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Nice and simple template man :)

Hi grubforce

Do you plane to code this one?


@Kevinsturf, thanks mate!

@Danyno45, I see myself coding this one for sure. But really liked the design and therefor posted is as a psd first.

This is really pretty – I love the look of the blog and the portfolio. If it was coded I would buy for sure. I’m not that good with code so I would love if it was Wordpress, but either way, just wanted to say I really like the look of this :)

Thanks! I will start coding next month first a html/css and then into wordpress

nice template… wish it was coded…


This template would be really nice if you just changed the typography, maybe if you used Nevis for the nav and logo, and Helvetica/Arial for the body, I’d buy this :)

hi 65bit,

I agree with your point, but the nevis font is only available as a bold type.

But you can always change the font the way you like ;-)

Yeah, but it’d look sexier bold, or at the very least Gotham then? :)

Yes, didn’t have that font yet :-) Maybe i’ll use it with cufon when I code this one.

The font used now by the way is Champagne & Limousines

Love the design, good job!

Thanks, looking forward for the coded one, Good luck grubforce :)

Thanks guys! appreciate it.

Looking forward to code this one

Another vote for a coded version. Love the design!

Thanks! Working on it ;-)

This design is so “similar” to this site: http://www.imgspark.com

Hi Joniko,

Can you explain to me what you think is so ‘similar’?

Joniko and other readers I started a thread on the forum about this. So feel free to read or comment there about this.


nice ! code it and i will buy right away!

Hi everyone,

I’ve coded this theme into html/css

You can find it here: