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Hi Kriesi,

I am wondering if there is a way to have the image rollover on the portfolio page launch a html page, instead of launching the light box?

I’ve tried targeting a html file instead of the image but, the rel seem to force the light box.

I would like to keep the rollover working the same.


sorry, this script is directly connected to the lightbox and it would require quite a bit of js customization and function re arrangement to make that happen :/

Hey there, I recently purchased this template. I love the idea of the fallback slider. I am testing in IE6 without flash installed and it will not fallback to the images specified in the featured_image area. However if i visit the index_no3d.html page the same images show up fine.

Thanks for any tips you can provide!


Are you sure there is no flash version installed at all? (not just one thats not high enough for the slider?) Also does this problem only occur on your own preview or also on my preview? (because the fallback works fine for me and my ie6)

If its only a problem at your isntallation drop me a link and I will have a look :)

He Kriesi thank’s for your prompt reply, it’s greatly appreciated.

I am using a windows virtual pc to test in IE six, and well it had Flash 6 installed, so you were right.

I updated the flash install to version 10 and when it was disabled the fallback to the non-flash images worked fine, when I enabled flash the flash presentation also worked fine.

on a side note even with version 10 installed, if disabled the light box for video play back will not display video which makes sense since youtube and vimeo etc.. use flash, at least i think that’s why.

are there really people out there without flash installed? besides mobile users that is.

thanks again for all your help, this template and the documentation provided are top notch and I am very pleased with the purchase.


flashs market penetration is at about 95-97 percent on non mobile devices so you dont need to care a lot about this I would say :)

glad you are satisfied!

Best regards Kriesi

Add link to Non-3D Image Slider. Is there any way to add a link to each featured image jpg? I tried adding an a href tag to each image, but couldn’t get it to work properly. Any suggestions? Thanks for your great work Kriesi!

sorry, the non 3d slider is mainly meant as a fallback solution, therefore doesnt support a lot of features.

That’s cool. It seems that it should be an easy upgrade. I didn’t explore the 3d slider much yet. Does that have linking capabilities? Thanks.

how do i increase or change the size of the logo? thanks.

cancel that. i found it.

Hallo, Thanks for the great template. I sent you a message/email instead because I had links that I didn’t want to share publicly. Hope you understand. Danke Schon!!!

Hi Kriesi!

I did read that it’s best to contact you via the message boards, but this may be an email piece. Instead of purchasing the Business Portfolio Template WordPress theme we purschased the html theme. I wasn’t aware of the error until I had inquired help from a programmer who mentioned WPadmin, and when I noticed that all of the html life in the zip file I realized we had the wrong one.

Is it possible to do a credit towards the Business Portfolio WordPress theme and extract the html theme from our account. If not with the html theme we have purchased, do you know the level of difficulty or even the possibility of uploading WordPress plugins to an html template?

sorry, the html theme absolutley does not work with any wordprss plugin.

You can try to contact themeforest support, maybe they exchange the file, I cant, since I dont have any options at my account to do so :)

hi, im getting a problem :(

i recently buyed display and i get this error

The database tables that are necessary to make “Menu Manager” work could not be installed

Possible Solutions: Please deactivate all your plugins and refresh this page Make sure that you are using a wordpress account with all privileges.

i try to deactivate but doesnt work

please drop me a mail with the following data via my profiles page contact form:
  • url to your installation
  • access data to your backend
  • please also add our conversation here (especially your request) for easier reference :)

Hello again Kriesi :)

I accidently posted on the Wordpress version discussion before . . . now i’m in the right place.

I was trying to change the New Message From text. I went to the send.php file, changed line 49 so that the text reads correctly at the top of the message, but I cannot figure out how to change the text in the Subject area at the top. When I do the following to line 40:

$to      =  $_POST['myemail'];
$subject = "New Message from " . $_POST['Zoom Design'];
$header  = 'MIME-Version: 1.0' . "\r\n";
$header .= 'Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8' . "\r\n";
$header .= 'From:'. $_POST['email']  . " \r\n";

it leaves all words out so that the Subject area reads: “New Message from”

thanks again :))

In your case

$subject = "New Message from " . $_POST['Zoom Design'];

should read

$subject = "New Message from Zoom Design";

Hi Krisie


I have 3 portfolio pages setup.

Is it possible to remove the links under the image on 2 out of the 3 pages.

I have one page for web -> click the links and it goes to the website

One for print and one for logos -> I do not need it to go to a subpage

Let me know .


I asume you are talking about the wordpress version, not the html version? since all of these portfolios share the same page you would need to pass an extra parameter to the template which could be really tricky.

another option could be to edit the source and create a php check like:

// display more button

However in both cases you would need a little bit of php knowledge to pull this off, hope I could point you into the right direction :)

Hey Krisie

Thanks for the quick response. I’m not that great with PHP programming I doubt I’ll be able to get that working.

I changed my permalinks (so i can have page names instead of Id’s) and now my print and logo portfolio won’t connect to it’s sub pages

If I can make it reconnect to its pages I won’t need to get rid of the links

Any ideas how I can fix this?

Thank-you so much for your help. Get alot of good compliments on the theme!

I am not sure… is the htaccess file working correctly? it seems that the links somehow create an infinite loop that is eventually blocked by the browser…

Dont really have a clue on this one, sorry :/

I am looking to replace the default background image with a larger more graphic background image. Can you tell me the best size to make it and also where in the it should be placed? Thanks in advance!

you can replae the image in style1.css in line 8: the .wrapper class.

there isnt a size I can really recommend, totaly depends on the image :)

Kriesi -

Having trouble getting images (regardless of size or dimension) to right justify within text on pages. Seems they all want to left justify even if assigned to right justification specifically.

Please advise.


open style.css and search for:

#main img {

remove the float left property and you should be able to align images. however please be aware that images with links arround them need to be aligned left or right, otherwise there will be an orange border bellow them…

Hi again Kriesi.

Is there a way to add a short description in the popup images in the portfolio (lightbox) section. For whatever reason, I thought it was an option.

Also, I bought the html version just before the WP version came out. Is there a way to upgrade without paying full price?

Thanks again! It’s great working with this template.

you would need to set the title tag for the link somehow, since thats the content that will be used as lightbox short description, however there is no pre buildt option to do this dynamicaly so basically you would need to edit the output of the “a” tags on the template_portfolio page that surround the images.

if you purchased the html version by accident and didnt download it you can send a support message to themeforest, and I think they will refund your money. If you did download it there is no option I am afraid :(

Hi Kriesi I seen a few posting about changing the size of the logo as if you create a slightly bigger logo it gets cut off, can you advise how to get around this. Cheers, Tom

Ignore that, found it…..

Hey Kriesi, Beautiful work! Had a quick question however. How were you able to use Cu3er? Did you get a special license from Stefan Kovac?

When I realeased the theme cu3er didnt come with a licence and stefan allowed everyone wo already used the slider within a theme to use it without any licencing. Only themes that where released after feb 1st need that licence :)

Hi Kriesi,

This template would be perfect for our site. We would like to run Magento shopping cart, and wondered if this could be made to fit Magento?

Thanks :)

Hey Aeve, glad you like the theme.

Unfortunatley I ve never used magento, therefore I am really not sure if that theme would work or not, sorry :)

Hello friends, First I would like to apologize for my English by Google hoho! I am Brazilian and love and Themeforest Flashden and I applaud the Kriesi for this beautiful template. I recently bought this template, and today I managed to finish the adjustment to be used in the CMS Joomla and changed a bit as well.

What i like to know is if I can announce it in the category Themeforest Joomla template? if so, how could it be done?


sorry, you are not allowed to redistribute any files you bought here anywhere else. you may use this template for just one domain or customer of yours.

best regards Kriesi

Tudo bem, entendo e respeito, parabéns Kriesi!