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LOVE this theme, will yoube creating a wordpress version in the future.

yes, hopefully within the nex month or so..

really, Id like to know what is the current record for sales in one week throughout marketplaces. Im sure it already broke the TF record… what about activeden ?:D

amazing work.

thanks a lot :)

I have a template that I am currently working on that uses cu3er as well. :) Nice work as always.

Hello, Great Work, but in Windows 7 will not work with Firefox (not seen “The 3D image slider”), works with IE I tried your other work and all work with Firefox and Windos 7 can solve? Thanks

i will take a look during the weekend, didnt recognize any errors on my last test =)

Thank you for creating another great theme. Awsome price too.

Havent got a need for the theme yet but would reccommend Kriesi to anyone :)

Well worth the money.

Cheers Chris

Hello Kriesi.

It’s me from another template :) I decided to let go wordpress template, due to too many problems I had with my old blog and interfierances with it. Now I bought this one (without discount ;) ) and have few questions. Hope you could answer it here.

- Images for front page slider should be size 940×420. How can I make thinks work, if I have images in default 800×600 ? If i “strech them, they will be no use. Maybe some “autoresizing” exists? Like in your Levitation theme? What is your suggestion to do here?

- since I am new to html, can you explain how do I write blog posts? I guess it is not the same as in wordpress. Must I write everything in HTML ? Like posts that exist? What about categorys, how will each post go to each category? How will old blog posts move to “previous pages” (2,3,4…) and to “archives”? Must I do that by myself?

I know this question is stupid for most users here, but it’s not for me. Hope you will help me here too. :(

- and the last question. Is it possible to include some “widgets” or “plugins” on the theme? Especially on “blog” section ?

Really hope you will answer me. Need your help, really. ( Since I became your regular customer, my moneybookers account reduced :) )

And of course, superb them and great layout. As all your job!


hey, you can pass the image size in index.php at swfobject.embedSWF(“slideshow/cu3er.swf”, “featured_image”, “940”, “420”, “9”, “expressInstall.swf”, flashvars, attributes);

the numbers 940 and 420 represents the picture size. you also need to open your style.css file and search for the div #featured and change the width. auto resizing is not possible since a lot of php is needed to pull this of and this is only an html template…

SInce this is only a html file it also doesnt support any widgets, and you have to enter each content manually to the html file with a html editor. every link, every category, you need to create every html page by hand and add the content to it by hand.

Hey, do you think you could get this in wordpress faster than a month?


I love this theme and am really keen to get a wordpress version. I’d happily pay extra if you could do it sooner rather than later.



Just purchased this theme. Looks great and I love it!


Great job! Thanks again!

...Bought. Thanks

Great Theme..Freu mich auf die Wordpress Version!!

There is a bug in Safari 4.0, OP=Win xp.

The dropdowns doesn’t show becouse of the flash – It goes behind the flash. It seemes like the wmode doesen’t do the job in this browser.

Is there a way to solve this?

Ill have a look into it, not sure if this can be fixed, safari for win is still somewhat messy :)

I understand and I agree with you – messy is a god word for it. Good luck and thanks for the reply.

I think that you will like this as a rotator salution in your next template. It doesn’t have the problem that always comes with Flash :

Thanks for beautiful templates and the best work I have seen.

What’s the actual timeframe on the WP version being available?

Same as danielsinner :)

dont know yet sorry :/

Same as danielsinner…:)

Same as danielsinner…:) I am in love with it.

This looks nice. A couple of questions before going ahead with the purchase:

1) In the preview, I did not see styles for elements like tables or a login page. Is this included? 2) The page is fixed width. Can it be made to adjust with the browser size? 3) Is it easy to change the colors?


1.) no

2.) its possible but not really recommended, you would need to edit the width of several css classes

3.) yes, simple css in almost all cases

OK; do you have any plans to add other style elements like tables?

Currently not, sorry

Are you not sure if you will make this into a WP theme?

The WordPress version can’t come soon enough!

How about an update on when the Wordpress version might be available? Really looking forward to it.