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Kriesi, you are on fire! :) Congrats!

Like it! Thanks.

So how do you edit the images on the 3d slider without the fla file?

you just add the url to the image into a text file. Same for the transition :)

Hi Kriesi, good work. I want to buy this template but i need it with this color #A6004C

Is it possible to change it and to see a preview ??

Thanks a lot

I would recommend to use firebug or the web developer toolbar for firefox so you can change the css on the fly in your browser and preview the other color yourself :)

It is possible and not a problem at all to use the #A6004C color :)

Sorry but I can’t do it because wrapper class have a bg image that I cannot change. Can you do it for me and show me or… say me how to change it and see a preview ??

Thanks for your time

you can remove the bg image with firebug, or you can choose to display the minimal version which doesnt use background images ;)

I’ve been waiting for you to do this, and knew ya would. You should toss an “outline: none;” tag on the 3D flash slider just for good measure.

thanks, will do this on the next update :)

Tell me how are you made the slideshow, please? I want such one in my site.

Why DOESN ’T apple rebrand to banana? :) Great Template

Wow, outstanding work Kriesi! I can see the magic behind your calculation of slider proportions. Or maybe you just got very good eyes for this? Really nice overall and I bet there is a big queue out there waiting for wp version :-)

Great design and layout, well done.

The coding is not consistent throughout, it is not a major issue.

Look forward to seeing future work!

Thanks again everyone :)

Thanks again everyone for your kind comments :)

Great design, I am almost sad that I went with the Twicet theme, But I happy with the site, and I can always change. Super work.

OK. Here it is:

This is by far the best template I’ve seen here on Themeforest and I’m here a while…

Kudos – lovely work.

Will buy tomorrow.

Great design and really want to purchase this however I need it linked to a CMS . Anyone available to make this happen? WP or other?

Thanks! DC

Wordpress version will be available in a few weeks…

Thanks PLEASE let me know when the WordPress version is complete and I will buy! Thanks!

PURCHASED ! I love your style.

Definitely love this theme, am considering buying it, though am just wondering whether it’s possible to add a link to each of the slides in the slider? Also can you use png’s? Cos that would be awesome!

Good work on the theme!

you can use pngs but linking the image itself is not possible as far as i know. however you can add a description text to each slide and this text can of course contain a link :)

Amazing design!!

One question, can I just stick to one transition effect on the 3D image slider, or do you have to cycle between the different effects?

I would prefer to stick to just one effect.


yes this is possible by editing the config file, really easy ;)

Just want to thank Kriesi for a stunning design.

It was just what i wanted but didn’t know it till i saw this.

I’m currently coding it up as a thematic child theme for my personal site.

B E A utiful !


This is a great template, congratulations!

Great work as always!