DISQO - Portfolio & Blogging Tumblr Theme

DISQO - Portfolio & Blogging Tumblr Theme

DISQO was created with the intention of providing creatives a portfolio & blogging theme in 1 with the necessary features and widgets to tell your story and present your visual, musical and textual art in the way it deserves to be displayed, nothing short of spectacular. The feature rich nature of the Disqo theme means there’s less of a possibility you’ll need to go through the strain of further developing a theme you’ve already purchased so you can have the features you want …. chances are the Disqo theme already has everything you need out-of-box. On top of all that, making the Disqo theme look good is well easy!

Our themes are backed by 1 on 1 support readily available via our support center ( @ https://artisticinfluence.ticksy.com/ ) and theme updates. Quite frequently we provide CSS support for our current themes, if there are any minor adjustments you need to make to the theme, we are always happy to go the extra mile and provide CSS snippets for you to copy and paste.

Customization List:


Header image(or none) Header logo image Avatar Avatar shape Sidebar about me Image Tagegory images 1-6 Portfolio images 1-6 Slider images 1-10


Slider images 1-10 Slider title Slider captions 1-10


Music Playlist Streaming widget(compatible with Soundcloud or Spotify) Featured Video embed widget(compatible with all large video streaming services) Portfolio widget


Load more button Auto-infinite scroll

Social Feeds

Instagram Instagram feed count Instagram feed title Twitter Twitter feed title Tumblr recent likes Tumblr recent likes title Facebook Pinterest


Most elements are color customizable with already built in options that allow you to easily choose and preview your color changes on the fly. Customizable areas include header, posts, body background, menu and buttons, text colors, footer and more. If there happens to be a particular element you would like to change however is lacking a color picker option just drop a ticket via our support center and we’ll help you make the changes

Customizable Text

Tagegory tags 1-6 Portfolio Items 1-6

Slider captions 1-10 Customizable menu item labels (home, ask, submit post, archive, email me) Customizable sidebar item titles (about me, social links, social feeds and recent likes) Menu about me content Footer text message

Custom Fonts

Blog Title Body text Sizes & font weights

Use both Tumblr or any Google font with over 500+ fonts available, this theme has google font integration, meaning you can pick any of the hundreds of fonts fromhttps://www.google.com/fonts and use them in your theme for free. Just pick the font you like, copy and paste a link and thats it!

Comment Systems

Disqus Facebook

Social network Links

Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, VK, Youtube, Vine, Pinterest, Vimeo, Flickr, DeviantArt, Dribble, Soundcloud, Spotify, Stumbleupon, Behance, Linkedin.

Google Analytics

If you love data and have google analytics, just copy and paste your tracking ID into the provided text area and get analytical data for your blog.

Recent update notes:


-Bug fixes