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I always like some constructive criticism when developing so here’s mine. I work with designs and templates everyday (that it be with ThemeForest or our own designer) so I see a lot of different ideas and ways of doing things.

1.) You have the level with the blue block control the header to the block below it. Should have made the three column split graphic be on the 3rd level not the bottom of the second one.

2.) The last element in the navigation has a white line at the end, there should be a class that will dictate not having that separator.

3.) The class name “current_page_item” for the current navigation item is a bit long. Typically most other designers use “active”.

4.) The CSS is not compressed. Most are compressing them so each statement is on one line. .sampleClass{ element, element, element }

5.) I would like to have seen the DevineLight logos be cufon’ed or something similar. Having it rewrite the elements so we could just type the company name and it would do the work:

6.) I found another one, click on Contact. Look at the breadcrumb. It has a 1px addition only half way from the Home->Contact. It’s on the actual arrow between the two, looks like a line-height issue from setting it on the body tag.

I really like the template and am using it for Habitat For Humanity for Indiana County, Pennsylvania.

Overall though it’s very very nice and you did a great job!

Take care, Chad

Thanks for your purchase and the feedback, it’s definitely appreciated.

I would also like to purchase a WP version of this, it will be very helpful. Thank you.

For anyone that is seeing the “Malicious Site Warning” when viewing the Live Preview, I apologize my site got hacked however I’ve since remedied the situation, removed the code and put in a request for review with Google to remove the Warning.

Again I apologize for any inconvenience.

Site’s been cleared and the Live Preview is back up

Hi I tried to install this theme and got several error messages – one that said the CSS file was missing (which it isn’t). Are there special install instructions for this?

When I click on appearance, the message says that there were erros on lad, requires a css and theme is broken.

Please help me get this theme installed!

Make sure that you’re only uploading the industry folder within the main zip you downloaded.

Nice template. If I purchase this template, will it enable me to be able to upload, play, and download sermons from the site I create based on this? Thanks and God bless you.

This is just a static HTML template, you’ll need to convert/apply it to a CMS of your choice like WordPress for those kind of features.

Looks great. Were you planning on making a Wordpress template for this site?

Sorry, no plans for a WordPress version.

Can you please fix the breadcrumb navigation link issue? The image is not aligned with the one next to it and it’s very frustrating. Otherwise it’s a great template. Thanks.

your demo page has been hacked with malware

Thanks for the heads up, its been fixed!