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can you please email me the .fla file for the slideshow. the only reference I have is “cu3er.swf.” I would like to modify a couple things, so please let me know if you can get me the working .fla.



sorry, the fla fileof the cu3er slider is not distributed anywhere on the internet, and since I only use the slider but didnt create it there is no chance for me to pass that file :)

thank you for the quick response.

This might be a dumb question but I love the theme, but how do i use it? It is my first time here at themeforest and would like information regarding how to use these files on here.

thank you.

Well, basically you upload the html files to a webserver, edit the code with a text editor and add your own content, style and images. However if you dont know how to setup a html or wordpress site I would recommend to get it done by a freelancer for you :)

Hi Kriesi, I purchased your Display theme and found it reasonably easy to customize. I am almost ready to go live with my new site, but am having trouble with the search functionality. When you enter a term in the search field, the page simply refreshes but does not give you any results. How does search work within the theme? Is there a file I should be looking for that I may have overlooked? Thanks in advance for your help!

since this is only an html version there is almost no functionality like real blog posts, comments or search. this needs to be implemented by you, only the wordpress version got all of this features. If you arent using a database you might want to implement a simple google search for your site…

Thanks Kriesi for getting back to me so quickly. I wanted to respond with a note that may help others using the theme. I found a great search engine solution that was incredibly easy to use. There’s a free version and two paid versions for larger sites and more features. It’s Zoom search engine by WrenSoft (see The free version is just fine for smaller sites. For Dreamweaver users, there’s a plugin on the Adobe Exchange that makes it even easier. I’m not a programmer and was shocked how easy it was to add the search functionality with this software. Hope that helps.

Hi Kriesi, Hi bought you template but once I upload my site, the search engine doesn’t work… it returns me to the index page. Do I need to add any html code to make the search engine work properly? Thank you in advance, Nico

this template doesnt add any functionallity appart from the contact form. no blog, no comments and no search engine, its basically just html and css. If you need these functionallitys you either need to implement it yourself or use the wordpress version that was previously released. wordpress supports all of those features :)

Hi Kriesi, Hi bought you template but once I upload my site, the search engine doesn’t work… it returns me to the index page. Do I need to add any html code to make the search engine work properly? Thank you in advance, Nico


Emailed you a few times since Jan to ask if you could develop this design for us to create a fully working website – can you please contact me


Hi there, thanks for your interest andsorry for not responding yet…

I am sorry, but I am currently not available for freelance work due to my daytime job consuming most of my time. the wimpy remains are used up by themeforest ;)

Best regards Christian

Hi Kriesi,

is there a (simple) way to add a drop down field to the contact.php message form (with a few prefilled values)?


Please select your OS:

And the drop down fields include: - empty (a red warning box should appear if the use doesn’t select a different value) - Win 2000 - Win Vista - Win XP - Win 7

Tia, Highend

just add the field to the contac form and then edit custom.js line 142. instead of

jQuery(".ajax_form #name, .ajax_form #message, .ajax_form #email ")
it should read
jQuery(".ajax_form input, .ajax_form select ")

I have added a Fireworks drop-down menu below the “featured” area. The dropdowns appear behind, rather than on top of, the “infotext” and “main” content in Internet Explorer. This hides some of the buttons and makes them inaccessible.

I worked it out so that the dropdowns display correctly in Firefox & Safari on my Mac. It appears that Explorer is finding a javascript error? Not sure. Any ideas?

Ignore my above question. I raised the Z-Index on “featured” and seems to be working fine now. Thanks.

Hi Tell me please, were can I find highlighting code for menu items, cause it stoped working for current pages(no highlight for opened page). Wonder why and want to check


UPD : found that :)
<li class="current" />

Hello everyone!

I am very sorry that I wasnt able to deliver the usual support during the last week and hope you could solve your issues. I will change my residence this summer and I am currently preparing the new flat, which means I have very little time for everything themeforest related. However, the bulk of the work is done so everything should be back to normal during the next days.

So if you could not solve your issue feel free to repost you question here again, so I know the problem still persists, I will try to answer as fast as possible :)

Best regards, and thanks for your understanding Kriesi

Kriesi first off, great design. I’m amazed with your talent. This includes your other projects.900 d/l very nice. In any case, I got one questions. One of the reasons for my purchase was the comment that if cr3zer is viewed on the browser that doesn’t support flash (aka iPhone) fading slider like the one on index_no3d.html file would come up. This is not the case. The index_no3d.html does work on the iPhone, but I was under impression that if no flash was present this would automatically kick in. I have found another comment about this 5 months ago and you said you would look into it. Could you tell me how to make this happen? Thank you.

hm, when trying to open it with a browser on my mac that doesnt support flash it works perfectly fine. since I currently have no access to an iphone it will last a little until I get a clue why it doesnt work for you. I will drop a notice here once I have a solution ;)

Is it possible to have the jquery image slider pause on hover?

unfortunatley thats not possible, sorry. the jquery slideshow is very limited and really only intended to be used as a fallback if the 3d slider doesnt work


I see that you have made some improvements in the theme. How do I download the new version? I have the one from 11-15-2009 – I don’t see where the version info is kept – so not sure if that is the latest version or not.

just re download the theme from your accounts download page, you will automatically recieve the newest version. the theme contains a version file that will state when a new version was released. you can also check your current version in your source code, within your head you should find something like:

<!-- Debugging help, do not remove -->
<meta name="Framework" content="Kpress" />
<meta name="Theme Version" content="1.3" />
<meta name="Framework Version" content="1.3" />


I downloaded the theme again and the files are all date stamped as of 11-15-2009. I checked for version info within files as you described and there is no match on that either.

I see that the Display theme is listed twice for some reason: 1) 2)

Is it possible that the updates are posted under one but not the other? (I am interested in the html versions and not the psd’s.)


oh sorry, didnt notice this is the html version, since I always respond from the authors backend which just throws all comments form all items into one big list :)

The html version didnt really recieve any mandatory updates, just a couple of small bugfixes directly after release. the bulk of the updates were recieved by the wordpress version. No need for you to update here :)

Alright – no problem.

By the way, I seem to have dropped the timer feature on the images somehow when I customized the theme (i.e., the automatic shifting of images). Where is it controlled so I can put it back in?

in header.php at line 84 you need this:

<!-- meta tags, needed for javascript -->
<meta name="autorotate" content="<?php echo $k_option['slider']['slide_autorotate'];?>" />
<meta name="autorotate_duration" content="<?php echo $k_option['slider']['slide_duration']; ?>" />
<meta name="temp_url" content="<?php echo get_bloginfo('template_url'); ?>" />

the rest should be done by the javascript in custom.js

Hello, I might be being a bit dense here but how to you get the contact form to embed in a page? It’s just a php file. Thanks!

Ignore my previous comment, figured it out!

I have one more question… in IE the cu3er thing is appearing in the top left corner rather than being centred. It also changes to a funny red colour on the transitions:

Any ideas? Thanks!

Why the big red background when Cu3er changes pictures?

OK – Is there a way to stop the BIG RED BOX from flashing every time cu3er changes pictures?

I found this post: .... but it doesn’t say WHERE to set size of CU3ER to match a size of photos

I’ve checked out the links in your documentation.pdf – still can’t find answer.

I’m digging through all this but no luck yet. :(

The bigpicture dimensions that come with this theme are 940×420. The cu3er redbackground looks much bigger so I’m no even sure what to search for via Dreamweaver.

Could you help me out? If it’s not doable … I’ll have to find a different template.

Sure appreciate the help … I’ve been looking for about an hour now. :)Sure seem like it should be possible.

Thanks, Useyourhead

P.S. Sorry if I’m missing the answer … but I’ve searched and don’t see it anywhere on this site. Is there a way to search discussions on themeforest? It take forever to manually scan each discussion page.