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How to Override the global top page margin and bottom margin in a specific page?

Also need to know whether I can fix number of images in a row of a gallery because I can see in different computer screens number of images per page often changes and I cannot have a fixed look.

For the above 2nd question I have used the fixed layout for gallery page but still it (no of images per line )looks different from different computer screens.


1. Is it a fullwidth or fixed page that You want margin to override?

Please read this:

it explains how to add custom css to certain pages only. You can use chrome inspect element to find out which rule need to be changed.

2. Theme calculates number of columns on the fly based on screen width and portfolio/gallery base size. There is no option in the admin to set it always to 4, 3 columns etc… Fixed page controls only width of page but if screen size is smaller e.g 1024px and fixed page width is set to 1200px fixed page will be scaled down to fit screen size which will result with less space, new calculations and different layout.

Changing this behavior would require rather heavy js/css changes.


Hi, thank’s for a great theme!

Just a few questions :)

1. Can I take down the width of the header? (fixed left header) I managed to make is smaller in the stylesheet, but the portfolios width doesn’t grow with the header. Is there a proper way to do this?

2. Can I change/delite the “ALL” category in the filters meny? I managed to hide it with this code: “ul.portfolio-filter li:first-child {display: none;}”. But the problem that gives me is that it’s still the default selected category when the page opens. I would like a “FAVORITES” category as the default filter when the page opens.

3. Can I add the social icons in a sidebar widget, or in the header tagline? I would like to have them at the bottom of the page.

Thanx! // CK


1. Please try this:

2. Right now there isn’s such option in admin but i guess that small custom script would do the trick. Please go to theme settings -> general -> advanced -> CUSTOM SCRIPT and try this:

jQuery('ul.portfolio-filter a.favorites').trigger('click');

just make sure that link FAVORITES has class called favorites ( should have but make sure with inspect element and change if necessary ).

3. Yes You can – just add text widget into sidebar and add generated social icons shortcodes ( go to any page use cog icon -> shortcode generator and generate shortcodes for socila icons, copy paste into text widget and should work. ) Same story with header tagline -> generate social icons shortcdes and paste into proper theme settings.


Hi again, thanx for quick answer!

1. and 3. works perfect now, but I can’t fix 2.

I tryed the script and link, but the page still loads everything (all) att startup, do you have any other ide how to solve this?

Just to be extra clear :) my wish is to show a specific category/filter at page load, and not show everything :)

Thanx again!



How about this:

jQuery(document).ready(function() {
 jQuery('ul.portfolio-filter a.favorites').trigger('click');



Great work on the theme, but I have several presale questions.

1. Is there a working demo of the admin backend I can take a look instead of the screenshots? 2. I do not want to use Wordpress’s media option and will embed all images from my smugmug account (including gallery, background, slideshows etc) – Is this possible? 3. From the demo, Is it possible to make the images from the galleries fullscreen with smaller thumbnails?

Thank you.


1. No – there isn’t admin demo at the moment but you can take a look into this playlist:

2. Hmm I’m not familiar with this solution – haven’t use it. What exactly You wnat to do? Do they ( smugmug ) have options to embedd their galleries via iframe into Your website based on my template?

My theme galleries / backgrounds / slideshows / portfolios requires images and other media to be uploaded via wordress media manager.

3. That would be possible – thumbs can be smaller with some small custom css which can be provided after purchase via my support forum.



Thanks for the reply.

For 2, I basically want to avoid using my own hosting for images. So I don’t want to use the in built media library for photos, and I only want to embed photos from an external link.

Is this possible?

Unfortunately it is not possible becasue all images have to be uploaded via media library to create various proper thumbnails for sliders, portfolios, galleries, blog etc…


hello. I can’t find the options to customize the ’’view layout’’ of the blog ,gallery, portfolio. <Theme customization> only gives me the options of changing the colors. <Theme settings> has all kind of options but nothing for the multiple different ‘view layouts’ I enjoyed on the demo preview :/


Please follow this for portfolio – use Page Builder Portfolio module – it has all options necessary to get layouts like in demo:

this is for gallery:

In case of any further questions don’t hesitate to ask again.


Hi BK,

I have recently purchased this theme after getting rather poor support from another publisher. Either way, I have liked this theme from the first time I laid eyes on it and probably would have converted over to Division eventually anyway.

Personally, I think it is one of the slickest photography related themes I have seen in a long time. I especially like the ease with which it converts between my PC, tablet and phone. The work on the resopnsive side of this theme is nothing short of outstanding and I am glad to see you’re getting the sales to back up all of the effort you’ve put into this one.

I do have a few suggestions that I’d like to make in time however, I will hang off on doing this until I have finished converting my website over. Until then, I am trying to center the links on the main menu bar rather than have them left aligned.

Is there a piece of code I can include into the Custom CSS part of the theme options page or will require something a little more complex?

Cheers, Matt


Thanks for kind words. Centering labels inside menu is easy, try this as CUSTOM STLYE:

#nav-main {
   text-align: center;



The different types of headers in the demo does not work. Have tried the links in both chrome and safari.


thanks for the info – after update I forgot to add some custom demo code. Now it’s working.


I need to add “Title & Excerpt” for “Image Overlay” for a portfolio. But I couldn’t see “Title & Excerpt” in the drop-down. Only Title & category, Title & tags are there.

I need this because Excerpt allows me to have some html tags in it , tags don’t support support having html elements in them.

Would be great if you can suggest an idea of a patch to have “Title & Excerpt” for “Image Overlay” for portfolios.

Hi,Thanks for the reply, it helped to resolve the issue.

Actually I had the change the same code in the lines 1231 and 1232.

And instead of

$content .= get_the_excerpt();

I had to use

$content .= ‘ ’ . get_the_excerpt(); . ‘ ’;


I couldn’t post the correct code in the above reply ,seems my those are parsed here… ... anyway thanks I could resolve the issue. Thanks a lot

Ok. Thanks for info.

I’m loving this theme! One of the best.

Quick question – how do I get the google map to work? I did change the Fullscreen Background Content to google map and I added the address but it’s not appearing. Any suggestions to what I do wrong?

Thanks :-)

Ohh. And another question – I’ve tried EVERYTHING but the title under the picture on my website doesn’t seem to go away! What do I do?

I want it to be like this:


1. You have to specify longitude latitude for Your address on the map – it can be take from map by clicking right mouse button an choosing option what is here?

2. Which title? Can You provide exact link to page on Your site where You want title to dissapear?


Any tips on making images load faster on the FS slideshow or the optimum size/quality to make them load quick as the way Wordpress crunches them seems to leave them too big?


Please read this general image sizes guideline:

If You want images to look sharp on all screen sizes including big HD screens then consider uploding images that are 1920px 1080px like on my demo site. If You want to load faster thne use smaller images but quality will be worst as well.


Hi Billy. I loved this theme since about day 2 it was available. I’ve now installed V2 and having issues with the accordion, for some reason there’s about 10 lines below my text in each panel.

Please send me a private message via my support forum with login details so I can take a look.


2 questions here, I’ve read through all the posts above and the FAQ’s and no luck.

1 – how do I put content at the bottom of the screen / page rather than the top? 2 – is there any way to overlay the content background to be semi transparent? For example, I’d like to put the text and buttons at the bottom of the screen and have the content background semi transparent.

Is there any way to do this?


ok, found how to make content transparent, brilliant, thanks for that – FYI anyone looking –

I’ve read through many tickets and tried this page-id-969. body { top: auto !important; bottom: 0px; left: auto !important; right: 30px; } but not working..

I have a few questions. 1. Can i make the featured pic on a post page be smaller, When i post them they become distorted and 2 can i remove the tags from from the blog posts??? 3 can i make the post background translucent? please let me know.

Also the featured image on my post come out really big and some become distorted. Is there a way to fix that. Check out my page so you can see what i mean. and click on one of the artist pictures. you see the blog post pics are great, but when you go into each individual page it makes the pic fit the page width and pic is distorted. Please help.

Ok 1 more questions. Is it possible to make the Social media icons be in color or stand out more??


1. Is it Yoast seo plugin? I’ll take a look into this issue and try to fix it for next release but please be aware that we cannot provide full compatibility with every plugin out there. I’ll do my best.

2. Please use biggere original images I can see that original size of Your first image here:

is 640px x 348px while page widght is set to 1100px. Please follow this:



Hi Billy,

Love the theme and seriously thinking about purchasing it. I have a few questions before doing so though:

1. Are all Google Fonts available or just a selection? 2. Can I include advertising? 3. Can I have masonry posts that are just quotes? 4. Can I have masonry items that are ads (so no post)? 5. How do I set up the homepage? Is it a custom selection out of all post types (portfolio, blogs etc.), or is it just one type of posts (just portfolio, just blog) and can I include ads? 6. Can I include Twitter quotes as masonry items? So styled twitter quotes in the mix of normal quotes, pictures and posts on the homepage for instance?

Thanks for your help. Julia


1. Yes all google fonts that are here are availabel via theme settings.

2. You can add widgets into sidebars and I guess that there are some widgets that can incorporate ads to Your site.

3. You can add as many quotes posts to You blog as You like – depending on amount of text and their size You can have masonry layout.

4. No – there is no ads functionality that works out of box but You could use portfolio or gallery to create page where each picture is different ad with custom external link.

5. Each page that is visibble on mydemo can be used as a homepage. It can be protfolio, blog, gallery, simple page etc… Any page, post, portolio uses drag and drop page builder to create page content so it is very flexible. Ads – like above – You could use gallery or portfolio to create ads page iwth custom extrenal links.

6. Yes just take a look here:

and use load more button at the bottom to see that there are some quotes, twitter quotes, images and it can be used as Your homepage.



First of all, thanks so much for having created this gorgeous theme. At last I can create a good-looking store for my prints!!!

I have a question: how can I create a footer in order to get my copyright details? I read in the docs that it could be done with the widgets, but how? How can I create a widget for a sidebar and stick it to the bottom? And, I’d like my header on the top left. Is it still possible to get a footer at the bootm?

Thank you,


Right now there is an option to add small copyrigth at the bottom of fixed left header just like on my demo page.

Footer options will be added in next release so stay tuned.

Here is how to add widgets under menu:

It will be possible to have top left header with fullwidht footer at the bottom in next release.



Can you tell me how to update the theme without loosing all my custom settings?

Thank you!


Also another question is SEO detected in page builder?

Ok. I’ll take a look into this plugin and try to adress this issue in next release.


Thank you.


I wish it could have a Instagram icon in the header social menu.

Another thing, is there any way to make google maps colorful?


1. Please edit PSD files that are included and replace not used icon e.g paypal with Your instagram icon. then save file as png file inside theme images and images/retina subfolder overriding original files called social-icons.png and social-icons@2.png. Choosing paypal icon form admin area You will see instagram at the frontend – I’ll think about adding instagram icon in next release.



Wow thanks! Worked like a charm =]

Another little help I need… I´m trying to config my blog page and I have two problems:

1) In my blog page, there is no margin between posts as you can see in

I haven’t changed the css or any style. What should I do?

2) Is there any way to create a “default” post style (with left column and fixed width) or I have to set for each new post?


1. there is a seeting for pagebuilder blog module called gutter – it controls space between blocks.

2. You have to set individually for ech post.


Please help with:

You answer questions here but not on your support forum. These tickets have been unanswered for days now. :(


no worries I will answer Your tickets on regular basis today. Tickets submitted late friday or during weekend are handled from monday in the order of submited date adn time and it takes some time to get to them.


Hi, I would like to change the loading icon for fullscreen slideshow. Is not clean the one on the theme. Is there a way to change it? Thank you

please use this to create icon that siuts Your theme:


Thank you for the fast reply. When I try to upload the new ajax-white icon via Filezilla ftp the program don’t allow me to modify archives on the theme. I couldn’t change the CHMOD with fillezila. Do you know any solution?


Please update icon on Your local computer and then upload whole theme via wordpress admin.


Is there a way to have the menu be collapsible on the mobile view. When you see my website on a phone, the menu covers the whole screen and the user needs to scroll down to begin seeing any images. I’d prefer if the mobile view had a collapsible icon on the page where the menu is hidden. This will allow the may slideshow images to show on the screen and the user can simply click the menu icon to toggle down the menu categories. Is there a way to do this already with your theme?


Not right now but it is a good idea. I’ll think about adding such option in future release.


Yes, please include. I’m sure others may be interested in this as well. In the meantime, do you know of any plugins that do this? Something I can add to the theme that will do this automatically?

I’ll keep that in mind. At the moment there is no plugin that can do this.