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i got the message to appear when the send button is pressed on the contact page.. but still no email was received…. please help. thanks

Beautiful. Like it. How do I change footer background? Should it be done from more than one place? Thank you in advance

Hi there,

Loving your template. I am having an issue (and I know it’s me, not you) with just one of the menu items not pulling down and remaining open for someone to choose one of the submenu items.

It only happens in on some pc’s (whether they use Safari or IE). I haven’t been able to duplicate it on my mac or on other pc’s. I can’t find anything in the html that is any different from the menu items that work. Where should I go from here?

It’s a work in progress, but here it is if you want to check it out. The menu item is Want to Help?

Thank you so much. I’m pulling my hair out trying to figure this one out. I really appreciate your expertise!

hm sorry, tested it on my pc and mac and wasnt able to reproduce the bug. maybe its because its a 2-liner

want to

you could try to remove the question mark and add a small sub description, maybe that works better…

Giving it a try….I’m thinking you’re correct! Thanks so, so much!! You’re my new fav!!!!

The lady with the misbehaving pc tried it w/o the 2 lines…and…success!! Thanks for your thinking! You totally resolved the issue.

Hello Kriesi.

Great template. I need some help. It’s probably simple but I’m missing it. How do I change the skin color? Thanks.

in your head there are to stylesheets linked style.css which holds all layout information and style1.css which holds the color informations. just change style1 to style2 or 3 to change the skin…

Thanks so much for your excellent support. One more question. How do I slow down the speed of the transition on the home page? I have looked and looked but can’t seem to locate it.

you would need to edit the config.xml file to accomplish this. I am not sure either cause I simply took the default value but I am sure it is documented in

you could also try to ask the creator of the slider at

sorry the link doesnt work, could you re-post it? =)

Hmm. Here it is:

Thanks for being so speedy!!

hello, i made it work. sorry to have bothered you. Now, i have another issue.. hopefully you can tell me what to do about it… when i zoom in the pictures, i have a number down below (on the zoomed in picture) with an arrow.. for example.. if i am seeing the first picture in the portfolio it would say ‘1of11” and so on, the thing is that I dont have 11 pictures… i only have 9. Is there a way of changing that text? and maybe erasing it completly?

thanks in advance.

are you talking about your portfolio?

you can delete the line by searching within the source code for


replace every occurance with


Question about the cu3er.

I created a slide the I sliced up 5 ways. Can I have the slide show up each slice at a time starting from slice one and progress to slice five.

I read and could not find out how to do this. Each time the entire slide shows up, not each slice.


hm actually i am not sure if i understand wha you want to accomplish but I think this is simply not possible…

I figured it out. I applied the delay slice to the “previous” slide so it gave the desired result on the slide I wanted it to get.

Thank you for a great theme and layout

Hi, I’m having a small issue with the “featured image” section (the cub3r thing). It’s 9 pixels offcentered to the left. I thought it was just my files or something, but it’s present on all three of your examples as well. How would i go about fixing this?


#featured object{margin-left:10px;}

in style.css should do the trick

Hi Kriesi.

I am stumped on something and am asking for your help.

I created extra blog pages and placed them in sub folders for organizing purposes.

But when I open a blog page in one of the sub folders, I lose all my css styles.

How do I get them back?




Fantastic template!

Is it possible to change the size of the logo? I have something that is the same height but wider, and I cannot see where to change the dimensions.



I was hoping you could help me with a few things on my site

1. Is there any way to shift the 3 featured blocks on the homepage about 10px to the left. They’re misaligned with the slider.

2. I tried to remove the footer material, but want to keep the Site Search and the Contact Us on the bottom of the page. When I erase all of the code in the footer.php file it separates the magnifying glass (remains on the right side of the footer) while the Contact us and Search field are on the left. How can I arrange these to appear on the same base line in the footer?

3. Does the lightbox effect only work in posts and portfolio pages? I noticed when I set the page format to FULL WIDTH , the lightbox effect doesn’t work on the medium-sized graphic I insert (as well as the URL added). And, strangely, the medium sized graphic appears ABOVE the page title. When I use the same graphic/URL in a post, it works great.

4. How am I able to employ the lightbox with several graphics on a FULL WIDTH page? I’d like to have several videos/still images that I’d like the viewer to be able to see lightboxed but don’t know how to assign multiple images/URLs.

Thank you so much for any help you can provide.


Vacation Annoucement

Hello everone!
I am snowboarding until Sunday January 24th!
Until that time I will not be able to give proper support. In case you are encountering any problems please drop me a mail to support[at]kriesi[dot]at, chances to get a responce during the next week are higher if you do so, instead of posting here.

I would ask you to not post here so everyone can read this announcement :)

See you next week,
Best reegards


Hi Kriesi, Lovely theme as usual. Probably me just being dumb but, I’ve got a table in a page and within the table I can’t seem to centre-align images with text below it. Any idea what I might be doing wrong? Thanks.

Hi Kriesi,

I am wondering if there is a way to have the image rollover on the portfolio page launch a page, instead of launching the light box?


Hello Kriesi,

Please may I ask, is there any way to add a music player to this theme, and also a way of selling paypal good?

Many Thanks and Respect.


You can change the portfolio pictures to link to a page simply by changing the href tag to a page rather than an image. I think you might have to remove/change the rel tag also but I’m sure Kries can confirm.

Make a backup of the file and experiment a little. That’s what I’ve done.



It seems as though the rel is causing the lightbox to launch even if i link a html page. I can take off the rel and launch a page, but im trying to keep the rollover working.


Hello Everyone – Support is back :)

I am sorry that I left you guys with only little support during the last weeks, starting from today I am back online and will continue to help as good as possible :)

Best regards Kriesi

Hello Kriesi

I bought this template when it first came out. I was wondering why my template is missing the contact.html page?

Can you please help me with this page!!!!!


wel there is no contact.html file in the download, but the contact.php file. since the file needs some php to send mails it needs to have the .php filetype :)

Sorry got it!!!