven’t put it’s category ID in the list of categories to show and I have no posts at all so it has nothing in it. It looks ugly and is throwing my nav off – how do I remove it?

Otherwise great theme, I’m really liking it…

Also just found something else – even in your theme preview the mailto: link in the sidebar doesn’t work because the URL of the site is appended to the mailto link. Is there any way to stop this happening?

Nevermind – answered my own question re; the category display. It disappears if I add in a category of my own. I didn’t plan to add a category, though, which means this would be there if I had only pages. Maybe something to fix in a new version.

How do I stop the cu3er links opening in a new page? These are all pages within my blog so it makes no sense to send people to a new page to view them.

How do I stop posts in subcategories being put in the main category? For example I have the category digital-print as a parent of the category wide-format. Any posts put in wide-format (even without selecting digital-print) are put into digital-print. I don’t want this – I want them to be on the category page they are assigned to only.

How do I get the contact details in the sidebar onto every post, not just on the sidebar of the pages? I want these details everywhere through the site (I’m going to try editing sidebar.php

The heading on my portfolio category isn’t working – nothing shows up there. I’ve checked in the settings and read through the help file but I can’t find where to put this in at all. Can’t see it in the Discovery settings either.

There is no ul or li formatting within the post. Is this intentional or is there something I need to to do make it work? The font even reverts back to browser standard text.

Sorry, lots of questions – but otherwise great theme!

Hi Malonerager,

These are a lot of post you got there ;-)

Seeing that you solved the first three posts i’m just going to answer this one.

1) The cu3er links. To alter this you will have to have a little knowledge of php and xml. You can change this in the config.php file. For more information also check to see how the xml file is build up

2) This is really a custom job

3) Those elements aren’t styled yet and indeed will display standard font. Will be changed in the next update.

is there a custom style for a drop down? id like to add one to my contact page but it appears wonky without a style.



Hi Jerome,

There’s a custom style for pull down menu’s in the style.css file.

It only line’s the pull-donw out with a specific with.

Hey Purchased this theme… Love it..

2 minor issues.. in the custom fields for gallery for some reason after a 9th uploaded thumbnail… you are unable to upload the 10th – 20th. However, you can upload to media library and copy URL ..

On that same point. The text gets covered in a post using the custom fields slider and thumbnail gallery (the thumbnails cover the text on screen.)

Hopefully this is an issue that is a quick fix.

Thank you thank you!

Hi Pstatus,

Good point can you send me some links for reference?


well i don’t want anyone to see the site until completed.. but here is a screenshot i upload to another site:

I have a fairly large logo that doesnt fit. Is there a way to make the area bigger to fit the logo. i resided all i could without distorting logo. Thanks. this is my best theme ever

logo size 140×75

You can add a bigger logo to you site. To do this you have to alter a couple of thing:

1) The css of the navigation wrapper to match you logo height

2) The background image of the navigation

And your done. But If you have any problem with this please feel free to contact me through my profile page, so we can discuss this further


I may have missed it but did you answer whether I can use video with the lightbox plugin within the portfolio section?