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Thanks. I bought the HTML version, but would definitely want to use a WP version. Thanks.


Hello Everyone

The Wordpress version is now available here

How Can I Change the Speed of the Banner Rotations?

I tried changing the value of: DELAY in config.xml (but didnt seem to work)

Also, how do I program the banner to PAUSE when hovered over – instead of it continuing to rotate? should help you with the duration: check out 3D transition and duration. Dont know if pausing is possible with a simple hover. You might want to drop stef (the creator of the slideshow) a mail since he has a much better understanding and knows all options :)

Thanks – I figured out that I need to change the “time” here:

Is this the same slider I saw in the new Wordpress version. Seems as though that slider has some different progressions. By the way, I saw the info above about linking to the banner file. The advice that you gave is what is needed to place text above the image as the slider progresses, correct? Thanks.

yep it is the same slider but it is even without the use of flash and only with the help of the config file very easy to edit.

the advice does exactly that, yes but it is also possible to only link the image without text as seen in the wordpress version

Excellent. One other question. I want to take maybe two of the columns at the bottom and add a twitter feed maybe RSS from my blog when its complete. Would that be too difficult?

if you want to add an rss feed i would heavily recommend to use the wordpress version sicne it already comes with one included (maintaining an rss feed without a cms simply takes too much time)

adding support for twitter aint a problem since there are a ton of javascript and php solutrions out there that can acomplish this :)

Hi Kriesi,

I removed the flashvars.font = “font.swf”; from line 26 but Safari is still reporting the error and it is also showing up in the http logs with all the other browsers (Firefox, Opera and Chrome). Could it be that the Flash object itself is requesting it? All caches have been cleared by the way….



hm sorry, i cant reproduce this behaviour, neither in safari nor in any other browser :(

Great template,

i have a question, how can i change the loading that appears in the slideshow, for something more generic. (for example Loading please wait, or in my language “cargando”)


if you mean the red slideshow symbol: that cant be exchanged, this is a small advertisement for the creator of that slideshow and its not possible to replace it :)

Hello Kriesi!

I want to know if there is any way to hide the subpages of the main menu and which are not visible Visit: and you can see … is too long Thanks

do you mean the widget in the footer? if you add your own widgets the basic ones will disapear. you can also directly edit footer php and remove the call for wp_list_pages

Hi Kriesi,

may I know what are the key differences between the HTML and WordPress version of this theme?

Currently my website is a basic HTML website, a simple click and go kind of web, with slight flash animation. Its main function is just to showcase product catalogs and some information on my business.

Your Display 3 in 1 HTML Theme looks ideal for my website, since i am going to do a revamp on it. However I was thinking will there be a lot of missing features in the HTML version as compared to the WordPress version?

Hope this is clear enough for you =D Looking forward to your reply soon!

well the html version is just this: plain html. there is no functionallity behind those templates except for the contact form. you would need to port it to a cms of your choice or simply not use features like commenting. the wordpress version is fully featured and supports all of this…

Hello Kriesi,

Wow thats a really fast reply! Appreciate it. Anyway, right now i already have a domain and website running smoothly, basically they are all .html files with not much of a back-end functionality required for their operation. So is the HTML version of the theme enough to do a simple revamp of the look and feel of my website? Or a WordPress version would be a better option?

I am kind of a amateur in web designing, so stuff like WordPress seems foreign to me lol. Many thanks for your reply!

Well I can really recommend both, but if you are already used to work with html only versions maybe its the better option for you to just go with it :)

Hi Kriesi,

Excellent file, I was wondering how difficult it would be to allow the rotating image banner on the first page to load a video file?

IT IS FANTASTIC ! ABSOLUTELY GREAT ! I already purchased it, and I did setup the home page. It is working very smoothly! Kriesi… I’ll be watching you and your upcoming stuff! Thank you.

Top – as always. I need your help please. The portfolio will be displayed when moving the mouse pointer on the pictures a magnifying glass. I do not get this feature included, for me the magnifying glass on the picture remains static, non-transparent …

Awesome theme, thankyou so much. I’m gonna have a lot of fun with this.

You’ve listed in the details that there is a gallery page complete with lightbox. Is this the same page as the portfolio or am I missing something?

Thanks a lot!

Can you give me a little help with playing local swfs utilizing flvs for the portfolio please? I see how you link to vimeo, but I can’t seem to get local server files to play. Maybe a code example?

Thanx -T

I got the flash to play & size but without the embedded player skin (SkinUnderAllNoCaption.swf). Is this accessed as a flashvar or??

Thanx to anyone who can help with this.


Hello Everyone! I am back from vacation :)

I do answer support questions again, since I dont know what was already solved please re-post your issues if they stil bug you :)

Best regards, Kriesi

I still need help with playing videos (Flash with FLV ). Can you give me a code example so the movie will have the player skin, or another way to control the movie please?



Sorry, the prettyphoto lightbox does not support flv files. you need to embed it into an swf file (which holds the controls) first. However I didnt to this for a long time now, i would recommend to either ask in the flashden forums or ask google about loading/embedding flv files int swf files.

the movies I am using are from youtube/vimeo, therefore the youtube/vimeo player gets added by default…

hmmmm… Thanx. I do have a swf that is working with the FLVs, but it seems uable to call the player too. Aren’t there other controls that may be added in jQuery somewhere? I may have to use vimeo if I can’t find a solution I guess.

Thanx -TW

Hi -

Just bought the template – love your style and thanks for the documentation.

I am having an issue right off the bat – I want a medium box and a small box to display besides one another below the featured and infotext divs, not the 3 boxes besides one another – I followed your instructions from the documentation:

If you are using a small and a medium box your code should like this:

<div class="wrapper">
<div class='box box_medium box1'>
</div> <!--end box_medium-->
<div class='box box_small box3'>
</div> <!--end box_small-->
</div><!--end wrapper-->

notice that the first box has the width of 2 small boxes now, the 3rd box therefore needs the box3 class for an appropriate padding and margin

My result is one large box for medium box1 and one small box for small box3 below it. Am I missing a step or is it not intended to display next to one another?


without seeing the code I am not sure what the error could be, but make sure that these 2 boxes are within the same wrapper and also make sure to check margins and paddings so they arent increasing the boxes length to a point where they dont fit besides each other.

thanks for the reply – I had assumed that you had put a box_medium class in the stylesheet, but based on your reply, I figured you didn’t. All solved now. Thanks again for the reply.

hello, i purchased your file, and i think it looks amazing. I just have a question.. when i press send on the contact email, it wont go through… i am testing the site online, and i thought it was supposed to say thank you for your email or something to that affect.. also, i placed my email on the contact.php on the very top, and i am not receiving the emails…. can you help me out? i need to get this done asap. thanks a lot

this sometimes happens when your mail server isn configured by your webspace provider. I would recommend to you that you contact your server admin or provider and ask them to activate your mail server so that the php function mail() works ;) Another option would be to simply use a plugin like cforms II to get mail functionallity