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This looks awesome. Good luck with sales.

Couple of pre purchase questions:

1) can the menu be moved to the top?

2) What about Woo Commerce compatible (or other Shop plugin)

3) can itbe full width and/or boxed layout?

4) can the blog be centered on the page with transparent background?

Thanks so much. Lovely theme.

Have sent you an email, Making purchase now – will be awesome :)

Purchased :)

Great! Thanks.

hey man,

what have u done? it looks amazing!!!

if your theme’ s code quality matches design & functionality then it will ROCK ;-)

after gridz theme, i knew u were planning something awesome

congrats for your inspiration!

thx, tasos


I’m doing my best.

BR search for screenshots with portfolio and blog translations

Hey, great theme! Can you also integrate a rating function?

Best wishes!

Heah it’s kind a complex rating for magazine theme. I’ll think about reviews. For now built in like, show buttons are possible as wel as social buttons – twitter, facebok, pinteres and google+


Would be great.

Wonderful looking theme.

Does the (homepage demo) full screen slide show allow for the ability to link to specific page or gallery? Somewhat like a slider would?

Otherwise how would one be able to showcase projects/photography in full screen mode?


Yes. Each slide can have different link. Link can be opened in new or the same tab. I’ll add some links to demo soon.


Thank you! You may have just sealed the deal. Really nice work.

hi, some more q:

1. are video thumbs auto-created from videos? (or we should specify a fetaured image for a thumb)

2. could it be easy to add masonry/metro loops for blog posts ;-)

3. can portfolios loops show an additonal link for image popup?

4. is your theme translation panel enough so we will not need poedit for complete (fronend) translation?

5. can theme get auto-updated with wp envato kit?

thx so much!

1. super!

2. i mean blog masonry/metro layouts like those u have for portfolios & galleries (in your demo, there are no such layouts for blog posts…)

3. ok, might be better to have 2 links, one for entry + one for popup – but it’ s super anyway

4. it would be awesome to translate frontend w/o having to use poedit at all ;-)

5. can theme get auto-updated with wp envato kit?


2. Yes. Right now blog supports only masonry layout with 3 base sizes and one column classic layout. I’ll think about adding other layouts in future.

3. I’ll think about adding a link to portfolio title ( which will link to single portfolio entry ) while thumb will have current link behavior – popup.

4. I’ll think about some decent solution.


5. I’ll think about it.

Hi! Nice theme, however: Does it support password-protected galleries? Cheers, Michael


Yes it supports password protected galleries, portfolios, posts and pages.

See here:


hi, cannot find in your demo the reload with ajax… would you please give me a url .



click load more button at the bottom of page. Go to portfolio -> other examples for more -> infinite scroll etc..


Would it be possible to create a new page and have it be my home page with a full-screen Slider using LAYERSLIDER?



It is possible. Just checked it against revolution slider but layerslider should work out of box too. Simply create a fullwidth page with no margnis, paddings and add shortcode for slider.


Yep, I checked it-confirmed working!! Thanks!

Also, can you change the fonts+ background+opacity of posts and the navigation bar with the menu? I’d like to have this be transparent. Thanks!

What CSS would I need to change/add + where? Would love some help on creating at least somewhat opacity in the menu. Also can i resize the width of the menu when it is in the left side format? Thanks so much! I love the theme and appreciate the help!

Pleaase open ticket on support forum:

Okay, I opened a ticket on the forum. Look forward to the reply. Thanks again! Theme is great!

Great theme! Good luck :)

Looks great. Is video supported in the portfolio (didn’t see an example) and can I insert a widget under the navigation area? Thanks


1. Yes videos are supported, Youtube vimeo and self hosted. check this:

You can even add videos and images inside slider or gallery – it is very flexible.

2. Yes area under menu is fully widgetized sidebar – You can add as many widgets as You like – even different unlimited sidebars for each page:

here filter is a widget. On blog and post pages search for more examples.


Great, thanks. As soon as you get the copyright line in there I’ll pick it up.


Which copyright? Could You be more precise?


Wonderful! Wish you the best with this one.

Hello, This theme looks really awesome ! Is there a portfolio layout similar to “Santorini” but for vertical images? I mean : fixed menu on the left, then single picture (or slider) with height 100% with no margin whatsoever, and then title and description wrapper occupying the remaining space on the right with no margin either ?

Great, thanks ! I may purchase your theme instead of the one I’m struggling with, just have to check how to display vertical images in full height.

Hello BillyKid, do you have an example of the layout described in my first post?

So am I right in thinking that it is possible to create a DARK or BLACK version of this site, including all the pages, blog posts, navigation etc etc. If so you really have created the best photography template I have seen.


Yes, All colors, backgrounds etc.. can be changed easy via theme admin + it supports WP 3.4 theme customizer so creating new skin is a breeze.

Thanks for good words ;)



please consider adding an option to export/import theme style seetings so we can play with different “skins” by saving / loading theme settings


Ok. I’ll keep that on my to do list.

Hello, I really like your theme and I’m thinking about buying it but I have a couple of questions : 1) Can I stop the “zoom effect” when I flight over the pictures but only in a portfolio article and not in the main page ? 2) Can I make the pictures in a portofolio article not clickable ? I don’t know if I’m clear :s Anyway, really nice work! Thanks!


1. Yes – hover effects can be set individually on portfolio main page as well as on single portfolio article.

2. Yes – You can choose what happen if user clicks on thumb – it can show, video, image or do nothing – so it is very flexible.


Ok thanks (: I’m buying it right now

Hi, first congratulations! great theme. Only two pre-purchase questions: what is the function of Super smooth isotope plugin? and you include a quick installation package to get the same installation that the preview demo?. Many thanks and regards.

Thanks for replay! but, in your demo site where is Isotope plugin applied? Thanks again

To any gallery, portfolio, quick gallery that You can see.