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How would I remove the dotted lines between the menu titles?

Hey, Another quick question: How do I adjust the timing of the dropdown menu? It’s very fast, and I can’t always mouse over the item before it slides backup.

Also, where would I change the speed of the portfolio gallery? Same thing—it’s just a bit fast. Thanks!


1. js/functions.js line 245 and 257 which looks like this:

jQuery(this).find("> ul.sub-menu").slideDown(500, function () {

jQuery(this).find("> ul.sub-menu").slideUp(500, function () {

change the value 500 ( ms ).

2. js/functions.js line 1599 and 1600:

var slideshowSpeed = 3000;
var animationSpeed = 800;


Hi, is there a way to limit the responsive nature of the theme, so that it doesn’t spread all the way across a 24’ monitor?

Give the theme a certain width and center it?



Theme settings -> general -> advanced -> CUSTOM STYLE try this:

#bk-main-wrap {
   max-width: 1400px;
   margin: auto;

Should do the trick.


Does the trick. THANKS!

Is there an easy way to center it instead of the left alignment?


margin: auto; rule should center it. Can You provide link to Your site with those rules applied and not working?


The theme settings area where I am supposed to be able to customize the style of the layout of the portfolio page does not work for me? I’ve made every change on it possible but it will not change the front end of my site? Can you help me please?

Theme settings are controls how portfolio archives are displayed e.g when You click a link like this one on portfolio thumb:

To control how portfolio is displayed change options via page builder portfolio module:


hi i need this theme but few things i wanna change… 1. if i click the picture from gallery, the picture should zoom or come in full screen… will you help me changing the light box into some other full screen mode???

2. if i wanna make contact form and gallery… will this theme support other plugins which is available in


1. This i rather big customization that would involve lots of coding. We do not provide customization for our themes. If You need it to be customized You will have to hire someone else to do it or do it yourself.

2. If the plugin is coded with best wordpress practices and guidelines it should work however we cannot guarantee this and don’t provide support when it comes to third party plugins.


Hi guys, SEO doesn’t work as well as a plugin like yoast and the like… Did you have this bug?


Some clients reported this. I’ll take a look into this issue and se if it can be fixed.


Hy Billy, I have a huge problem in adding a quick gallery on an item from my portfolio. Can you help me? Some step by step?



What exactly is the problem? Please open a public ticket via my support forum:

also before doing so please read FAQ’s maybe the answer is already there:


I would like to remove the tags and the author information from below the blog title and simply have the category and date?

I went back through previous questions however all I could find was a way to remove everything as opposed to only selected elements?

Essentially what i would prefer to have is:

Posted in (category) on (date)

Could I please bother you for a little assistance on this one please?

Cheers, Matt


There is a function called bk_get_post_meta inside functions.php file it starts on line 3245 – it prints out this piece of data.

Comment out or remove line 3254 add ‘Posted’ string to 3258 and remove or comment out lines 3266 to 3274 and Your’re good to go.


Thanks Billy, Worked a treat!

Hi, I recently purchased this theme and I have checked the backed, I’ve checked in with my hosting company, everything and the site seems broken, at least what I got, I cannot upload items, get my pages to display..I keep getting errors and even when I’ve tried to toggle the aspects of the pages setting them to gallery will update and then immediately go back to its prior state. This is not benefiting me and I would like a full refund. I cannot use this theme at all and am not in the mood to waist time negotiating, I’ve developed a few other themes for clients and as excited as i was to get this much simpler one, I am quite dissapointed. I need this site up and with Division theme it’s not happening. Please let me know where I can send my details for the reimbursement.

Kind regards, Bernice


Seems like it is server side issue or plugin conflict. Please read this:

and see if it helps. Also feel free to open ticket via my support forum with login details so I can take a look and help You with this issue.

If You don’t please feel free to contact envato support since it is only way of getting Your money back.

Have a nice day.


Hi all,

I am about to purchase this theme. But I have one question before I do that:

Is it possible to create multiple portfolios in the theme? Has anyone successfully done this?

Best, Rohan


Yes – You can have multiple portfolios on different pages managed by different categories e.g for one page You show only cat 1, 2, 3 and for other cat 4,5,6. You can have unlimited number of different portfolios.



I want to purchase this theme, but have one question:

Can we add a light box popup option to portfolio section similar to gallery page?



Yes. Portfolio section can also behave like gallery so when viewing this portfolio page:

it is possible to click on thumbs and instead of loading new page it can show lightbox with single images, videos or galleries of images, videos or mixed – videos and images.

Hope this was the answer You’re looking for.

In case of any other questions feel free to contac me again.


Thanks so much! I will go ahead and purchase this theme…

Hi, awesome theme! THX!

When I want to import the ‘demo_data – import xml’ (to have a good starting point), it doesn’t work. I go to tools – import – then a menu opens with importers to install (like; Blogger, Blogroll, Categories and Tags converter, etc.), is this right? And what to do next? At the bottom it says; ‘If the importer you need is not listed, search the plugin directory to see if an importer is available.’ Do I need to click that? Hope to hear from you? Regards, Michael

Please choose to install wordpress importer plugin. Then use it to upload shipped xml file. Also read this:

In case of any problems don’t hesitate to contact me again.


How can i add the portfolio filter widget beyond the menu? It isn’t being displayed here: I have been searching for it now for hours, but i don’t get it. PS: The menu point “widgets” in design wasn’t being displayed from the beginning. I had to make a fix in the functions.php. Could there be some sort of bug?


Please follow this:

There is no bug – simply when no sidebars are created via theme settings menu there are no areas where widgets can be displayed which makes widgets screen invisible.


Okay, cool thx.

And for the “Large Portfolio No Gutter No Title” Template i would like to hide category items which are not selected at the filter. For example the category items “Leben & Menschen” and “Menschen” schould be hidden, when the category “Projekte” is selected. At the moment the contrast/brightness is just reduced via opacity.

Take a look:

PS: This functionality works already at your demo page. If you go to: pages > header > “fixed left menu 1” and you start using a filter, all non selected categories are hidden.

There is an option called filter mode for portfolio module inside page builder. Edit it and set to shuffle instead of fade&shuffle.


Hi, I have configured the rss link and when I see the feed from any reader, not show the images or text. Only show titles. The link points to feedly, but I’ve tried other readers and still happening the same. Do I need to do something specific? I have forgotten to mark something? My link:

Thanks for this beautiful theme.


It is default wordpress functionality. In order to extend it please use plugin. This may work but haven’t tested it:

simply search for plugins that can add images to wordpress feeds.


Thanks!, did not know. It’s the first time I use wordpress. I’ll try the plugin. thanks again

Hi BillyKid. Great looking theme. I had some questions about it…

1) Is it possible to define the preset thumbnail size for Grid style Portfolios and Galleries? I want to have each of my images display at 300×300 pixel size.

2) Can you have more than one Portfolio located on the Header menu? I want to have portfolio categories each with their own link, such as sketches, design, illustration, photos, and animation. Each of these category menu items will have several galleries and sub-pages within.

3) Can you define and customize the width and height of the whole Header menu so it remains at a fixed size?

4) Is it possible to change the background color for the Header menu and all pages. For example, I want my entire site to have a dark gray look.

5) Is there a way to set up a Kenburns style slideshow?

6) I noticed that on your Demo site you have a cool dotted pattern over the fullscreen slideshow images. Can you change the pattern texture or even disable it?

Awesome, thanks again BillyKid!

I had a few more questions if you don’t mind. I’m leaning more towards purchasing your theme, so was hoping to solidify on a few things.

1) Is it possible to have a ‘contact’ page without a map, or even just a flat white background?

2) Can you change the color of the one pixel outline that occurs around all images? Can you remove it entirely?

3) Is it possible to get rid of the header menu ‘X’ collapse button? I was hoping to have the option to keep the menu on screen all the time, and wanted to maintain a clean straight line separating the menu from the content pages.

4) Do you have full control whether or not to add the ‘social’ icons and links? I was hoping to remove all of them throughout the site. Is this possible?

Thanks! John


1. Yes – You can have it without the map – it can be fixed page or fullwidth – depends on settings. It can have its own unique background – image or color even white is possible ;)

2. It can be changed via custom CSS – it can be removed as well via custom CSS.

3. There is an option for that in admin panel – just tick checkbox and header can be fixed without x collapse button with clean straight edge instead of small triangle.

4. Social icons in header as well as social buttons for portfolios and posts can be easily disabled/changed via theme settings.


Thanks again for the great answers BR! :)

Just purchased your theme and looking forward to building my site.



Is there a way for us to set as a blog post an individual, specific portfolio item? So that when someone clicks on that blog post, it leads specifically to that portfolio item.

Thanks for helping me toward a dream, BillyKid.


There isn’t such option – blog links to posts and portfolio to portfolio entries.


Hi. Any update on the next update?


Sorry I have some really time consuming issues not related to work byt let’s call it (the update) by the end of this weekend 8th. Once again sorry for delay and any problems.


Is there a way to set blog posts to be the same everytime? It gets annoying setting the menus how I want them for each posts. Like if I can set “Primary Menu” to LeftMenu, then Right side bar and “Secondary Sidebar” to Rightmenu every time.


At the moment there isn’t such option to set default values for those settings.

You could try to edit includes/post-page-custom-fields.php and go to line number 129 and update the line so it will look like this:

'default' => 'right_sidebar',

and something similar for lines number 121 and 142. You have to change it’s default settings from:

'default' => -1,

to the sidebar id. To get sidebar id simply right click when using chrome on dropdown with Your sidebars and You will see code below similar to this:

<option value="1234">Sidebar name</option>
<option value="1234">Sidebar name</option>
<option value="1234">Sidebar name</option>
<option value="1234">Sidebar name</option>

Take the value for corresponding sidebar name and update those values on mentione lines. This is the only way right now.



Is there any way to add the linkedin logo in the header with the social option of the template?



Also, something happened to the left menu that the menu just dessapeared… weird. Take a look at this:


1.Yes – there is an linkedin social icon – go to theme settings -> header -> social.

2. I can see that menu displayes perfectly on Your site. What is the problem?


Hi ! Verry, verry beautiful theme ! Most powerful theme for photographs !

But I have a problem with SEO plugin by Yoast, I know some customers have already report that, it’s just for information. And for me this plugin are very important so I hope you can fix it very soon.

Thx to you, Regards