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Is this theme no longer being updated?


Sorry for such late response. New features propably won’t be implemented in future but maintanace releases will be delivered. Please be patient and stick to the latest working version of theme, worpdress and woocommerce – onc theme will be updated You will be notified.



I am trying to help a friend fix a blurry image issue in their Division Theme portfolio. The portfolio is using 480px width images and then upscaling them, making them appear blurry.

I have gone through all of the settings I can think of and cannot find a way to change the size/version of the image that is called to a larger sized image that would be scaled down instead. You can see an example here:


Any thoughts on how to fix this?


Any change we will be getting support for 4.9.6+ as I would like to update my wordpress but I’m worried about braking support for your theme? I am still running 4.8.* as that is what you have suggested as compatible here. Has it been tested with 4.9.6? Should I risk updating?



Hello. It looks like the latest update (v 2.9.7 14/07/2017) is breaking lightbox. It doen’t work any more. I uploaded the jackbox folder and the functions file from v 2.9.5 03/10/2016 and it works for quick galleries and portfolios, but not for galleries. Obviously this is not a solution. Do you plan to fix the problems and update??

Hi, can you please tell me why on some portfolio categories the arrows previous/next are working fine whilst on some other don’t? All categories have exactly the same options applied.

Regards, Fivos

Any change we will be getting support for 4.9+ as I would like to update my wordpress but I’m worried about braking support for your theme? I am still running 4.8.* as that is what you have suggested as compatible here. Has it been tested with 4.9+? Should I risk updating?

It’s been over a year since your last update. If your not planning on supporting the theme with updates at least for compatibility then please stop selling it and let us all know to switch to an alternative and rebuild our websites.

Hope to hear from you soon.



Do you still offer support (bug fixes, security improvements) for this theme? My tickets at https://billykid.ticksy.com/ are not beeing answered since April 2018.

I am willing to extend my support license, but only if you still offer help.

Hi BillyKid. I bought the theme a while ago. I am very satisfied with if because it is a super nice theme and your support is wow. I have a question, though. I want to make galleries containing more than 57 pics. I checked other comments in this forum and I thought the solution was to increase PHP serve values, which my server provider already did. Now the values are 5000. I can easily make the galleries with 80 pictures and I don’t get any error. However, once I save and publish the portfolio item or the quick gallery, the interface only shows 57 pics. My back-end shows 57 pics and the rest of the pics are gone. I can see instead the last picture, pic #57, and then just the tiny green icon for the images settings and the red trash bin icon for all the other pics overlapping each other. Is there a way to make the interface show more than 57 images? Thanks


osoykut Purchased

Billy, I was about to purchase extended support for my Division Theme (I’m having some problems) but I’ve sent you a lot of emails over the last weeks, through the Themeforest email portal, and have NOT RECEIVED ANY RESPONSE AT ALL.

I am hesitating to purchase support if you are unavailable.

Before I spend $40, could you please let me know if you are AVAILABLE AT ALL?

Seriously this is turning into a joke. Your not responding to your own clients in three months. Not even to inform us if your even supporting your own theme anymore.



dzunker Purchased

Is this theme compatible with Gutenberg WP 5.0?


Xond Purchased

Is it Wordpress 5+ compatible?


I’m pretty sure this is the perfect theme for me!

Just wanted to double check before buying: I’m looking for a simple masonry (multi-size/diff crop aspect ratio) page that will also auto play my .mp4 (/.gif) files as the user scrolls through the page. Does this theme support that feature? If it’s .mp4, will they have the option to play with sound if they click some sort of volume button?

Thank you for your time!